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Living With Killers {A Darkened Hearts FanFic}
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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Living With Killers {A Darkened Hearts FanFic}
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Chapter Four: The Mission
Nov 17, 2016
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!xJYH3Qp9HagXIvttxTrPposted on PENANA

“So...are you actually comfortable with killing other people?” EJ asks after a few silent moments.copyright protection33PENANASpOzVowkP0

I shrug, “I really don’t know. I just wanted to get out of the house and walk around for a while.”copyright protection33PENANARmKQ3NHtWo

“Well, you might have to kill them anywa~” He suddenly stopped speaking, peering around a large oak tree in front of us. I did also, gasping when I saw Natisha and Jaye laughing ahead.copyright protection33PENANADdmlJPPgIg

Their hands were linked, and Natisha was blushing a shade of red. “Stop it Jaye! You’re making me blush!” She giggled.copyright protection33PENANA6BGVaCkHW9

My lips curled in disgust. “Ugh. I hate her annoying voice,” I growl.copyright protection33PENANAHOvrEzfl2c

EJ was nodding in agreement. “ you know her?”copyright protection33PENANAJGp628VRpE

“Yep. She’s been bullying me since second grade. And I’m a junior in high school. Her idiot boyfriend helps her beat me up.”copyright protection33PENANA8wfOrqrL7o

He turns and stares at me. “Beats you up? Don’t you ever fight back?”copyright protection33PENANAUPcqhQ0wb3

“No…” I trail off as I watch Natisha and Jaye looking in our direction.copyright protection33PENANAIVJ82LhXDH

We ducked behind the tree, then I step out confidently. “No, wait!” EJ whispers fiercely.copyright protection33PENANACLdRAEh1pp

I ignore him and approach the couple. “Well look who it is. It’s Tori. Are you wanting us to kick your ass again?” Jaye sneers. copyright protection33PENANApkeBLvsL2E

I place my hands in my sweater pocket, where my machetes were sitting. “Maybe,” I reply simply.copyright protection33PENANAPLAyTCkbzX

Natisha scoffs, “Get her Jaye.” copyright protection33PENANASbJ53jKll9

Jaye laughs, stepping towards me. I don’t move. Instead, I grin and wrap my hands around the handles of the machetes. I watch him as he sticks his hand in his jacket pocket, before pulling out something metal. I slightly gasp as my eyes focus on the object. It was a knife. Jaye steps closer, grinning like a maniac. For some reason, he reminded me of Jeff...copyright protection33PENANAKLuZnguP1x

But he wasn’t. Not anywhere close. He swings the blade at me, missing by mere centimeters. I reach my leg out and kick him in the stomach (I missed my target), causing him to groan and fall back a step. I go to kick him again, but he grabs my leg and yanks it forward, and I fall to the ground below.copyright protection33PENANAtRi4pcGKng

I quickly stand up to face Jaye again. I then felt a sharp pain in my shoulder, and I sharply turn around to see Natisha standing behind me, a blood-covered blade in her hand. I sigh. Two people……two machetes…….I laugh outloud.copyright protection33PENANAIgrrmvL6Q6

“What’s so funny?” Natisha snaps.copyright protection33PENANAgARKAe0542

I don’t answer, instead, I pull out my machetes, holding on in each hand. Natisha recoils at the sight of them, but Jaye stands his ground. I swing at Natisha first, cutting her cheek, blood flowing from the wound. She screams, and I slash again, hitting her stomach this time. Suddenly I'm pinning her to the ground, I don't even remember tackling her, one of my machetes against her pale throat.copyright protection33PENANACyTUCj7i3u

"No...please..." Natisha pleads. I give her a cruel smile.copyright protection33PENANAyLL0d7vYdm

"Night, bitch. See you in hell," I snarl, before slitting her throat. I would've mutilated her, but I felt a searing pain erupting in my side. I cry out, falling off of Natisha's corpse. Jaye stands above me, and he grabs my wrists with his left hand, pinning them to the ground beside me. I struggled and attempted to kick him, but he easily pinned down my legs. I was stuck.copyright protection33PENANA5tXXdxceCg

Jaye snickers at me. "You might have killed that annoying bitch, but you still lose to me."copyright protection33PENANAhePa9rugKx

