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Tales of Silver Moon [DISCONTIUNING](NaNoWriMo 2016)
Writer Jeniffer
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Tales of Silver Moon [DISCONTIUNING](NaNoWriMo 2016)
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Chapter Seven
Nov 11, 2016
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!URZyZYuAvzQBWFAGzYk8posted on PENANA
Betty, Robert and Tom were surprised to got a mindlink from Mason, because it was so quick. They had only been walking for an hour, yet he already found something. He said, "I found someone who knew where those witches are. Let's meet at that big tree we've been walking around for five times."
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Luckily, they still remembered the place where the tree was located because they hadn't been walking for a long time; only an hour. They hadn't walked too far.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAVTuVrtTV4o
So, they met up at the tree and most of them were kind of surprised to see Mason holding a girl, or on a more specific description, a witch. Why didn't he kill her instantly? 
128Please respect copyright.PENANAvVZrAA79ys
"This witch is going to bring us to their place. Aren't you?" Mason then turned to the girl and she nodded without thinking. She was too scared to say no to the guy. Of course, Mason forced the girl. Typical Mason.
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But at least this was some improvement. Even though it was just a little improvement, but improvement was improvement. This was much better than the pointless walking-around-a-big-tree activity.
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"How did you find her?" Dylan asked without thinking and Betty nearly face-palmed in front of them. He didn't seem to notice that Mason was irritated for some reason.
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"That is none of your business," Mason snapped. Dylan's eyes widen in fear and he nodded quickly, probably not wanting himself to be killed at such a young age. Betty just sighed a little. Why was Mason in a bad mood?
128Please respect copyright.PENANAYT1XIQ2U74
First it was Ron, now it was Mason. Perhaps the witches took Mason, too? But Betty refused to believe it, because no matter how upset he was, Mason still seemed Mason, which was nice to know, because Betty didn't want to have to tell the pack that both their soon-to-be alpha and soon-to-be beta were both gone.
128Please respect copyright.PENANA511apUGhG8
Betty realized that Mason seemed to be hiding something from them. He and the girl were making suspicious eye contacts, and every time their eyes met, one of them would look away quickly. It had happened multiple times that it would be unbelievable if it was just a coincidence. 
128Please respect copyright.PENANAeR562tyNZ9
Perhaps he and the girl made a deal? Maybe if the girl could actually lead them to the witches, Mason would do something for her? That sounded pretty fair to Betty, so she stopped thinking about it.
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"Alright, what are we waiting for?" Betty asked, trying to act cheerful. She was trying to make another conversation because she couldn't stand the silence.
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"Are you guys really planning to just go by five people? You might need more to defeat the witches, because there are hundreds of them in that place," Jewel explained.
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"That's probably just a trap to make us bring more warriors so the pack is open for any attacks from the witches," Tom told Mason who was actually considering mindlinking more warriors to come.
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Mason nodded, agreeing with Tom. "Alright. Come on. Let's go, then," he said calmly. Again, he seemed to be speaking to himself. He had been doing that a lot these days.
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Jewel started to lead the way. She walked to the opposite way of where her cave was. She hated being used like this, she truly did. But, she needed to make sure she was still alive and healthy when she came home later, so she had to do it.
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After four hours of walking to the same direction, Dylan protested, "Why is it taking so long? Is their place inside or outside the territory?"
128Please respect copyright.PENANAOTG3NferPm
Jewel shrugged. "The last time I came there, the house was between inside and outside the territory. I'm actually not sure about where they are right now, because the last time I was inside that house was around two years ago."
128Please respect copyright.PENANAKuwPhJPBTs
"Why did you leave the pack?" Dylan asked again. He was a very curious person, Jewel noted. He was a human, too. Jewel just realized that.
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Jewel sighed. "I was kicked out because I defended a young werewolf from being tortured. The witches were going to force the werewolf to drink silver. I wasn't sure how, but I am glad that I managed to save that werewolf," she said.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAbleRp17EtW
Mason, who was listening to the conversation, nodded thoughtfully. After hearing this, Mason wasn't sure what to feel. What Jewel said seemed realistic enough, and she really looked like she was telling the truth, but he would never know. She might be using an illusion spell like that wall to him and he wouldn't realize.
