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I want you to write the coolest, most dramatic, best prologue you can think of.

My friend wrote the prologue for Fall of Empires, because my brain died, and I was like "THIS IS SO GOOD!!!"So I wanted everyone to write prologues!Basically, just pick a book you're writing, or come up with a random new one you want to write, then write a super cool prologue for it.EXAMPLE:

Eyes steeled and dark, Cameo Zachary Hunt stared at his reflection in the cracked mirror, taking a moment to collect himself and all of his fractured, stray thoughts for the day he had ahead of him. He was finally doing it, setting out on the mission he probably should have left for a month and a half earlier. But one day passed after the other, and before he knew it, spring had come and gone, summer suddenly offering its bright self to the world. He couldn't put it off any longer, at least that's what he forced himself to think, because he knew if he didn't find some deep down catalyst, he'd never bring himself to do what he needed to do.

He closed his eyes, let out a sigh, and forced himself to glance up once more, fingers tearing through carefully styled hair for the last time before he would push himself to step into an incredibly bipolar gray area.

"I'm coming to make this right, Fin," he whispered to the girl long lost to him. "I swear to you."

All credit for this goes to @Clovers

Thank you everybody and good luck!

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