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Tales of Silver Moon [DISCONTIUNING](NaNoWriMo 2016)
Writer Jeniffer
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Tales of Silver Moon [DISCONTIUNING](NaNoWriMo 2016)
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Chapter One
No Plagiarism!0lRteDPoDaxvnBynHsgUposted on PENANA
It was a normal routine for Mason these days. Wake up, take a shower, wake the twins so they could do their routines, cook breakfast, have breakfast with the twins, then go to school. They were driven to school by Dony.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAajH1NVEDki
Dony was the alpha at the time. He was going to stay that way until Mason was of age. He was seventeen while the girls were eleven. Mason would become the alpha when he finally become eighteen.
157Please respect copyright.PENANANRNbtlyaOP
They all lived in the pack house, but it wasn't that packed. There were only Mason, Lily, Lauren, and Dony's family. Dony's family consisted of Diane and Ron who were his wife and son respectively. Ron was Mason's best friend and soon-to-be-beta.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA59JNngJWA2
Ron and Mason were the same age and same grade. They had always dreamt of being the alpha and beta together. They used to imagine all the changes that they would make and those included some rainbow-coloured foods to be sold in malls.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAjLm1MaXrNh
Right now, Mason was preparing breakfast for him and his two sisters. He had already woken the two up. He prepared two eggs and one cereal. Lauren would only eat cereals for breakfast for some reason. After he was done making breakfast, he put their plates down on the table and sat on his usual chair. He waited for his sisters to come downstairs.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAJB9xMCTkMI
They always ate breakfast and dinner together because their parents had taught them to. They said it was a reminder that they were a family.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAaSRTFeapbK
He stared at the table, doing nothing. Then, he finally sighed. As usual, he was feeling devastated and it was still very early in the morning.
157Please respect copyright.PENANArvvOwiZtKM
Still no news of his parents and that was bad. Well, he was used to it but he had hopes every time, so it was slowly killing him inside. 
157Please respect copyright.PENANAKtoT1avUvi
After a few minutes, the twins went downstairs in their school uniforms and with their backpacks. "What did you cook today?" Lily asked excitedly. Lauren didn't have to ask because she ate the same thing every morning.
157Please respect copyright.PENANADFavzQKJfW
Mason smiled at his two sisters and replied, "Eggs." He watched them as they carefully walked down the stairs before running to the dining table where he had put all their plates on.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAuHrZwXivq2
Not long after, Diane went downstairs. She and Mason made eye contact and smiled as she walked past the dining room to the kitchen. Diane had been a mother figure to Mason and the twins ever since their parents disappeared.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAibwG4yQAsl
No one in the pack house dared to say or even think that the rightful alpha and luna of the pack “died.” They always said “disappeared.” Mainly because Mason wouldn't let them say that without proof.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAT613BAUlj9
When they were finally finished eating, Mason asked, "Excited for today?"
157Please respect copyright.PENANAhNQJNnG6S7
They never spoke while eating because their parents taught them so. Yes, their parents taught them a lot of good things and they followed their parents' instructions.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA9aiFQmdHXG
"Definitely not. Mason, it's Monday. Ugh. Why do we have Mondays? Why don't we have like two weekdays and five weekends?" Lauren was the one to reply.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA3QM5UoFOJZ
"Then you'll be protesting about how little the amount of time you get to hang out with your friends is," Mason said, chuckling at his sister's negativity. It was only morning and she was already not in the mood.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAY1NPKAcrH4
"I don't think so," Lauren said in her in-a-matter-of-fact tone and crossed her arms as she continued, "All the friends in school are fake. They only want to get close to us because we're the soon-to-be-alpha's sisters."
157Please respect copyright.PENANAyQfQw6dJNa
Lily, on the other hand, didn't think so. "Aw, don't be like that, La. I'm sure they all want to be friends with us. Positive, even," she told her twin sister. Then, she grabbed her shoes and socks, slipping them inside her feet.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAqR0dWVBBJl
Lauren rolled her eyes. She grabbed her socks and shoes, following what her sister did. "You do know that they talk about us behind our backs. They think our hairs were dyed and it's unfair that we didn't get kicked out of school because of that. And they also think that it's unfair that we stole all the boys' hearts. And I'm sure there are many more to come."
