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Tales of Silver Moon [DISCONTIUNING](NaNoWriMo 2016)
Writer Jeniffer
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Tales of Silver Moon [DISCONTIUNING](NaNoWriMo 2016)
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Chapter Twelve
Nov 21, 2016
10 Mins Read
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Mark entered the wooden house, and he knocked on a door that was Kollifya's room. He heard a 'come in' from the woman, so he opened the door and closed it again before sitting in front of her.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAALPBc0HeMj
As Mark had stated before, Kollifya was the greatest healer in their pack. However, his brother had been feeling ill and she said that the only one who could heal him was this one person. Kollifya wasn't even sure what illness the alpha had, but it was very worrying. His skin was turning more blue and purple as time passed, and it seemed really hurtful. He had said once that it felt like he was being punched from all sides.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAA2hVYlgFaY
Unfortunately, this one person that could heal him happened to be from another pack, so the pack almost lost hope, because certainly they couldn't go around the world, asking each pack if they had an amazing healer or not. Plus, the healer might not be aware of his or her powers just yet, so they decided to just trust the Moon Goddess. 
108Please respect copyright.PENANAwd4McZABK4
Mark sat down on the red carpet that Kollifya had laid out for the both of them. Kollifya was sitting in front of him, and they were just separated by this short, wooden table. On the table, Kollifya had put two cups and a teapot.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAnlPdW1dEg0
"Greetings, Kollifya. What could I help you with at this very beautiful day?" Mark asked, trying to stay calm, but truthfully, he was not. His heart was beating so fast, hoping that what Kollifya was about to say would be some good news. Perhaps, it was that the healer was on his or her way here, or the healer was near. That would be awesome, but then came the chances of the healer being dead.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAYQ3gM1B2GM
"Drink," was her reply. Mark believed that it was because she noticed how stiff and nervous he was, because what else was she trying to do? Poison him? If so, then, she and the witches would be killed by the pack members.
108Please respect copyright.PENANA1dZ50c5AOQ
So, Mark did as she said. Even though there was a teapot, his cup was already filled with tea, so he drank for it. The tea was warm, and he felt a bit calmer, which he was thankful for.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAFbbup8wCMM
After a few sip, he put the cup down and straightened his position. He badly wanted to cut the tension by speaking, but it seemed that Kollifya herself was a bit occupied with her own mind at the moment, and so, Mark didn't dare to say anything.
108Please respect copyright.PENANADLDH1pICsp
A few minutes passed, and finally Kollifya spoke, "That girl you brought last night, she's the healer. She's the one we've been waiting for." Mark really wanted to scream in joy, until Kollifya said, "However, she hadn't known anything about her powers. Neither did her sister. The witches and healers have to train her."
108Please respect copyright.PENANAptCpzDBEdq
You see, witches and healers were kind of similar, but they were different. Both of them were magical creatures, but healers were the one who specified in healing, while witches were more into attacking and defending at wars. Being a healer was a gift, really.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAvSCGn1OTEB
There were many more magical creatures out there such as elementals, mages, elves, and all of them were unique. However, elementals were different from all the others. You couldn't simply be born as an elemental. You'd have to be blessed by the Moon Goddess before or after your birth, and you'd find that you were an elemental later in your life.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAGhmjYoJH1b
Some lucky people was two kinds of magical creatures, like a witch and a fire elemental. Witches learned all four elements, so if they were a fire elemental, they tended to focus on fire more. It would be hard to know that you were an elemental if you were a witch, though, because they did similar stuffs.
108Please respect copyright.PENANA7qFKPfnrUA
"So, you have to tell her about this. And it might be easier to train her if she is with her sister," Kollifya said. She coughed a little, and Mark realized she probably was a bit sick.
108Please respect copyright.PENANARptt5RvUK9
"Are you okay, Kollifya? You seem a bit sick," Mark questioned, though his mind was on two places right now. First, on Kollifya. Second, on how he was going to ask Marinette's sister to come to this pack without his intentions being questioned. After all, in this world, you could trust no one.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAvrrSKqgu7h
Even proofs could be illusions, and sometimes it was scary. 
108Please respect copyright.PENANAGfIlZyBmZv
108Please respect copyright.PENANAXRUql0hRU2
Meanwhile, in the pack house...
108Please respect copyright.PENANA0purifSzJ0
"How did you not realize that the witches were there, right in front of you?!" Lauren asked angrily. Of course, it was obvious that she was finally angry because those warriors just couldn't work like how they were trained. They were supposed to be cautious of their surroundings instead of dancing around in the clubs.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAQpfzLe7mB7
Apparently, the guards did notice that some people were crossing the territory, but since all of them were partying at the moment, they figured that it wasn't too important. Of course, all of them meant that the leader of the warriors were also partying. The leader, Hendry, was the one who reported it to her, and he was the one whom Lauren slapped first. There were more to punch.
108Please respect copyright.PENANARyZMZlMhcG
Yeah, Lauren never tolerated this kind of behaviour from the warriors. She hated it. So, the moment he spoke about them partying, she cut him off and slapped him. The sound echoed through the house that was actually pretty crowded at the time because Dony and Diane invited some people. Everyone stopped whatever they were doing right after she slapped him a few seconds ago.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAjc6OEp3xYM
Hendry's reply to Lauren's previous question was, "Yes, I am sorry. I didn't mean to be reckless, but--"
108Please respect copyright.PENANAxPcMoX1wkC