With his free hand, he delivers a hard punch to my face, causing spots to appear in my vision. He punches me again and again until my face was numb. I remembered that EJ had came with me...but he was nowhere in sight. Probably thought I could handle it by myself. Asshole. Jaye gives me one last blow before I completely black out.copyright protection33PENANALjjwkwDQvQ

~*~Timeskip~*~copyright protection33PENANAcAk9xyGJMi

My eyelids fluttered open, trying to see my surroundings, but I saw nothing but darkness. My black hair hung in my face, and I lifted up my wrists to fix it....only to find out that they were shackled to the stone wall behind me. I blew the hair away instead. copyright protection33PENANA04xPeGhIX2

I silently cried, missing the Creepypasta mansion, Sarah, Amelia, Toby, everyone there. "I'm sorry I left. I'm so sorry..." I whispered into the shadows.copyright protection33PENANAgIlzfG6SwB

"You’re forgiven.." I heard a familiar voice say.copyright protection33PENANAJIb3SJCysp

"Toby?" I ask, surprised at how hopeful my voice sounded.copyright protection33PENANARstoiH5zq2

“Try again,” The voice said again. Moonlight was now shining through bars at the top of the wall behind me, illuminating the room. The owner of the voice stepped into the light, revealing a face with brown hair, green eyes, and covered in stitches.copyright protection33PENANABHLXg0DnTa

“Liu?” I say, shocked.copyright protection33PENANAYCTaGLUjjm

He smiles, walking towards me. “Yeah...EJ told us that you killed Natisha on your own and thought that you would be able to kill Jaye. After about twenty minutes, we came to check on you only to find your fallen machetes and Natisha’s dead body. Neither you nor Jaye were found,” He explains, pulling out one of my machetes.copyright protection33PENANAIbPbA7TGHj

“We didn’t find you at the mansion, either. That’s when we looked around,” Liu continued, then uses the blade to break off the chains. He holds out his hand, and I gladly take it. He helps me up, handing me the machete, which I take in my other hand. copyright protection33PENANAJj0ughvUEo

“Thanks,” I mumbled.copyright protection33PENANA4D1XOIII12

“So...Slendy’s coming to get us….Tori?” Liu asks me.copyright protection33PENANA5JeVVO2OuK

“Yeah?” I look up at him.copyright protection33PENANA8d39Hjrce6

“’re still holding onto my hand….” He says awkwardly. I glance down at our still-linked hands, taking my hand away, my face flushing in embarrassment.copyright protection33PENANABiJCgykYgm

“S-sorry,” I stuttered, looking away.copyright protection33PENANA1m6fh13kPy

“It’s fine. I really didn’t mind,” Liu says, which only makes me blush more.copyright protection33PENANA4XL77tryGG

We stand in silence until I speak up. “I probably shouldn’t go on missions anymore.”copyright protection33PENANAEhYnUeWfdc

Liu looks over at me, obviously startled. “Why?” I give him a look that said “really?”copyright protection33PENANACfzIuQJyay

“I got kidnapped, Liu! Yeah, I was able to kill Natisha, but she’s a girl. Jaye had a blade and was a lot stronger than me. I’ve only killed two people!” I yell, then stare at the ground in regret. “I’m sorry,” I apologise, again.copyright protection33PENANA7ewSmDmOc2

Liu smiles at me. “I can help you.”copyright protection33PENANAuQktefHavV

I glance back up at him in confusion. “What?”copyright protection33PENANAn7aWPFMyeW

“With killing people. I know it sounds weird, but maybe Slendy can allow us to go on a mission and I can kinda help you with killing your victims,” He replies.copyright protection33PENANA7lbEeyiAmu

“Okay. I guess that would be fine,” I say, and Liu smiles again, then it turns to a frown.copyright protection33PENANADRkYkyd2JI

“Are you sure you’re okay? EJ said that you told him that Jaye used to beat you up. And he noticed that he had a blade. Did he stab you?” I heard the concern in his voice.copyright protection33PENANAY6Q92FOPe3

“Yeah...I got stabbed...twice. Natisha stabbed me, then Jaye. He beat me up after that,” I tell him. “But I’m fine. Promise,” I added when I saw the look on Liu’s face.copyright protection33PENANAMmoX0DwjdS

