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The Worst of the Worst
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The Worst of the Worst
Submission Closed
A - A - A
I will not actually give myself a place
By Flow
Dec 15, 2015
2 Mins Read
427 Words
No Plagiarism!ADLsynIYgYO3bBtLXqT8posted on PENANA

Okay. I'm obviously not going to give myself a place in this contest, because I am the person who made the contest. I will however get in on the fun. Again I'm not going to choose myself because that is very unfair.copyright protection78PENANAeYOgFfp9RB

My name is Star Sparkle Cosmic Rainbow Unicorn but everyone just calls me Mary Sue. I have glowing rainbow hair, gold angel wings and I bleed sparkly pink blood and of course no one notices me. Why would they notice someone like me? I mean sometimes I see guys and gurls drool and stare at me, but they obviously want the hello kitty lunchbox I carry all the time.copyright protection78PENANAErfqUNNDM3

Obviously.copyright protection78PENANABA7McAx91r

Today I fly out the front door of my lonely bright yellow house ready to confess to my love. It's lonely because my family got adducted by fairies and never came back. But it's all good because I magically have a ton of money in my bank account for no apparent reasons.copyright protection78PENANAigp7x4mXee

Anyway I land elegantly behind the one I love. A playboy with periwinkle and white striped hair, violet eyes and flawless skin. He's always wears these really tight pants that are black and you can really admire his calves that way. He really was Gergous! So obviously he had a girl stuk on him as they staired lovingly into each others eyes.copyright protection78PENANAyTFNkzA7cn

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" I say happily as I shoved my way across vampires who were crying blood. They were the normals ones... unlike me.copyright protection78PENANAbNXjAaU7kW

Now I'm, like, crying alone in he girl's bathroom. When he comes in. I don't know his name because I've only know him for 48 hours, but he's the one I love with his periwinkle hair and muscular build.copyright protection78PENANAzDcYKJ37Gh

"Star I love u! Not that girl!" He said all depressed and my heart skipped a beat. Jegus, he said my name instead of Mary Sue! He takes my slender finger kissed it with black wings bursting from his back. He cries teal blood as we kissed beautifully. And I cried normal tears from how beautiful everything is in this relation ship.copyright protection78PENANAlfb12vBDDO

Together we fly off into the sunset that we made happen earlier with are love.copyright protection78PENANA1PCY8c92kt

"Person I recognize. What is thy name?" He looked at me with loving eyes and said.copyright protection78PENANAYT7bRRVUZB

"Gary Stu." All sexily and stuff.copyright protection78PENANAclRomUTXxx

( I laughed so much while writing this. I don't even know how I came up with most of this stuff. I think we all agree that this is bad right?)copyright protection78PENANAMymoxuAHxV

Comments ( 4 )

shnuffeluv - Flawless.
2 years agoreply

I-Dont-Like-I-Obsess - XD I fell in love with how awful it was! That was truly, and utterly, terrible! (In the nicest way possible!)
2 years agoreply

Nor - Yep... This stuff is so bad it's scary! It's a shame you can't win cause you probably could with that.
2 years agoreply

Flow - I seriously think I should win with this... thing. But I feel that it would be unfair to pick myself. You, I-Don't-Like-Obsess and Shnuffluv are vying for first place at the moment.
2 years agoreply