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Tales of Silver Moon [DISCONTIUNING](NaNoWriMo 2016)
Writer Jeniffer
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Tales of Silver Moon [DISCONTIUNING](NaNoWriMo 2016)
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No Plagiarism!kHACtF7v5C8vR4V1Fv7Yposted on PENANA [Rewritten Version.] 11/5/2016 

Mason, the soon-to-be-alpha of Silver Moon, was still five at the time. He was still innocent and very curious. He was still so cute and everyone still wanted to pinch his cheeks.copyright protection552PENANAeKEXGIAHxB

Little Mason eyed his father who was walking around in circles like a madman confusedly. He had seen this kind of scene before in movies and it usually meant the character was panicking or nervous about something.copyright protection552PENANAbRjLuMqCiv

Innocent little Mason wanted to help, so he asked his father softly because he didn't want to surprise him, "What's wrong?"copyright protection552PENANAer16vX7atf

"Ah, nothing. Just some pack stuff. Nothing a five-year-old like you should be worrying about, so don't worry." His father dodged the question easily.copyright protection552PENANA8HZMFGufo2

Mason sighed. It was like this again. His father would never tell him the problems he had, and it made him became much more distant to Mason because he wouldn't let Mason help.copyright protection552PENANARzUaloXM1f

Plus, Mason also didn't like the fact that his father thought he was too young to understand anything at all. His father even thought that he didn't know who betas were to the alphas. It was annoying that every time Mason asked 'what's wrong', his father would always mention his age, like just now, as a reason to avoid the question.copyright protection552PENANAifGjmchumK

"It's just that the Starlight and Black Blood have decided to forbid the other creatures into their territory," his father explained and for a second Mason was surprised that he even spoke to him, because he was so focused on walking around in circles.copyright protection552PENANAJurIh7pMnN

"What's so wrong about that?" Mason asked. What his father meant by 'the other creatures' were the witches and warlocks and ghosts and every other creatures out there that weren't werewolves and hated werewolves' existence.copyright protection552PENANAOfnJpI8nu9

"You see, a few years back, the other creatures and werewolves made a deal. If the werewolves would let us into their territory, they would have peace, but if not, then they would rebel against us," his father said. He sighed.copyright protection552PENANACMpj6LvnfS

"There are still other packs, though," Mason stated. His father never let the other creatures in his pack, so why was he worried when the big packs did it, too?copyright protection552PENANA8YmAHDH6p5

"Yeah, but the packs won't treat them like pack members. They aren't allowed to go to pack events, or meetings, or anything at all and they feel like they're being treated like slaves."copyright protection552PENANAUekiXK057v

"Okay. So the point is?"copyright protection552PENANAfKiE4ppANE

"Well, what should we do with our pack? I don't want those creatures inside, but I also don't want them to rebel against us."copyright protection552PENANAsVDPvktdrT

"Yeah, well, it's up to you. Imagine being in their shoes, Dad."copyright protection552PENANAim7CE5nFbu

"I'll think about it, don't worry. Now, it's already nine-thirty, way past your bedtime. Go to sleep, li'l guy." Edward, Mason's father, smiled proudly as he watched his son walk away. He was growing quickly and Edward was sure that he was going to be a good and caring alpha.copyright protection552PENANAaqet4iSuTF

Edward decided to go to sleep also. Mary, his wife, had been calling his name for a while now. He hadn't been sleeping properly, always staying up late.copyright protection552PENANA9lBMa77Dkz

A year later, Mason's mother gave birth to two beautiful twins and everyone in the pack was very happy. Mason and his two sisters looked very alike and the twins looked like the young versions of Mason. They had six-year age gap.copyright protection552PENANAwDWEgAKDfV

The twins were named Lily Allen Wilson and Lauren Diamond Wilson. Mason questioned himself why his name wasn't as cool as the two--his name was only plain Mason Wilson, which in his point of view sounded a bit weird because they rhymed--but soon, he forgot about the matter.copyright protection552PENANA8qmmTrFMVy

Mary was a human, so Lily was more of a human than wolf, but it went the other way for both Mason and Lauren.copyright protection552PENANAs5U3S4a0Iv

However, six years later, the smiles were turned into frowns as the alpha and luna died, leaving Mason with his sisters and the whole pack to take care of. Mason was only twelve while his sisters were six.copyright protection552PENANAzf9vUp6E3m

Their parents died at the twins' birthday. The pack invited many other packs for their birthday and the other creatures who passed seemed to want to get revenge to Starlight and Black Blood by putting out fire.copyright protection552PENANAAbMXyGodsk

Edward told Mary--who was pregnant--and their children to go to the panic room thing when they noticed the fire that the witches had set up outside. When the luna and her children were running, the luna got shot on the leg, making it impossible for her to stand up. She told the kids to go on without her and they had no choice but to obey.copyright protection552PENANAMUpGYhL9iu

Actually, the pack still wasn't sure about the alpha and luna's conditions because they didn't find their dead bodies. They guessed that the leaders were brought to the witches' lair and they killed them there. If you had the alpha and luna alive, you would use them as baits, right? But there were no threats or anything, so they must be dead, right?copyright protection552PENANAERKNnEdujg

Still, even though he knew it was useless, Mason dared to hope that his parents were alive. And, though he knew it was pointless, Mason still sent out small groups to search for them.copyright protection552PENANAQUrDRZjfdL

He had grown so close to his two sisters and he noticed the many differences between the two. The thing that made them very different were the colour of their hair. Lily's hair was white while Lauren's hair was brown, but when Lily's hair was wet it would turn blue, and when Lauren was outside and the sun shined her hair, it would turn red. Their hair was like magic, and again Mason was a bit jealous of the two.copyright protection552PENANAz0GZHEhtNz

Lily hated being called Allen while Lauren preferred to be called Lala than her real name. Lily was the soft one while Lauren was a bit violent. Lauren hated when people called her a 'tomboy,' though, because she didn't like them for some reason.copyright protection552PENANAXsrIgPmtjG

Plus, Lauren was actually more feminine than Lily about clothes. Lauren liked wearing dresses and stuff while Lily preferred a random t-shirt and jeans. However, both of them liked wearing accessories and doing each other's hair.copyright protection552PENANAKaAcNrc6Hp

Mason had grown to hate the other creatures, though. He changed the pack rules and didn't even let in the other creatures. He hated them for taking away his parents and he killed every time he met one. For that, he had gotten popular around the other packs.copyright protection552PENANASgqyg7cxAZ

Everything was happening as usual. However, what would happen if Mason met this witch who turned out to be his mate? And the witch knew where the witches' lair was?copyright protection552PENANA7ysyhInEbH

Of course, everything was supposed to be alright. Mason's parents were supposed to be just fine, everyone was supposed to be just fine. However, things weren't as simple as they seemed to be.copyright protection552PENANAkWRV8EmkL3

----------copyright protection552PENANAKDkbbAio8T

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