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Living With Killers {A Darkened Hearts FanFic}
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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Living With Killers {A Darkened Hearts FanFic}
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Chapter One: Meeting Toby Rogers
Nov 17, 2016
10 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!35AbNhxNfbIRGaOzZQjlposted on PENANA

Tori Night. A name nobody else would have. But of course, my parents had to choose that name for me. I've always been made fun of because of my last name. That's why I absolutely hate school. Then again, who doesn't?copyright protection33PENANAtqVVyGrqLO

And to make it worse, my parents left me at the age of four. So I was left to take care of myself all alone, but I've gotten used to it. Thirteen years later, I am alive and well (A Mockingjay Part 1 Reference) still living by myself. I'm able to pay for school, hardly, and of course, I have no friends. I mean, I've gotten smiles from kids, but no one dares to talk to me. They say I'm too dangerous.copyright protection33PENANAMPUm1HEyvU

So here I am, standing in the middle of the hallway, staring into space. A hard shoulder bumps into me, scattering my books and pages everywhere. The kid just walks on, probably smirking to himself. "Here, let me help you," A boy's voice says from behind me. I turn to see a boy with longish brown hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a brown striped sweatshirt with a blue hood and jeans, and there were dark circles under his eyes, as if he had troubles sleeping at night. A kind smile was on his face.copyright protection33PENANAJdLqnAZnqj

“T-thanks,” I stammered, embarrassed. We crouched down to gather my fallen supplies, me thanking him once again afterwards.copyright protection33PENANAIUJEQhlhI6

“No problem,” He grins, then holds out his hand. “I’m Toby. Toby Rogers.”copyright protection33PENANA6uW0RXIvvd

Toby Rogers. That name sounded familiar, but I couldn’t figure out where I’ve heard it before. I took his hand and shook it. “Tori Night. Are you new here?”copyright protection33PENANApfrbGPMGcd

Toby nods. “Yeah, I just arrived yesterday. Crazy school, huh?” The grin never leaves his face as he says the last part.copyright protection33PENANAZV8IzY0UgI

I couldn’t help but smile back. “Mhm. Filled with nothing but bullies.”copyright protection33PENANA1ndXn4V6Aq

Toby shakes his head at me. “No, not everyone is a bully. I met a few people and they’re just fine.”copyright protection33PENANAj0GLcmAY3M

“Who?” I ask, thinking of befriending them. Maybe.copyright protection33PENANAc2IkLhjLcz

“Let’s see...Sarah, Alex, Jade,” He began listing them off with his fingers. “Kaitlyn, Izzy, John, and Amelia. They’re pretty nice.”copyright protection33PENANAueWIbkN6qn

I was about to reply, but was cut off by the shrill bell ringing, signalling that we were officially late for class. “Well, Tori, I’ll see you at lunch. That is, if you haven’t skipped school by then,” Toby smirks at me before walking away. I stare after him, mouth agape. How could he know that I skip school if he just arrived yesterday? And I know that I did stay in school the whole day.copyright protection33PENANAxKoevAB5zE

I shake my head, then head down the hallway and towards my classroom. After getting yelled at by Ms. Hayes and ignoring all of my teachers for hours, lunch finally, finally, arrived. Of course, I brought my own lunch, only because I’m worried that I would get food poisoning from the school’s food.copyright protection33PENANASLGB5rSod5

I walk in, eyes scanning the crowd for Toby’s face. When I don’t see him, I felt a little down. Then, I saw him and a few other people walk in the other entrance. Six of them were girls, which made me a little jealous, I don’t know why, and the other one was a boy. copyright protection33PENANAYIjVqvgdCG

Checking to make sure he wasn’t looking, I hurried out of the cafeteria through a different door, stepping into the hallway. I walk towards a corner, then lean against it, sliding down to the ground. I slowly got out my lunch, forcing myself not to cry.copyright protection33PENANABaqZoWAZ29

“Tori? What are you doing out here?” A familiar voice asks, and my breath catches in my throat.copyright protection33PENANADVUkwZMpnZ

“T-Toby? I thought you forgot…” I keep myself from looking up at him, staring at the floor instead.copyright protection33PENANAumIOh9jxnW

One of the girls I saw him with walked towards us, “Hey is everything okay? Oh, hello!” I took in her appearance. She had long, dark, slightly reddish, brown hair, that had an emo-ish look to it, pale skin, hazel eyes, and little freckles. She wore a black hoodie, a black and purple striped tank top, a black and red striped scarf, dark coloured skinny jeans, and black converse. I noticed she had black fishnet sleeves under black fingerless gloves and a black necklace with the pendant being an ‘O’ with an ‘X’ through it. And that she had black lipstick on. The pendant on the necklace is the Creepypasta symbol. I know this because I’m a HUGE fan of Creepypasta.copyright protection33PENANAeY6FYuByuE

