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Tales of Silver Moon [DISCONTIUNING](NaNoWriMo 2016)
Writer Jeniffer
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Tales of Silver Moon [DISCONTIUNING](NaNoWriMo 2016)
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Chapter Five
Nov 8, 2016
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ny71n3Iz48EpSs1wSlpcposted on PENANA
130Please respect copyright.PENANAxR9ESwIB5N
The bell rang loudly and everyone quickly stood up from their chairs and ran outside. 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAJJcBcd74zx
Yeah, Mason's classmates were doing a countdown before the bell rang. Now that it did, summer break had officially started. 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAgGyyoCaZxD
Everyone ran out of the classroom, cheering. Some even threw their books and just ran out. It reminded Mason of that scene in High School Musical, but he forgot if it was the first one, the second one, or the third one.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAA4vJInfrYk
Mason stood up from his chair and walked to the door, smiling back at the teacher who was smiling at him. It seemed his Math teacher was also glad that school was finally over. She let everyone had free time, and allowed them to take their phones and headphones out. Perhaps she was out of things to teach, or she was just tired, but the students liked her anyways.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAeH4qjgErkd
Mason walked out of the classroom as the teacher went to grab the books and papers that the students threw.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAYBUx9iajiH
School might have ended, but their parents still had to get their reports tomorrow, and that could mean praises to some students, or might be the cause of beind grounded for some other students.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAXSMsBuPQWO
Of course, Mason not having parents meant that he had to get his report by himself, then the twins, too. He had no parents to applaud him for getting good scores, but he knew they would be proud of him if they saw it. 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAbawfAPvegQ
However, tomorrow, the one fetching his and the twins' reports would be Dony. Lauren and Lily had always had good scores, too. They were the role-models at school, but they didn't like to be called the golden students.
130Please respect copyright.PENANArfrlMAEXTW
In fact, one time when the teachers gave them A+ (100) even though they had two wrongs, they protested to the teacher and returned with a B. They were so honest, it was kind of amazing, because not everyone would do such things.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAEQOqjqV9gR
"Finally," Mason breathed out. He had been excited to start his searching of his parents. Even though it had been a long time since the first time he sent out those groups, he had never looked for them by himself. He had always trusted those search groups he sent out.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAXs1uHCkdQA
They were leaving as quick as possible, which was exactly that day. They decided to go at five P.M. because Mason usually arrived from school at three, and they needed to check and re-check everything.
130Please respect copyright.PENANA3iQuED4iAY
Betty had tried drawn some kind of map to help them. Keyword being tried. There were too many dangerous places that had never been visited by anybody before, and they didn't know what it was like over there, so Betty wasn't able to draw those places. Basically, the map was mostly blank.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAeeP3F8tBiK
So yeah, not only were they inexperienced, they were also blind to their surroundings because they had no maps. Wonderful, eh? All they could do now was rely on the Moon Goddess. 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAtgcuKU647X
Once Mason got home, he quickly changed into something that seemed comfortable and wasn't tight. He opened his list and ticked the ones that he had put in his bag.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAFbfvFU8KcJ
He didn't put too much stuff because him being a werewolf made it kind of hard to carry stuff. If he shifted into his wolf form, he would have to carry things with his mouth, and he didn't want his bag to be ripped.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAJrXyuDHXeZ
He only brought a few pairs of pants, water, and yeah, that was about it. Betty said she would bring some food just in case, but Mason found it a bit ridiculous. They were half-wolves. How could they not stay alive in the wilderness? 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAIHfVc0Pj4X
After all, the forests in Mason's territory had been known because a lot of animals lived in there. Mason's father said they might even come accross a deer every five minutes, which was quiet impressive, because in most forests out there, it was hard to find animals.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAgK8wgNqpyD
"Mason, are you really going to leave?" Lauren suddenly came up to him and asked. She looked very sad.
130Please respect copyright.PENANA8h46QzJyxY
She was soon followed by Lily who also looked sad. She asked, "Then who's gonna take care of us?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANAxfFNaSN0bS
"Read us stories before we sleep?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANAXsD5ZTTpir
"Tuck us in bed?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANA3rJ7xzHg7e
"Kiss our foreheads goodnight?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANAeFtUtENhEY
"Wake us up before school?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANAaBrNGqHAQZ
"Give us Oreos?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANA2TrL1YlIft
"Praise our hairstyles and accessories?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANAWu8qpC4cTI
"Scold us when we fight?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANAb3jCQ02xAS
"Take us to school?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANAxCMYoNXJvc
"Pick us up after school?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANAcsGlS5XWiQ
"Help us with our homeworks?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANAFtTY5KZ7hA
"Pick our pajamas?"