128Please respect copyright.PENANA0dqx3IgSka
"That's so cruel!" Dylan commented. "What do you feel about the werewolves? I heard werewolves and witches aren't really fond of each other, so what do you feel about them?"
128Please respect copyright.PENANAk5Ta1XcjUK
Mason would tell them to shut up and stop their conversation right then and there, but he was also interested in her answer. He wanted to know what her mate, that he might reject soon, felt about him.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAE56TWvV4ao
Jewel shrugged. She was being so careless these days. She had a feeling Ruby was ignoring her. "How do I feel about werewolves? Well, that's a hard quesion to answer. I guess, I think that witches and werwolves shouldn't hate and harm each other, but instead live in peace together. That would be much better, won't it?" she asked, but it sounded like she was asking herself.
128Please respect copyright.PENANA0aCrIF9Zyu
Mason's habit of talking to himself had probably been stuck on Jewel. She did it a lot, too.
128Please respect copyright.PENANA9Tz33B0fUV
Tom cut the conversation by saying, "Guys, I think we should stop here. It's getting dark. Let's lay the blankets."
128Please respect copyright.PENANA0z06tXCp1M
Yes, they didn't bring any sleeping bags or a tent. They just brought three big blankets for them to lay on the ground. Dylan brought an extra blanket for himself because unlike the werewolves, he wasn't that immune to the cold. The werewolves weren't immune to the cold. They just didn't get cold as easy as humans did.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAN2XqtF5DEE
They didn't bring that much food either. Dylan was the only one who brought food because raw meat made him want to puke. He couldn't stand them. He didn't bring that much food either. He could still eat the berries from the forest, though there was a risk they might be poisonous and he might die or get a major stomachace.
128Please respect copyright.PENANA7OxGRAhSQc
Mason agreed with Tom that they should start laying down the blankets on the grass for them to lay on. Their sleeping arrangements were based on their groups when they separated, so Betty with Tom, Dylan with Robert, and Mason with Jewel. 
128Please respect copyright.PENANANRMOXgLzFN
Unfortunately, Jewel didn't bring her own extra blanket because she wasn't prepared for this, so when she slept, she kept snuggling closer onto Mason. 
128Please respect copyright.PENANAltPiTjYZWC
Tom agreed to guard them first. After Tom, it was Betty's turn, then Robert's turn, then Mason's turn. Dylan and Jewel didn't get any turns because they couldn't exactly ne trusted yet. For that, Dylan and Jewel felt lucky because they didn't want to stay up late just to guard the others from the wild animals and such.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAD4rbKiM2bD
128Please respect copyright.PENANAfYu2Nriz0X
Meanwhile, back at the pack, the witches let out this weird gas that made them lose the ability to mindlink, which meant no one could contact Mason because he stupidly left his phone. Mason refused to bring his phone claiming that they had mindlink and it wasn't too important to him.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAmmqcFkvDjs
He couldn't possibly check Facebook and Instagram while he was looking for clues to lead him to his parents, could he? That would be lacking off and he was sure he wouldn't be able to find them that way. So, Mason left his phone in his house and now look at what happened.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAgXwH8hZUkb
Dony would send away a few men to tell Mason about the situation, but he wasn't so sure. Mason might already be outside of the pack territory and he wouldn't know--he also lost his ability to sense who came in and came out of the pack's territory.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAxza1CXtUwu
Dony couldn't risk the men's lives if he sent them out to find Mason. What if they get kidnapped by the witches? He could only imagine the torturous things they would to to them. 
128Please respect copyright.PENANASTQi6vDB9W
Dony was still a bit upset that Mason didn't bring his phone. What if Mason got caught by the witches? Dony had no way to know, then. That would be really bad. What if they were just going around in circles? That would also be bad because it would take longer before Mason come home.
