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Living With Killers {A Darkened Hearts FanFic}
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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Living With Killers {A Darkened Hearts FanFic}
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Chapter Five: That Was Unexpected
Nov 29, 2016
15 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!zazKpVTaka2l5ydqDgiVposted on PENANA

Murder. The one thing I never expected myself to do. And here I am, about to kill one more person. I’m also accompanied by a murderer. But if I had to tell the truth, I really didn’t mind Liu coming along. But there’s a slight problem with him coming; I’m not sure...but I’m quite positive I have….feelings for him. Oh shizz.copyright protection46PENANAAHfYYsv3pY

I pretend that I don’t, acting as though I go murder people every day. I failed. I failed miserably. I mean, I guess it’s pretty obvious I like him, but I think it’s too obvious. Shit. This is starting to sound like a diary.copyright protection46PENANA9Y9IJyECJY

“You okay?” Liu’s voice breaks me out of my trance.copyright protection46PENANANLkTkxkXOC

“Y-yeah. Just...thinking,” I reply.copyright protection46PENANAToj8nhASlZ

“About what?”copyright protection46PENANARuY0dHzRkj

I know that I can’t tell him what I was really thinking about. “Killing Jaye. I know he deserves it, but I’m just not used to this.” I hated lying, but I really didn’t want him knowing the truth either. copyright protection46PENANAQ75a1pIlnw

“You’ll be fine. Trust me,” Liu assures me, but I didn’t believe him. He drapes his arm around my shoulders.copyright protection46PENANAYhUipizZbV

“Sure,” I mutter as we walk back towards Jaye’s house. Liu gives me a confused look, but doesn’t say anything. When we reach the house, I finally get a good look at it for the first time.copyright protection46PENANAZ2qX3DFDvZ

It was a mansion, obviously, but the white paint was faded and chipping off. The windows didn’t have curtains and the glass had several cracks. It looked like it’d been through hell. And who knows, maybe it has.copyright protection46PENANAWl72w9seuP

Liu and I walked right up to it and entered the mansion like we owned the place. There in the center of the hall sat a chair. In the chair, sat Jaye. The chair was set so that it was backwards. We walked up the chair and flipped it around.copyright protection46PENANAKt6FLwXlv8

Jaye was dead. Someone fucking beat me to it! His throat had been slit and his eyes were missing. He also had a hole in his sides… right where his kidneys would be… Then it hit me. Jack killed Jaye. But why?? copyright protection46PENANAgvbHtfl8SQ

I suddenly felt so livid; I felt as though I could kill anything. I stared at Jaye’s slightly mutilated body with disgust.copyright protection46PENANA8PcgRIpjXU

I suddenly grinned before cracking up with laughter, “I should go ahead and finish up the job…”copyright protection46PENANA9Hngn9Mkui

Liu stared at me, “T-Tori..? What are you…?”copyright protection46PENANAtLNFthUOpN

I kicked Jaye’s body off the chair and lunged at it. My vision blurred as I repeatedly stabbed and mutilated Jaye’s body even further.copyright protection46PENANAFyCSOtBdNy

“TORI!” Liu grabbed my arms to pull me back, but I elbowed him. Instead, he wraps his arms around my waist and finally yanks me off of Jaye’s mutilated corpse.copyright protection46PENANA7WfvdDEZY9

“NO! I’M NOT FINISHED YET!!” I scream, but Liu doesn’t let me go.copyright protection46PENANAhrV57om1cM

“Stop! He’s dead enough!” He shouts. I eventually dropped my arms, the machetes slipping out of my hands and landing on the blood-splattered floor.copyright protection46PENANAOSkrK9VlmI

My shirt was covered in blood, and my already stained shorts were soaked. My black hair hung in my face, and I reached up to brush it away with blood-covered fingers. I broke out of Liu’s grasp and crumpled to the ground. I’m a monster, I’m a monster, I kept telling myself, which only made the situation worse.copyright protection46PENANATuF90SMFRK

“Tori? You alright?” Liu crouches down next to me, a concerned look on his stitched face.copyright protection46PENANAO9cKfj8Bll

I nod and shake my head repeatedly, not sure if I am alright or not. I eventually said, “I’m not okay, Liu. I can’t believe I just did that! I’m a monster!”copyright protection46PENANAnadIBXRwje