157Please respect copyright.PENANABInox8ZJzG
Mason tried to stop a long argument by saying, "Girls, c'mon. We're gonna be late. Correction: I'm gonna be late."
157Please respect copyright.PENANAO7x3Y39bNX
It was six and their school started at seven. It took around fifteen minutes to get to Lauren and Lily's school, but it took around another forty-five minutes to reach Mason and Ron's school.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAldPmqLi2n2
It seemed that Mason's words went into thin air because then Lily sighed and said, "Okay, okay. Maybe you're right. But I still think that—"
157Please respect copyright.PENANAoZKLnhTm1t
"You guys ready?" Ron asked as he hopped down from the last stair to the floor.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA3QAATyD3Jq
‘Thank goodness he came,’ Mason thought. Those two girls would argue all day if no one stopped them, and it seemed that they never listened to Mason anymore, and he never used an angry tone on anyone except the other creatures.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA15EQs5CK80
Ever since his parents died—or disappeared—Mason had always hated the other creatures. Vampires, witches, warlocks, fairies—everything. He changed the rules to “No creatures other than werewolves and humans are allowed in the territory.” He killed every one of those creatures that he met. For that, he was a bit popular around some packs, but since he didn't have any problem with the other packs, they didn't have any problems with him, either.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAMwZximPbJR
"Yup!" Lily answered Ron excitedly as she ran through the front door into the unlocked car. The cheerful girl was shortly followed by her sister who wasn't as cheerful.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAEMHfnBO1Ey
"Thanks for coming to the rescue," Mason said to Ron as he used his shoes.
157Please respect copyright.PENANArGD6w6b9Rj
In response, Ron just patted his back and said, "No problem."
157Please respect copyright.PENANA9EP8b7u1jd
Then, they walked outside.
157Please respect copyright.PENANASY0zeoa2pP
"So, what's up?" Mason asked.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAAQveW2k8bc
"Nothing much, really. Just the sky." Ron shrugged before stating, "You know, I feel something is going to happen today."
157Please respect copyright.PENANArkQhs2pX3J
Mason smirked, his eyes showed his flaming excitement.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAbWIcvWAGYZ
"So do I."
157Please respect copyright.PENANAvyQ1MN37Ve
157Please respect copyright.PENANAknzbF1d4Zh
"Sir, we're sorry to disappoint you, but—"
157Please respect copyright.PENANAOadwmJsWpr
Mason hung up.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAVU0LWNyZUu
He already knew what the guy on the other line was going to say. Probably something like, “We didn't find your parents. Not a single trace,” or,“There was this forest, but we're too scared to go explode it because it was all gloomy and stuff.”
157Please respect copyright.PENANAefRNqwPDBO
It wasn't new to Mason, but he still felt a bit disappointed because this morning, he had actually thought that a good thing might happen. He had learned too many times that he shouldn't hope too much because in the end he might get hurt, but he still dared to.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAVpY9VlSohh
Soon, Mason was already calling Ron to tell him to assign another group. His mind was telling him, 'No, don't do it. You're going to hurt yourself again,' but his heart was saying, 'Never give up on your parents, Mason. Never.'
157Please respect copyright.PENANAPdcQZ8Dx8y
He decided to trust his heart, even though it had been proven so many times that his heart was wrong.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA2mNT9dqYR1
Dony was the alpha of Silver Moon at the time, yes, but Mason and Ron were the one who made the decisions. He simply just told him what he thought of their decisions.
157Please respect copyright.PENANANMrLVm6OLo
Yes, everyone had tried to tell Mason to stop wasting money on the search groups, though he only lost $50 every time he sent one—and yes, including the twins and Ron's family; but Mason never listened. He was too stubborn for his own good, but he couldn't help it.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA5BBirBq49y
Ron simply replied with a usual “okay” before hanging up. He was extremely bored with his homeworks, so his beta stuffs could help cheer himself up.
