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The Cage of Twileigh
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Co-Writer IceChateau777*
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The Cage of Twileigh
Characters of Ebonmere
Nov 28, 2015
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!DkiedsFS3ux9uI66fJvZposted on PENANA
Emerson Lysander Cavanaugh (Age 18 - January 16) Height: 1.75 m (175 centimeters | 5 ft 9 in)58Please respect copyright.PENANArdGFuJCQAX
the protagonist. He's allergic to almost every plant in Twileigh Garden. However, when plant monsters terrorize all of Ebonmere, he has to do what he can to end the Gardener's despair.58Please respect copyright.PENANAnDUfZ7kNZh
58Please respect copyright.PENANAFmMHdZQasH
Primrose Tamora Briarwood - Fischer (Age 363 - Looks to be eternally 21; March 21) Height: 1.64 m (161 cm | 5 ft 3 in) Bust: 38 C
 A mysterious Magick living in Twileigh Garden. She is responsible for - accidentally - initiating The Dawn of Botanica, a catastrophic apocalypse involving vicious plants, rogue fae, destruction of forestry, sickness and sadness. Because of it, she is banned from returning to Hibiscus, her true home.
58Please respect copyright.PENANACUVjAp3cgD
Daniel "Dane" Clyde Harrison (age 38; September 3) Height: 1.96 m (196 cm | 6 ft 5 in)
A long time hunter with a pesky attitude. Dane has a Siberian husky named Sylvie. Although he claims to be a doctor, his cures are questionable at best. Behind his extreme exterior, he has a valid reason for going into Twileigh Garden. Has a 12 year old daughter named Agatha and a wife named Whitney.
58Please respect copyright.PENANA9Eh4Tgce4b
Charles (Charlie) Jasper Kensington III (age 23; December 10) Height: 1.85 m (182 cm | 5 ft 11 in)
A grouchy inventor who wants to keep his house. His bad hay fever and asthma forces him to wear a purifying gas mask. If inconvenient to do so, he has to take a strong medication that lasts for a week. Even so, he's still vulnerable to occasional sneeze and cough attacks. He is a hard nosed Lieutenant of the Ebonmere Republic.
58Please respect copyright.PENANAvKxirKiiVK
Fionnán (Fio) Matija Nic Ruaidhrí (Age 19; July 25) Height: 1.73 cm (173 cm | 5 ft 8 in) Bust: 36 D (Fio binds them!)
Fio is as tomboyish as a female could get without the death penalty. While she takes her job seriously, she's nothing short of a radical teenager. She can get down and dirty, especially if the situation calls against it. As of now, she's the only female fighter.58Please respect copyright.PENANAZyEURfkUrB
58Please respect copyright.PENANAyBfPG96Sna
Meriwether (Rich) Sterling Richardson (Age 69; August 17) Height: 1.94 m (194 cm, 6 ft 4 in)58Please respect copyright.PENANA3TVBcnmuFh
A researcher of Ebonmere. Before the Catalyst, he took interest in investigating the paranormal. Rich had fun until the Dawn of the Botanica, where his house ripped into shambles. Now, he has to investigate the Twileigh Gardens. He fears for Miss Briarwood's safety.58Please respect copyright.PENANAfFQUzH9UCB
58Please respect copyright.PENANAwbdL1TV7Lj

Characters of the Royal Republic58Please respect copyright.PENANAiPddqpBNUg
copyright protection54PENANAldeh3WlQkx

Representative of Leger58Please respect copyright.PENANA59VV3vDdpg
copyright protection54PENANA3XRlc4OSXS

             ~ Kerrigan Jorick LaSalle (age 49; May 3) 58Please respect copyright.PENANAOVr1HsUDAG
copyright protection54PENANAmu1Rc8XsRs

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