130Please respect copyright.PENANA0PdNNBALl6
Questions came one after another and Mason couldn't help but smile that his sisters were so worried about him leaving. It made him felt important, but they were family after all. Family always needed one another.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAXxzETrKQo2
"Don't worry. I'm coming back in a few days, and in those days, Uncle Dony is going to take care of you," Mason said softly. He knelt down so he was on eye-level with his sisters. 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAH3vB2Al2ID
After a moment or so, he stood back up and told them, "Now, go do your homeworks, girls. If you have any problems, ask your Auntie."
130Please respect copyright.PENANACJsPwgr61M
The girls nodded with a disappointed expression on their faces, obviously not wanting their big brother to go away for so long. Who knew what might happen to him? They left the room and went into theirs.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAdZkMDden4C
Mason brought his light bag that only had important stuffs in it, and knocked on Betty's door lightly. "It's five!" he reminded.
130Please respect copyright.PENANApLGUmIvIKd
Behind him, he heard, "Yeah, I know it's five. We're already downstairs, waiting for you." 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAlnWOcs5Ez7
Mason turned around and there stood Betty with a grim expression on her face. Mason looked at the clock and realized he was fifteen minutes late, no thanks to the girls. But it was no problem to him.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAqM6LzKZN73
They went downstairs and soon, they were already far away from the pack house.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAqxP6rcPXUz
130Please respect copyright.PENANAagX659zbO8
The brown-haired girl could be seen from afar as she skipped through the forest cheerfully. She was holding a basket and it was full of colourful fruits. The girl didn't even know if those fruits were poisonous or not. She just put everything that looked pretty to her eyes into that basket.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAifVo0u8Zig
The cheerful aura that the girl radiated made it seem like she was no older than six, but truly, she was seventeen. It also made her seem like she wasn't some kind of dark creature who was capable of doing so many things, whether it be good or bad.
130Please respect copyright.PENANA3INSPf5Ec0
The girl looked so happy that it seemed like it was her first time of being on the land, under the sun. Like it was her first time of being let out of the tower she was kidnapped in. Like it was her first time of seeing the beauty of nature.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAdnhaumk3x9
It must be sad if it was true, though, but it was kind of true.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAcQo7epCnoV
The girl's name was Jewel Miller. She was a witch that was kicked out of her coven when she was fifteen because she defended a fourteen year-old werewolf. The parents of the werewolf, however, instead of saying thank you, they told her to never get near the girl again. 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAEsDslsIq6V
Never did Jewel regret what she did. Not even once. The witches and the werewolves made a deal, and the werewolves didn't fulfill their part of the deal. However, that did not give the witches the right to torture every werewolf they met. Not all werewolf was like that. Not all werewolf was a traitor.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAqkiIvM4QQC
At least, that was how it seemed to Jewel's eyes. She couldn't read, nor imagine whatever was in the elder's minds when they decided they would make the poor werewolf drink silver. 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAZ2snaHNM5c
Drink silver? That was so low, wasn't it? Using the werewolves' weakness as their advantage? 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAHKElcZOVqU
Jewel had never liked the elders anyways. They said that stones such as amethyst shouldn't be used to make jewelries, while Jewel used stones to make jewelries all the time.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAQRf9zKWEAM
After all, rules and promises were both meant to be broken. 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAgAOJYZrLLx
Jewel usually went out at nights because her witch side preferred nights over days. Besides, the animals who were awake in the day despised Jewel. On the other hand, the animals who were awake at night liked Jewel. It probably had something to do about Jewel being a witch, but she wasn't so sure either.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAXthBPuBDp1
Jewel's witch side, whom she named Ruby, always refused to go outside when it was sunny, so Jewel rarely ever go outside when the sun was up. Ruby was very stubborn and never wanted to go outside until now. In fact, Ruby was the one who asked Jewel to go outside, saying that she wanted to lay around for no reason.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAygSNpsym69
Jewel knew it was very risky, especially since the summer holidays had started and everyone could go into her place. She had also gotten some news that Mason would look for his parents by himself. If he bumped onto her, she might die instantly.