“Sarah, this is Tori Night. I just met her this morning in the hallway,” Toby says to the girl, Sarah.copyright protection33PENANAH7zBs5AeuY

Sarah grins at me, then holds out her hand. I reach out for hers, but instead of her shaking it, she wiggles her fingers like an octopus. I stared at her with wide eyes. Toby was barely stopping himself from snorting. “Don’t worry, Tori,” Sarah said, her grin staying on her face, “I’m totally not a weird alien from outer space trying to eat your soul, brain, heart, and/or other organs.”copyright protection33PENANAdZlWOD57as

“You probably are,” I muttered to myself.copyright protection33PENANA4pra4pFGX9

Sarah frowned slightly, before grinning, “I’ve been called worse, dearie!” She turned to Toby and giving him a quick hug. “I’m heading back, okay? Oh yeah, and John told me to tell you that he was going to eat your food if you didn’t show up,” She then adds with a smirk, “Especially your waffles.”copyright protection33PENANAkFhUgJ0RXv

Toby shrugged, “Whatever. I’ll steal yours.”copyright protection33PENANAQbub7iOdqZ

“That sounds so wrong,” Sarah laughed. Toby blushed bright red.copyright protection33PENANAFvp6Fuwkau

“Not that way, Sarah!!” Toby said, before muttering something under his breath that Sarah heard but I didn’t. I imagine it was something bad or dirty, because Sarah blushed a really deep shade of red.copyright protection33PENANAuv9Lppuqhs

“Wow…. You planning something, Rogers?” She said with a sly wink. Toby blushed again.copyright protection33PENANAV7EpjLI8Z9

“Sure, why not?” Toby grinned. Sarah blushed, before turning around and beginning to walk to the door.copyright protection33PENANA8EExLk1iEc

“I-I’m heading back now, okay?” Sarah asked with a small stutter. Sarah left quickly. Toby grinned in triumph. He turned to face me.copyright protection33PENANAM9IVU8lpyC

“What did you say to her?” I asked him. Toby smirked.copyright protection33PENANAStKwT3iCch

“I said ‘At least not yet, but it appears you got a mirror in your pants.’” Toby winked. I blinked at him.copyright protection33PENANALkWqSIKU0o

“What…? The heck….? Really? Are you guys dating or something?” Toby blushed at this.copyright protection33PENANA7MyPHsX3Sw

“No…. Not yet…..” Toby looked off to the side, “I think she’s still hung up on Austin…”copyright protection33PENANAFKZpgTtyvF

“Who’s Austin?” Toby glared at the ground.copyright protection33PENANAQgZMGSuqMu

“A horrible person who shouldn’t even exist….” Toby sighed, “It’s a shame he tainted Sarah…” I blinked at him and he looked very surprised, “Oh, did I say that outloud?”copyright protection33PENANAPThoJZQG2J

“Yes, yes you did.” I said. There was an awkward silence for a few moments before one of us spoke again. “So….who were the other people you were with?” I ask him.copyright protection33PENANAdHuc7K6AjB

Toby brightened up, “Oh! Those were the friends I was telling you about this morning!” He grabs me by the hand, which causes me to blush, and pulls me onto my feet and towards the cafeteria. "By the way..." Toby glances at my lunchbox, slightly grinning. "Creepypasta?"copyright protection33PENANAf9SfWz7q0U

I looked down at it also, staring at Jeff the Killer, Eyeless Jack, Slenderman, Hoodie and Masky, Sally, BENdrowned, and Ticci Toby grinning up at me with mischievous smiles. The Creepypasta symbol gleamed at the top. “Y-yeah. I’m kinda a big fan,” I reply, my face reddening. I expected Toby to laugh, but instead he just smiles.copyright protection33PENANAVQNcewc5de

“Don’t worry. All my friends and I are huge fans also. You’ll fit right in!” We approached a long table with seven people chatting, and the one boy stands up to greet us.copyright protection33PENANAOqWiD33JDn

“Hey! I thought you ditched school or something!” He then glances over at me. “No offense, Tori.”copyright protection33PENANAlTxd8tMfUM

I glared at Toby, whose face was pink. “S-sorry. I told them who you were...except Sarah, who wasn’t there yet.”copyright protection33PENANA9PDX2RufWH