"I don't care! Look, I don't care about whatever that you have to say, but argh!" Lauren stopped herself. Not because she was hurt or anything, but because she couldn't form actual sentences. 
108Please respect copyright.PENANADcaDY9YLrb
"If you don't find my sister, I swear to all of your warriors who haven't met their mates, they won't ever meet their mates. Never."
108Please respect copyright.PENANAsLnzz2YCzW
And something just clicked. Once she finished her sentence, it just felt as if the energy around them was different. Even a plant of theirs seemed like it was dying. It seemed that what Lauren said would become real, and of course that was scary. She could curse people like it was no big deal.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAo6LBTayUGT
"Mason, even though he sometimes do not notice what is happening around him, at least he takes care of the pack nicely. He even made the rule; we are all family here. What do you do with your family? You protect them! I am so fed up with your warriors. You keep letting them off. Didn't a few months ago Mason gave you some kind of schedule to make sure that everyone had their own shifts of protecting the pack? You didn't follow his rules because of your laziness. And your warriors? They don't even care about finding my parents, they just cared about money! Is Silver Moon really that poor that you have to work really hard for money? I think not," Lauren pointed out straight to Hendry's heart.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAwk5HX4RWPi
"Go send ten of your warriors to find my sister. If you can't find her, you're all going to prison. All of you. The rest, follow Mason's schedule. If this pack is unprotected and witches enter it once again, I'll close all the clubs and everything," Lauren threatened. Her eyes as sharp as knife, glaring into Hendry as if daring him to question her.
108Please respect copyright.PENANA7i3vRCyQe8
Hendry at first actually said that he wanted to talk to Dony, but Lauren quickly said to just tell her the matter because Dony and Diane had guests. Dony was downstairs at the moment. He and everybody else probably heard that loud hit to Hendry's right cheek.
108Please respect copyright.PENANANDfye8JN2p
Lauren's slap left a burning sensation in Hendry's cheek and it felt like it was burning nonstop. Hendry wanted the burning to stop. Unlike most burning sensations, this one sometimes really hurt, and sometimes just didn't.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAGzKLgIP7FF
Lauren was still young, yes. She was only eleven, but she knew that she should only believe Mason and Lily. She couldn't trust anybody else, not even Dony and his family. They were all family there, but Lauren just knew she couldn't trust anybody or else she'd end up like her sister.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAqMYtiP5QGk
Hendry bowed down to her. "Okay, Lauren." Then, he walked away, trying to believe that he did nothing wrong. Lauren was a bit sad that she didn't have any titles. Too bad, but what could she do about it? 
108Please respect copyright.PENANAYtXd2cmLZp
Lauren was currently in the library. She looked around. The room was indeed very dusty and unclean. She wondered how Mason was able to stay hours and hours in here when he was younger. He stopped reading here around two years ago, his reasoning was that he already read all the books.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAbFYVrfEhnj
Lauren couldn't believe he read all the books. There were so many book racks and so many books. So many genres and so many topics. She wondered which one was Mason's favourite, if he even had one.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAXN6VhoLmfr
Lauren felt interested to read the books. She wanted to read all the books, but she didn't know where to start. There wasn't any sign saying Novels, Children's Books, or 18+. Obviously, there also wasn't any sign saying Romance, Fantasy, or Humor. 
108Please respect copyright.PENANAGeUEsXQOIQ
Lauren truly felt lost around all these racks. She didn't feel like she was in prison. She just felt lost, very lost. It seemed that all the books were calling her to read them for some reason. It could just be her own imagination, but it all felt so real.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAdUvcQXsueQ
Suddenly, a book caught Lauren's eyes. She was walking around when this book got her attention. She didn't even know how, but the book seemed to be pulling her the most, almost as if seducing her to read it. Huh, Lauren wanted to laugh of how stupid that sounded.
108Please respect copyright.PENANANbET6ViShx
What Lauren was weirded out was, how did that one book even grab her attention? Its colour was plain brown like the rack itself, no glitters or anything. The title of the book wasn't that big and the plot it used was Times New Roman. As Lauren said, nothing interesting. So, how?
108Please respect copyright.PENANAjYMeDebu2U
Lauren read the book's title. It said, "The Power of Curses. XII."
108Please respect copyright.PENANAkgOPtEMW81
Lauren figured that XII meant twelve, but twelve what? She had always found the old books to be quite confusing because they were complicated. Perhaps twelve meant the twelfth series or something? Lauren could only guess.
108Please respect copyright.PENANANWcrQjm8bE
She brought the book with her and sat down on the wooden chair. She looked around at her surroundings. Lauren was alone, in the very old library, reading a book about a cursed power or something, but mostly she was alone. The library was a bit dark, and as she had said before, it was very dusty. 
108Please respect copyright.PENANAGvDsJgGUKJ
After Henry came downstairs, the sound of some kind of gathering downstairs came back alive. Perhaps they felt safe because now they knew that Henry was still alive. Lauren really wanted to roll her eyes. If the warriors didn't do their jobs right, she'd have to change them with someone else.
108Please respect copyright.PENANAP50DVuhIrq
The sound from downstairs was very loud, so Lauren knew she was in fact still in the pack house. 
108Please respect copyright.PENANAJemWFcf2lr
Lauren opened the book to the first page and was surprised when some kind of yellow light came out of the book. It went around her. When she regained her sight, she could see that it was in fact a fairy, flying right in front of her eyes. And the newborn fairy's task was to protect Lauren at all costs... 

Or at least that was what the book said.copyright protection104PENANAfYkV3kGPIR

Lauren had no idea what she needed to be protected from. She took the book downstairs to her room. It was still afternoon, but it was not that wrong to take a nap for a few hours.108Please respect copyright.PENANAH1WktGBaBm

----------copyright protection104PENANA25fZVNpLuL

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