“Tori. Liu. Let’s go,” A voice says from the shadows. Slendy stepped into the moonlight, in his Slender form. copyright protection33PENANANQK8P5H37q

“Okay,” Liu and I reply, oddly at the same time.copyright protection33PENANAL6wCfzh4ov

Slender teleported us back to the Mansion, where a concerned-looking Sarah came running out. She, almost, tackled me with a hug.copyright protection33PENANA7aSw8S9Ecm

She then pulled away and was frowning at me, “Where. Were. YOU?!?!” She then almost began to cry, “I THOUGHT YOU DIED!!”copyright protection33PENANAxZdi83nP6u

“Shh, Sarah, it’s okay. I’m alive,” I said, attempting to soothe the girl. Apparently it wasn’t working.copyright protection33PENANAfSBMuQmLUK

Sarah looked up at me with wild eyes. “Okay?! OKAY?!! You were freaking KIDNAPPED by someone who wanted to KILL you!!! You’re lucky Liu even found you!!” copyright protection33PENANAh1V9y42HJe

I backed away from her slowly. Toby placed his hands on her shoulders, murmuring something into her ear. She took a deep breath and walked away. Toby gave me an apologetic stare. “I’m sorry about her. She was freaking out when you didn’t arrive with EJ. She’ll come around.” I was nodding to his words, but wasn’t processing them. I was thinking about what happened when I was unconscious….copyright protection33PENANA4geizmlWbr

I suddenly had an image in my head, a memory, and I screamed and ran out of the room at full-sprint. I ignored everyone’s calls, I was just focused on getting out of there. Tears were streaming down my face and the cold wind blasted from all directions.copyright protection33PENANArrj2eNSAzN

I had no idea where I was going, but when I finally stopped running, I found myself in the woods. I collapsed against the nearest tree before climbing up to the highest branch. I sat down and sobbed, tears staining my cheeks and clothes. I couldn’t believe it. Jaye just moves on from one girl to another..doing whatever he pleases. It sickened me. Why couldn’t have he just killed me? It would’ve been a lot better than what happened that night.copyright protection33PENANAlQOh0nl344

I was regaining memory by memory...but it was all hazy, as if I wasn’t even in control of my actions. It almost seemed as though I was...drugged. Oh god. I was. I burst into tears, again, and I ignored the fact that I could hear someone walking on the ground below.copyright protection33PENANAh8lwqVSMR4

“Tori?” A voice called. Liu. Of course he came looking for me. I didn’t reply. The tree shook, barely, and I knew that he was climbing up. copyright protection33PENANAdivwlKkdkT

I tucked my knees up to my chest, crossing my arms over them, and covered my head. I silently cried some more. “Tori?” Liu asks again, instead he was right next to me. I still didn’t answer him.copyright protection33PENANA1FKPXKciNh

I suddenly heard a loud crack and the branch I was sitting on gave away. I screamed as I fell, grabbing onto the branch below. “HELP!!” I shouted, obviously forgetting that Liu was still there. My feet dangled in the air, swinging around wildly.copyright protection33PENANAn5qJBREuDw

I then realised that my grip was slipping. I whimpered as I was only hanging on by my fingertips. Just then, a hand grabbed my left wrist. “I got you!” Liu says from above. I try to smile, but I was too afraid to.copyright protection33PENANAyQP4naOHo9

I repositioned my right hand on the branch, and Liu pulled me up. I sat on the branch, shaking with fear. Liu was sitting next to me, and he pulled me into a hug. We sat like this for a few minutes. “Why’d you run away?” Liu asks me.copyright protection33PENANAApPkfM5s5T

“Because...I remembered something and I didn’t like it,” I reply, my tone telling him that I didn’t want to talk about it. Liu didn’t ask any more questions about it. copyright protection33PENANAJsZacA1R5E

“We gotta go back, Tori. The others are worried about you. Again,” Liu laughs at the last part.copyright protection33PENANAnDucIRnxyM

“How are you always finding me? Is Jaye dead?” I asked.copyright protection33PENANAG9bvtrizTn

“Well...I know where Jaye lives because of Jeff~don’t ask~and I followed you here,” Liu tells me. “And no, Jaye isn’t dead. He wasn’t there when I found you,” He adds to answer my other question.copyright protection33PENANAsDQrN22PU7