The boy smiled at me before introducing himself. “I’m John by the way.” He had bright auburn hair with pink streaks in it and gold-ish hazel eyes.copyright protection33PENANAtL8p3Mt7w6

I smile nervously, turning to Toby. “Are you sure I’ll fit in?” I asked, whispering.copyright protection33PENANAuRZ248wRnq

“Don’t worry, Tori. They won’t bite,” He pushes me towards the group. I turn slowly to face them.copyright protection33PENANAExghuj8Yy5

A girl with long, brown hair and blonde highlights speaks first. “I’m Kaitlyn Witch. But everyone calls me Kitty. I’ve been made fun of because of my last name. Kinda like you.”copyright protection33PENANAG1QPrUBV18

I nod, then look at the next girl, Sarah. “I already know you,” I say, smirking. Her face was still a little flushed from earlier’s event. copyright protection33PENANA1wZ1z395Vx

“Hello! I’m Izzy!” A girl with long, silver hair and gold eyes says. A girl with long, black hair was staring at me from beside her.copyright protection33PENANAvz4MQz5ZyE

“Jade. HEY OH MY GOD LOOK AT THAT BANANA!!” She exclaims.copyright protection33PENANA4fGU47PG2R

Sarah shoots her a dirty look. “Really, Jade?”copyright protection33PENANAO4oO6XSg2N

Jade laughs. “Yep! I just said hi and then I saw how long that banana w~” Izzy clamps a hand over Jade’s mouth before she could finish.copyright protection33PENANAOymTldsqc1

“It’s fine. I’ve heard worse,” I say, eyeing Sarah and Toby, causing them both to blush a shade of red.copyright protection33PENANA5hgLckS11V

“Please don’t mention that,” Sarah says quietly. Toby nods in agreement.copyright protection33PENANASQ0gE7ewng

“And I’m Alex the~never mind! Just Alex,” A girl with long, black hair and red highlights says. I wondered what she was going to say before…copyright protection33PENANAjbPG5aTxB6

There was one more girl, and she had brown hair and violet eyes. “You must be Amelia,” I say, remembering all the people Toby had mentioned earlier. She looked a lot like Sarah. I wonder if they’re related? She smiles and nods, saying; “I already know that you’re Tori, like Toby said.”copyright protection33PENANAyGnPrz9kBb

I was starting to think that Toby might as well tell the WHOLE school my name if he keeps this up. I sit down next to Amelia, and since the spot next to Sarah was taken, Toby sits down beside me.copyright protection33PENANAgu1gLGnZcL

I couldn’t help thinking that I’ve seen Toby around somewhere...but just couldn’t think of it. I spent too much time thinking that I never had time to even open my lunch. Before I knew it, the bell had rung, dismissing us from the cafeteria. I walk out, avoiding everyone as usual.copyright protection33PENANAgwX5c2g6AR

~*~Timeskip To End Of School~*~copyright protection33PENANAc9yAY0a8kL

“Tori!!” It was Sarah’s voice, calling to me as I walked farther away from the building. I turned around to see that she was only a few feet behind me. “Tori...I..finally..caught..up,” She says between breaths.copyright protection33PENANAjBflR01fZd

I placed my hands on my hips, “Okay, who is Toby?”copyright protection33PENANA1gKYlW0C2B

Sarah looks at me as if I were growing horns on my head. “He’s Toby Rogers of course.”copyright protection33PENANAufK2PI2ZQn

“No. I mean, I’ve heard of him somewhere. He looks familiar. Who is he?!” I demand. Sarah looks at me fearfully.copyright protection33PENANALaY0wQ1x61

“Uh...I have to go. Allison’s calling,” She pulls out her phone and sprints back towards the school.copyright protection33PENANAL7hv6Cr6fu

I growl in frustration and walked the opposite way, towards my house. It wasn’t a mansion, but it wasn’t a trailer either. I sat on the couch, TV on, reading “The Last Ever After”. I never pay attention to the news, but this time I had an exception.copyright protection33PENANAIJJsLzbOz2

“Police found three dead bodies in the woods this afternoon, and were not able to identify the victims. A weapon was found; a rusty hatchet lying a few feet from the farthest victim. Police have seen this type of murder before, and their number one suspect is Toby Rogers, known to have murdered his father and fleeing, burning his tracks. Although people think that Rogers died in the fire, police still suspect he’s behind the murders. More on this case later at 9.”copyright protection33PENANAckcbkI1lg8

There it was. The only place I have heard Toby’s name was on the news. For murder. And I had a feeling deep down that I would be his next victim.copyright protection33PENANAn1fExlhZsw

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