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The Cage of Twileigh
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Co-Writer IceChateau777*
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The Cage of Twileigh
The Beckoning
Jan 7, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!7C8BaewAYvkhvnBtKtpiposted on PENANA

It was a great day for combat and swordplay. A nobleman's room was dimly lit, which took away the attention of a young man under his velvet covers. Calm snores escaped his lips when the morning sun crept into his eyes. Of course, the young elf didn't expect this sudden awakening. copyright protection64PENANAgnDKP89KyS

Two stories above the boy, a royal conference commenced. Prydwyn and Zürich Cavanaugh sat with the Legër representatives, but they dared not speak with malice. With the last swig of ale, Zürich ate at his pheasant. Lady Cavanaugh dinged her glass. "Attention, Reconciled! Have you any words to bring?" copyright protection64PENANAvFvEhFTNgS

"Lady Cavanaugh," A drunkard sounded through the crowd, "we've heard of a beautiful woman in a forest! We're just dying to save that wench!" Anything of the botanical catalyst died under their watch. Legerian Republicans would divest them of swift power. She couldn't believe the fools placed themselves in the political system. copyright protection64PENANAjA9OYLhIfG

Here, she took a huge breath. She adjusted her crown and composed herself. "Excuse me, good sir. There are more pressing matters to address. Besides, we --,"copyright protection64PENANA1w3EhTNqEl

Again, the bloke interrupted her pleas. "No, no... Now you listen, bitch! Ey, she's been in trouble for years! We...!"copyright protection64PENANAia1NOitI6J

Oh, this was the last straw. The young queen got up from the table and brandished her beloved rapier. The suitors of Ebonmere dared not answer. The royals of the parliament gasped when Prydwyn flashed it out. Pointing it at the rogue, she smiled, "Try to remember where, and who you are before you speak." Her voice felt like icicles on their necks. copyright protection64PENANAApjKdhwv0M

The tension simmered down. Now, it was the king's turn to speak. "As far as we are concerned, there is nothing we can do. The Gardener doesn't want solstice. We recruited nary a soul." Terrified gasps orbited the room. "So we need someone worthy of a quest!"copyright protection64PENANAb2ifGz8u0M

"And if I may!" Oswald piped up, brushing his black hair. Pacing around the room, he pointed to a picture of the Gardener. "I am willing to find this accursed wench on your behalf!" copyright protection64PENANAQiWR5Lazug

"Sir Oswald, this isn't about you. This is about our son." Gasps filled the air. The outburst put them in their place. Granted, there were other willing souls, should Emerson not take the task. copyright protection64PENANAi5FBPTTmoU

Flustered words fell from his mouth. He stood there for the merest of moments. "No, no... Why would you choose your son over everyone else?"copyright protection64PENANA8zWrPD1X81

A husky chortle echoed from the king. Zurich flicked his eyes at Oswald. While the man had the stamina and the determination, Oswald lacked patience and knowledge. He made it clear. He was unfit for such a long quest. "Why, he's an heir." Zurich fibbed, taking a look at his wife. copyright protection64PENANAKYjHQpt1YX

"But I am just as worthy as he is--," At that time, the knock of the scepter called to his attention. The willing royals gave undivided attention. copyright protection64PENANAhh2XTSQMfe

"Oswald, I am sorry." The king stood, gaining the boy's unwanted attention. "You're not what I had in mind." copyright protection64PENANAHnOEODiQBq

He stopped for a moment's notice. Maybe joining the seminar wasn't what he had in mind either. Oswald's face contorted to huge denial. He furrowed his left brow. He gave an incredulous, ungraceful laugh. "Really? But you said you wanted a candidate!" His voice lowered to an ominous pitch. Oswald howled, "Pray tell, why not me, your esteemed Chancellor of Ebonmere?!" Of course, his behavior proved all the more reason.copyright protection64PENANARlpa3gAwhz

Oswald's unauthorized outburst earned him the hot seat. At that point, the man settled down. A sheepish expression etched on his face. "Sir Oswald, I would certainly let you be a guide - that is - if you managed to keep a calm mind, soothe the Gardener, or have immunity to the dangerous pollens." copyright protection64PENANAtzQwwJomwD

Well, that put him in his place. Oswald submitted to the damning truth. The boy kept his mouth pursed as the King explained his reasons. copyright protection64PENANABd1pSQ3aGE

Jorick went ahead and added his cents. "The Meadow is not exactly a place where we send soldiers, let alone us, noble representatives, to go hunting. I mean, the last time we did, I cannot remember when you didn't sneeze. If you make any sound, you'd gain unwanted attention."copyright protection64PENANABx00I3hjzy

The King nodded his thanks, and continued. "The Gardener is a very meticulous being. One prick of her flowers could mean absolute terror. destruction, which is why patience and silence is a must."copyright protection64PENANAS37IzErY1X

Oswald stopped protesting, "Understandable." The scribe slinked back into his chair, awaiting for someone else to go first. copyright protection64PENANACCbE24u5eb

"Now, then... Prydwyn, would you be so kind as to fetch my son? We have some necessary business to cover!"copyright protection64PENANAKQJKQrO7Ko

At that point, Lady Cavanaugh dismissed herself to call her son. Besides, this would be an honor for him! Without question, Emerson would be a perfect candidate for finding the Gardener.copyright protection64PENANAGDrOl1sN0u

.....copyright protection64PENANALD7Xh91Mfg

It's going fast, isn't it? I know for a Wednesday and Friday thing, I'm just too excited to let this go to waste. Tell me how it was; what can I do better? I didn't think CoT would take me on such an unexpected adventure! I think this is fun! copyright protection64PENANAX06HLX9z5T

BTW: I had to restart this chapter, as the updates couldn't go through. Sorry about that!copyright protection64PENANAXLwpASr3Fr

Please tell me what you think.copyright protection64PENANAxq5EnmOo94

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