157Please respect copyright.PENANACbVq44Dv3u
Ron exited his bedroom where he had done his homework and into the alpha and beta's office. The offices used to be different rooms, but since the two guys had been dreaming to be an alpha and beta together for a long while, they wanted their offices to be merged.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAwQhXCdkJ16
Ron was about to mind-link his third-in-command when he got a text. He sighed, irritated. He took his phone, unlocked it and opened the text. It was from Mason. It said, ‘Please say my apologies to the last group for hanging up on them earlier. Thx.’
157Please respect copyright.PENANA87HKp9lQeu
Ron rolled his eyes. "Typical Mason," he said, but he was a smiling.
157Please respect copyright.PENANApRFkhKpUft
He finally mind-linked the third-in-command and told her to go to his office. The third-in-command came instantly. She was a woman named Betty.
157Please respect copyright.PENANApMkHKWV4GW
Betty was very serious about doing her job. She took her position of being a third-in-command very intensely. She had no room for useless stuff and she didn't listen to anyone except the alpha, and only the alpha. 
157Please respect copyright.PENANAbO4Tyt2Tkg
There were some packs that forbid women to lead the pack as a beta or third-in-command, but good thing Mason wasn't like that, and neither was his father.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAoJ833pOsk3
"What is it, Beta Ron?" asked Betty with a straight face, as usual. Betty had always been so serious and focused about her job on being a third-in-command. She liked everything organized.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAWJQgrAcmET
Ron sighed. "I told you to just call me Ron. I'm not a beta yet, Betty," he reminded her. "Mason told me to assign up another search group. Can you do that for me? If so, then I'd be so thankful," he explained.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAjPHnIgRLab
Betty nodded. "Okay; I'll go assign another group for this task. Don't worry, I'll get this done.” She said it with such a flat tone that it made her seem like she was a robot.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA2yVaBYzqrT
"Oh, and please gather the last search group and tell them I'm waiting for them in my office?" Ron added.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAtnDjD4UQqy
Betty nodded. "Is that all?" When Ron nodded, she walked outside.

---(BOY X BOY MOMENT. SKIP UNTIL THE END IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT)---copyright protection153PENANAkUIdxWzjjm

Not long after, a guy came inside the room. Ron noticed him as Darren. Darren blinked. Once, twice. Then, he went outside of the room again. You'd think that he had probably just gone to a wrong door, but no. He went outside, closed the door, and then Ron could hear his knocks.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAJKor77HZTR
Ron laughed loudly, realizing what the guy had done. He coudldn't help but smile. Darren smiled back sheepishly, his cute cheeks flushed. He looked down in embarrassment and rubbed the back of his head.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAbVq6614Gsw
"Sorry, forgot to knock," Darren stated.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAAVUdfxi9oJ
Ron's smile just grew wider. Let's just say that he had a crush on Darren and he looked really cute while smiling from embarrassment like that.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAI8t7ABfiA8
Unlike Ron who was seventeen, Darren was only fifteen. His wolf would wake up on his sixteenth birthday which was in a week. Yeah, Ron remembered Darren's birthday. He wouldn't admit he had been stalking, though, he'd just say he somehow found it in a file.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAaL3ASaCXQ4
Ron wasn't as close to Darren as he was to Mason, but they were still pretty close. Darren is like Ron's other best friend, not in a picky and hurtful way. They just didn't get too much time to hang out.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAtq0nEfVWpk
Another reason was because of the rumours at school that Ron had a crush at the guy—which was kind of true—and it made things a bit awkward, but only by a bit because none of them ever brought it up.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAF8t9f3Kvll
Ron just smiled at him in response for his apology. Then, he asked, "What made you so frantic that you forgot to knock?"