128Please respect copyright.PENANA4pUB63T6Xd
Dony was furious that Lily was taken away, but he was the glad that Lala wasn't. He was actually quite surprised to see Lala yesterday. He went upstairs to find some kind of clue, but then he saw her. She was sitting on the corner of her room, her skin really pale and her eyes looked lifeless. She was scared to death and that frightened Dony.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAhvNrxpp0kV
Dony still had the picture of her being extremely afraid in his head. She looked dead and for a second, Dony was afraid that they had taken away Lala's soul or something. That might sound impossible, but no werewolf actually knew what the witches were capable of.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAucPluVR8x0
He still remembered Lala stuttering, "T-they took my sister... They t-took my sister," and it broke his heart. She looked so broken, so fragile, so helpless. But Dony got why she felt like that. He might not have felt it as bad as she did, but at least he got an idea.
128Please respect copyright.PENANA5CqZdx26D0
The poor, little girl had her twin sister--the person closest to her other than her brother, and one of the little amount of family she had left--taken away from her, by the same group of people that took away her parents. She hadn't met her parents for around five years, and she might not meet her twin sister for longer than that. 
128Please respect copyright.PENANAkVw7n3xM4R
She had just lost the person whom she trusted the most, the person whom she shared secrets with, the person whom she trusted the most, to the hands of strange witches.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAIz3yVytMG1
If you are thinking, why Dony didn't save them, you must know, when the witches invaded the pack, they made a spell to make everyone stop moving. The spell hurt so much and it made everyone scream. Plus, they shot some people--humans and wolves--which made them scream harder.
128Please respect copyright.PENANANLDeLQLNXp
Dony couldn't move, only the twins could, for some reason. Maybe they had some mercy, or maybe they were just trying to find the twins location, or something. Dony wasn't interested in the reason, anyways.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAOhlkoIoWvs
Today, Lauren had gotten a bit better than yesterday, though she only ate a bit, but she still survived. At least Diane, Dony's wife, made her some pancakes which was her favourite. They both really hoped she would be okay. 
128Please respect copyright.PENANANe2QMXpgK5
Mason would kill him if he knew anything about this matter, so should he tell? Of course he should tell him, but when he tried to contact him using mindlink, it didn't work. 
128Please respect copyright.PENANAhxQUMBLxpI
Again, curse Mason for not bringing a phone with him. What a careless alpha. But he could be very careful when he wanted to, though.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAWdZhyo0Wkw
In the end, Dony just gave up. There was nothing he could do, anyways. Mason was looking for the witches who kidnapped his loved ones, so all he had to do now was take care of the chaotic mess that his pack had become while hoping for the best.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAp7KrYwonM8
He also wished that Lala would get better and start thinking positive, too. Yes, they had been met with no improvement over the last five years, but this time, it was Mason they were talking about, and Mason always succeed in something that he really yearned for. He had finally given up on other people and start looking by himself, and when Dony found out about his idea, he immediately stated that he completely supported him.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAt4GkYtWK0l
Yes, everyone had been telling Mason to give up on the search teams, but that didn't mean they want him to give up on finding his parents. Everyone wanted the old alpha, luna, and third-in-commands back, too. They might not be too useful in the pack now because their children were taking the lead, but they might want to see their family and the other way around.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAsXzrf7Pg4a
What they meant when telling Mason to give up was to tell him that needed to search his parents by himself because there was not one he could trust right now. The ones that he assigned to do the job might be traitors themselves and we wouldn't know.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAMtiwUg3jEQ
Dony was glad that at least Ron wasn't a traitor. He was actually pretty concerned about his child's behaviour because he had been acting strange lately, but then he relaxed after Betty told him that it wasn't the real Ron.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAs7U9sTCoDD
'Hah, the evil things that witches do these days,' Dony remembered thinking. If Ron was a traitor, he might be accused of one, too. Not only that, but he would feel very disappointed that his only son would do that to the whole pack, because Dony was sure he had been teaching his son to always love and stay loyal to the pack.
128Please respect copyright.PENANAJ5AixQqn6u
Overall, Dony hoped for the best to happen in his beloved pack.

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