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Intro #002

Aside from the world where the so-called "normality" works is a parallel dimension which is home for those with magic or mana - those known as "mages". Those whose existences are doubted by many.

Between the two is the Gate, a place that vaguely connects the "ordinary world" to the world of mages yet is more strongly attached to the ordinary world, and within it is the "law" which is responsible for why the existence of magic and mages becomes but fiction to many.

Within the gate, the residents of different dimensions can't make physical contact with one another, and here, mages are not visible to ordinary people, although that doesn't apply to mages.

Konoegi Haruto is merely a 21-year old who is a resident of the mana world and an assassin, which is a common job within the world of mages that involves killing and arresting. A person who is, aside from his known past and attitudes, told to be ranked in the top 200 in terms of power among the assassins. However, what only some people know is the fact that he tries to seek revenge for what happened in the past. Despite that, as the world continues to change, it might not be something he wants to prioritize over.

Intro #001

Within the same world exists two parallel dimensions, one of which is a home for those with magic or mana - those who are known as "mages", with the other half as a shelter for ordinary people. A place for those without mana and a universe where "magic" is but fiction.

Between these two, however, stands the Gate, where the "law" takes place. The residents of different dimensions can’t make physical contact with one another; the ones without mana aren’t able to see the residents of the other dimension, but the ones with can see the others without – and so the law states.

Konoegi is merely a resident of the mana world and at the same time an apathetic young man in his mid-20s. An assassin who kills the living. However, lies beyond that is his ambition to seek revenge, although that too, soon has to wait.

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