157Please respect copyright.PENANADv7H5ZRHWH
Darren smiled back at the older man because he was just too cute for him to handle. "Uh, there's a rogue outside who said that she knew you and wanted another chance from you," he said and oh did he sound very irritated there. He looked like he would kill everyone.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAMq8MOM1KIr
Ron wondered if it was out of jealousy, but he didn't dare hope too much. "That sounded rather worrying. Please do lead me to this rogue," Ron said. He stood up from his comfortable chair and walked behind Darren as they neared the area where the rogue was held.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA4oAxyQAjlW
As they walked, Darren was walking in front of Ron and couldn't help but lower his head a little from some unknown reason. Darren couldn't wait until his wolf wake up on his sixteenth birthday. He really hoped it was Ron.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAEYrMFxLxfI
"What's up with you?" Ron's relaxing, deep voice inquired him. Darren couldn't help but look behind, just to see the cutest confused face ever.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAe18nNX9PHS
"I, eh…" Darren trailed off, looking into Ron's eyes. He stopped in his tracks, but Ron kept walking until they were mere inches away.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAgMgRjPHU82
Then, to their surprise, Ron's lips brushed Darren’s and it was so magical. He could feel his warmth from their proximity. Darren felt like he could just collapse right then. It was so perfect, so beautiful. If only Ron was his mate...
157Please respect copyright.PENANAQN0izGQkd5
Suddenly, Ron let go of their kiss. Darren opened his eyes to see Ron biting his nail.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA3s7cPU9ZKR
Ron started sputtering. "I'm so sorry, Darren! Oh, my God, I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that—I mean, I like it and all, but I didn't mean to take your first kiss! Or kiss you at all for that matter. You might be straight for all I know! Ugh. I'm so, so, so, so sorry! I know you're waiting for your mate and—"
157Please respect copyright.PENANAR1D8SXXzR5
Darren just watched him in amusement, but then Ron started to get teary-eyed and he looked like he was holding back sobs. Darren hugged him, murmuring into his ears, "It's okay, Ron. I—"
157Please respect copyright.PENANABITC1sjRNw
"No, it's not!" Ron continued his rambling, "I'm pretty sure you're doing this just to cheer me up. Inside your mind, you must be thinking about how disgusting I am or something. I—"
157Please respect copyright.PENANAXQZ43PZdOK
Darren rolled his eyes. "Shush, Ron. I like the kiss."
157Please respect copyright.PENANA4FLHNDELdw
Ron shook his head. "Y-you must hate that kiss. Oh my Gods, I'm so sorry, Dar! You must be thinking I'm disgusting or something! I'm so—"
157Please respect copyright.PENANARPeKrgcK7Z
Darren heard somewhere that kissing was a good way to shut someone up sometimes, so he did just that. Besides, it might make Ron realize that he actually liked the kiss.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAh5Qh9T696V
It was just a one-second kiss, really, but it was special.
157Please respect copyright.PENANATbAFSoix9w
"I do like you, Ron, but I am waiting for my mate," Darren said.
157Please respect copyright.PENANA41ljLNzXxG
Ron sighed. "I know, I know. Your birthday is in a week. You're gonna meet your mate. You're gonna forget me. Everything's gonna be awkward. I know. I know." His eyes became more teary.
157Please respect copyright.PENANAXPLO7VHe5O
"Aw, don't be like that. I'm sure Moon Goddess has prepared you a better soulmate than me, don't worry," Darren told the guy. "But for now I like you and you like me, so let's just enjoy the moment, yeah?"
157Please respect copyright.PENANA9YZKDS8Wqi
157Please respect copyright.PENANAtujON4Bn29
"There you are! I was wondering what took you so lo—" Mason cut himself off. "Oh. Never mind."

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Byargus - Oh thank DAWG I was hoping for Ron to be gay, and when I read the kiss I was GIGGLING IRL
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Jeniffer - Since when does "dawg" exist? XD
Awww you giggled!
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Byargus - @Jeniffer, It's a little something I made XDXD 
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Jeniffer - @Byargus, *nods* It's weird. Unique. I approve.
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I uh...
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MichelleAngelina - @Jeniffer, yeah. XD

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