I then remembered that he was hugging me. As much as I wanted to pull away, I didn’t. He pulled away and started to climb down the tree. When I didn’t move, he glances up at me. “Coming?”copyright protection33PENANAthLYutQR1p

I rolled my eyes. “Okaaay, fine.” I made my way down the ladder-like branches until my feet hit the ground. Liu landed beside me a few seconds later. We silently walked to the mansion, which was surprisingly not that far away.copyright protection33PENANAEIyPe2gwBa

As soon as I stepped one foot into the mansion, I was tackled in a hug. I couldn’t tell who it was until they pulled away. Toby.copyright protection33PENANAT4OJvBMyqG

“Tori! I *crack* thought that I said some*crack*thing to upset you!” He cries, pulling me into another hug.copyright protection33PENANAGUYrSsVIkW

“It’s fine, Toby. It wasn’t your fault,” I reassure him. He pulls away and leads Liu and I into a nearby room. It turns out that EVERYONE was there.copyright protection33PENANA7YEGOSI5pk

Slendy, EJ, LJ (Laughing Jack), Jeff, Izzy, Derrick, Michael, Brian, Tim, Sally, Amelia, Kaitlyn, Jade, Smile.Dog, John, Clockwork, a very nervous-looking Sarah, and another girl I didn’t recognise. She had brown hair in a bun, pale skin, like mine, a black dress with red lace, a mask like Tim’s except Phantom of the Opera style, black and white striped leggings, and black knee-high converse high tops with red laces. She had golden claws on her hands also.copyright protection33PENANAfio32UFPs6

“Why did you run away Child?” Slendy asks me.copyright protection33PENANAv81uATWvCh

I fiddled with my fingers as I spoke. “W-well, I remembered something while I was kidnapped and I ran away because of it.”copyright protection33PENANAsJg7p408ap

“What did you remember?” Amelia asked.copyright protection33PENANAsqHRuKL9ze

I didn’t reply. I figured my life story was something I wanted to keep to myself, not share with others. But when Slendy clears his throat, I knew that I had to tell. “Uh...well, I realised that Jaye…..did something to me when I was unconscious…” my voice got quieter and quieter as I spoke.copyright protection33PENANAg5nhzYbwtN

Liu stares at me with a shocked expression. “But I was drugged. I couldn’t move...couldn’t stop him. I hate myself for it,” I continue, my eyes tearing up a bit.copyright protection33PENANAOWx53Xa35k

“Don’t hate yourself, Tori. Like you said, you couldn’t do anything to stop him,” Liu says before wrapping his arms around me. I’m quite confused why he’s hugging me a lot lately. But I don’t mind. I sob silently, my tears soaking his black hoodie. Nobody paid any attention to us, it seems as though they couldn’t believe what Jaye did.copyright protection33PENANAtyKapeVbov

“That asshole is gonna pay for what he did to you,” I heard Toby say without twitching.copyright protection33PENANAqFANXaL8Hf

“No Toby. Tori and I are going to kill him. She needs to get her revenge on him. I’ll be there to help,” Liu tells him. When I don’t hear Toby reply, I know that he agrees. “Tori?” Liu’s tone tells me that he’s wanting to know if I agree or not.copyright protection33PENANAWwctBgrLkw

“Oh. Yeah, I’ll be fine with that,” I say, still in Liu’s embrace.copyright protection33PENANA5N5QYu5TGt

“I give you permission to kill him. And ONLY him. Liu, make sure she doesn’t get killed or kidnapped, got it?” Slendy says.copyright protection33PENANAo69ZU6aGeS

“Gotcha,” Liu replies while laughing, and he drags me away to the door.copyright protection33PENANAVao8E0o5LI

“Wait...I don’t have a weapon..” I say to him.copyright protection33PENANACRvHItcNnT

“Tori, your weapon is in your sweatshirt pocket like they were before,” He chuckles.copyright protection33PENANAhMZqLTwWAK

My face burns in embarrassment. “O-oh.”copyright protection33PENANAPvVdDAe2GZ

Liu smiles down at me. “C’mon, Tori! Let’s go kill!!” He shouts gleefully. I just laugh and follow along.copyright protection33PENANAKiRg0zJdn6

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