130Please respect copyright.PENANA8nJX6HWytI
Mason was known to be merciless towards the witches, warlocks and vampires, or so Jewel had heard. She heard that he would kill every one of them who passed by him. She wasn't so surprised because of the incident that his parents had to go through.
130Please respect copyright.PENANA5qcn21RDEh
Jewel knew about the incident because her coven was the one who attacked them. Actually, her coven teamed up with some warlocks and vampires to attack Silver Moon. In fact, they might still be holding the former alpha and luna hostage right now. She wouldn't know.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAFcyy0Y0yk7
The reason why her coven did it was because they wanted to find an important thing. Jewel wasn't sure what its name was, but she heard it could control lives. You could kill anybody you wanted, and make people come back to life, but only the supernatural people, not humans.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAHsurqB9m9C
Once her basket was full, Jewel went to a field and laid there. Even though she knew she'd have sunburn after she wake up, she didn't care.
130Please respect copyright.PENANA5e3hB5jtIY
And so, Jewel fell asleep.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAKobjWbhXKB
130Please respect copyright.PENANA4s3yTt93Qj
When they heard the news, they immediately went to work. They set up a plan to capture more of the Alpha's loved ones. They needed to know where that Magia was, and the only way to find it was force the former Alpha to tell them.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAFWyIdaOxDw
Of course, Edward knew that it was a lose-lose situation for him. If he didn't say anything, he would stay there until the other creatures gave up, which they probably wouldn't. If he said it, the other creatures would have the power to kill anyone, or bring anyone back to life. They might even be able to communicate or harm the Moon Goddess.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAvoVGHSRYPC
Edward wouldn't even imagine what they would do. They might wake up all the dead non-werewolf creatures and torture the whole werewolf's existence. He couldn't let that happen, no matter what. Even if it meant him having to die in that very jail.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAzU4DsY7C1Y
Every month, Edward would hear the witches who guarded them muttering about Mason sending out search teams to find them. He would smile. He couldn't believe that Mason was very positive that he could find them. If Moon Goddess had mercy on them, then he couldn't wait to see how Mason after all these years.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAWHUuq8EeFh
The witches who used to be Jewel's ex-covenmates heard that Mason and Betty were going to go search by themselves because it seemed like they couldn't trust any of the warriors or something. They were also going with a human man. 
130Please respect copyright.PENANALaGGQnyImo
However, Brianna, the leader of the coven, could care less. She had set up a perfect plan to make Edward give into her wish. She decided to take their two children; Lauren and Lily.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAkWipzLnHno
It wouldn't be too hard now that Mason was gone. She thought she was stupid that she hadn't thought of this earlier, but at least she wasn't so late.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAFk6zOwHsKm
After they caught the girls, they would torture them until the former alpha of Silver Moon tell them where the legendary Magia was.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAKvxrcnOK6b
Brianna also wanted to kill the Moon Goddess, or torture her if she could. The reason?
130Please respect copyright.PENANA9q7rQGcdnA
Long ago, the witches, warlocks, and other non-werewolf creatures teamed up to fight the werewolves. They were winning, until the Moon Goddess sided with the wolves and gave them this legendary thing; The Magia. With that, the werewolves killed almost every creature that tried to kill them all.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAC3UICIekbZ
That was why the Moon Goddess was only known as the werewolves' goddess. She was such an unfair one. 
130Please respect copyright.PENANAGWvdnHBcsH
The werewolves only spared the innocent creatures. They let them live. However, no one knew what happened the the Magia after that, but Brianna and her coven managed to find out who had it by sensing the magical aura. Silver Moon had the strongest magical aura even though the pack itself wasn't that strong, so it was not such a complicated problem to solve for them.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAnB8u2Ybecz
The story of the fight had been told from generation to generation, and unfortunately, this generation wasn't as forgiving as the ones that had been spared by the werewolves. Now, they were going to get revenge.
130Please respect copyright.PENANAPOCJxesLyD
And Brianna really couldn't wait because she was so certain that she was going to win.

----------copyright protection126PENANA71hH4CBUtA

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