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The Worst of the Worst
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The Worst of the Worst
Submission Closed
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No Plagiarism!TYlOHKOM3DUZOMKbxl5cposted on PENANA

Hi, my name is Rose and I'm an emo girl, but I'm not like other emo girls. I'm different because I have the name of a flower that is pretty but also has thorns, and that's like who I am. For instance, once a guy asked me out and I punched him in the face. Thorns.copyright protection145PENANAEh3gxBWKnl

I also wear a dog collar. A real dog collar, not something that looks like a dog collar. My hair is black with green streaks and my makeup is always in the shade of blood. I am a "tru emo girl".copyright protection145PENANAzhjU51ETNI

I walked down the hallways in school and didn't look at anyone, except for this prep Josh. I hated Josh. He was cute. He stared at me as I walked past. I didn't respond to him. He followed me. He yelled, "Hey!"copyright protection145PENANAwIHlusw1NC

I turned and huffed. He pulled me in close for a kiss. It was warm, and he was warm, and I cried from the beauty of it, ruining my blood makeup. "I left Rebecca for you," Josh told me.copyright protection145PENANAesUiIrUFbh

I grinned and held his hand. "If you want to be with me you have to be a goth too."copyright protection145PENANA0KyjFEljx9

Josh nodded. "Okay."copyright protection145PENANA14RJqmbWoZ

Now Josh wears my dog collar and sometimes he has a choke chain attached. He didn't change his name because he was so goth now he didn't need to. We lived in goth love forever and until we went off to college together and we're still in love now. I love Josh.copyright protection145PENANAyCrsUaUOP5

A/N: I cracked up so hard when I wrote this.149Please respect copyright.PENANAFRWwAmTMjh
copyright protection145PENANA6QQFavjvPR

Comments ( 4 )

Flow - This is beautiful XD
Made my day after realizing Black Haze hasn't updated on the site I view it on. Man I wanted to see more of the OP MC, chibi dragons, all around douche bag villians, the subtle shonen ai and Shic... and Blackie.
Thank you for cheering me up : D
2 years agoreply

shnuffeluv - Haha, glad I could help!
2 years agoreply

Frances - HA! "Guy asked me out and I punched him in the face. Thorns." Definitely laughed out loud at that
2 years agoreply

shnuffeluv - I was laughing the entire time I wrote this!
2 years agoreply