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Kirishima Aoi
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Quite a long time ago, I came up with a story idea that I thought was interesting. But after a while, I thought it'd be impossible to write as with my current situation. I really wanted to read it, though, so I thought, "Why not make it a prompt rather than letting it rot?" So here we are.

You may modify one or more to suit your preference (but please don't change it completely). Anyways, here are the settings:

> The story is set in a fantasy world, and the genre will be mainlydrama and slice of life. It can be a little depressing, but I hope there's some more space for warmth. (And probably some morally grey characters)

> There used to be wars that went on for generations, but it all ended 40 years ago when a group of people, now called heroes, successfully sealed the demon world

> The protagonist wasn't one of the heroes. He was only one of the warriors who partook in the wars. His life is not as ordinary as a farmer's, but it doesn't stand out either. Just another nameless story from a nameless figure

> The protagonist is in his 60s-70s. You decide if he's married or not, but in case he is, don't match him with one of the heroes (but he can have an unrequited love for one of them)

> If possible, avoidputting action scenes in the presenttimeline, although you can include them in flashbacks

> The present timeline begins with the protagonist writing his diary while sitting on a mountain, enjoying the scenery while having a reminiscence.

Hope it wasn't too much. Have fun writing :D

P.S. Writing a prompt is difficult

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