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The Worst of the Worst
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The Worst of the Worst
Submission Closed
A - A - A
The fair princess (a predictable love story)
By Nor
Dec 13, 2015
1 Min Read
272 Words
No Plagiarism!8uhBYWPg3F8Lf2r3ExNsposted on PENANA

From the moment I was born, everyone knew I was special. copyright protection121PENANAfStq9et63E

I was beautiful, of course. I have long golden locks and bright blue eyes like stars. I am beautiful and am known throughout the land for being kind and caring. You can probably guess I'm a princess.copyright protection121PENANA3b8kN7hCok

on my eighteenth birthday I was engaged to a Hanson hero, famous for ridding the land of many terrible beasts. He was also faultless.copyright protection121PENANAiw6yzyCe5q

but one day my love was taken away from me and I was left alone in my castle. I lived in the tallest tower and it was very lonely. At least I had my servants for company.125Please respect copyright.PENANAklzd7OELKN
copyright protection121PENANAHkjaKspeys

however, suddenly the door was locked behind a tall, ugly man in a dark cloak.copyright protection121PENANATCE2Wr9d4y

"marry me," he said, "or you shall burn in hell!" copyright protection121PENANAxm4EVEcxSi

"Never!" I replied, and he smirked. It was an evil face.copyright protection121PENANAXAChKnJ9Ci

"well then, I suppose you leave me no choice. I shall burn this tower to the ground, and you in it!" copyright protection121PENANABvUgyQHH4L

He left and soon the smell of burning wood filled the air. But my brave hero came just as the flames reached me and I was saved.copyright protection121PENANAgC8kg3ZsBR

as I lay prettily on the ground the love of my life battled the cruel man. As that villain fell to the floor my soon-to-be-husband held me in his arms. We had a long, passionate kiss before I fainted in his arms.copyright protection121PENANAKyrnPcLzmn

as soon as we got back we married and lived happily ever after.copyright protection121PENANASYTMerDW9H

the endcopyright protection121PENANAHpjQKzTJ2u

(writers note: ugh! This was actually painful to write. Talk about disgusting! Sorry to any hopeless romantics here) copyright protection121PENANABN32bTfWtB

Comments ( 2 )

Flow - I like romance but this obviously unrealistic. Good Job, especially on the bad grammar parts! It always draws the reader in when you don't go back and edit!
2 years agoreply

Nor - Thanks it's based on a similar project I did years ago in school. The project was meant to be predictable but the teacher said I went overboard. I'm glad I finally got to put it to good use
2 years agoreply