Liu seems taken aback by my response. “No you’re not, Tori. You’re just a normal Creepypasta. This is what we do..just not like this. Pretty much Sarah is the only one who does this. Well, and Kaitlyn.”copyright protection46PENANAecJUmJM8pE

Once again, he pulls me into a hug. Wow, I’ve gotten a lot of hugs from him today. I guess that’s a good thing. “You're not a monster, Tori. You’re just… like me when I started out.”copyright protection46PENANATeN6Y3p6EL

I pulled away from him and looked at him, “What do you mean ‘when you started out’?”copyright protection46PENANAr2VFLwCD3W

Liu winced. “I… I was full of hatred towards Jeff… He killed our parents and tried to kill me. And to make it worse, he killed Jane’s family in front of her and tried to make her like him.” Liu explained.copyright protection46PENANARi8BculZDK

“Oh my God,” I whispered, “Liu, I’m so, so sorry!”copyright protection46PENANADwYrDWu238

“Don’t be,” Liu replied, “The past is in the past. Besides, I think we’re all a bit like that at the start… I mean, Sarah mutilated her ex’s body, LJ mutilated Isaac--”copyright protection46PENANAOvbJaWgNzj

“Who’s Isaac?” I asked.copyright protection46PENANAJrCS2OnoN0

“Isaac was LJ’s ‘owner’, well, more like the person he was created for and would develop, personality wise, as Isaac grew older… Isaac was pretty fucked up when he got older. Killed a woman and made a chair from her bones. LJ saw everything and thought it was a fun new game to play,” Liu chuckled, “Unfortunately for Isaac, he left LJ in his music box too long and once he got out, he made Isaac play the 'game' with him, resulting in Isaac’s death.”copyright protection46PENANA8rx7Sa4md8

I shuddered, “Creepy…”copyright protection46PENANAv1DHKOE1Cd

“Eh, he had fun!” Liu joked. I stared at him. He coughed, “Anyways, let’s head back, okay?”copyright protection46PENANAllFXeIMB6z

I nodded. “Okay, Liu.”copyright protection46PENANABf09mTjrfx

*~*copyright protection46PENANAzLydtj17lD

We reached the mansion and parted our ways. Liu went to his room and I went to the living room and started watching Ouran Highschool Host Club with Sarah and Toby. I was chilling on the couch while they were cuddling on the loveseat. Once again, I felt jealous.copyright protection46PENANAlGZ0EdIqOP

Liu then walked into the room and had an unfamiliar girl with him. The girl had dark auburn hair tied up in a ponytail and deep crimson eyes. Admittedly, she looked similar to John. I smiled at Liu.copyright protection46PENANAZq50zrTTT9

“Hey Liu!” I waved.copyright protection46PENANArsV0GojHvF

“So this is the new girl you told me about?” The new girl asked. Sarah looked up and saw Liu and the girl he was with.copyright protection46PENANAlQllRZyzpn

“Hey Liu! Hey NikNugget!” Sarah said with a grin before breaking into a fit of laughter, “Did you give John ‘the talk’?”copyright protection46PENANAppOuqnWjhP

“Yeah,” The girl said, “He and Clockwork got so flushed! It was hilarious!”copyright protection46PENANAtIioIZM2Hi

“Yep…” John mutters while walking into the room, Clockwork right behind him.copyright protection46PENANAH293o03XAt

“So..what’s your name?” I ask the girl standing next to Liu.copyright protection46PENANAkZT8ujwqCO

She gives me a cold smile and replies, “Nikki. Nikki the Huntress. You’re Tori, right?” When I nod slowly, she adds, “Liu has told me about you.”copyright protection46PENANAg6xzugyhjf

I looked at her confused, “He did?”copyright protection46PENANAA1iJ4GJ8Dj

“Yes,” Nikki said, her tone sounded normal but I could sense an edge to it. Nikki turned to Sarah and her face instantly lit up. It was pretty clear that these two get along really well. “So Sarah… I was wondering if you would care to be my Head Bridesmaid? And Sasha’s Godmother.”copyright protection46PENANABYju7NNDeq

Sarah’s eyes widened before she grinned, “Bruh. Do you even have to ask?”copyright protection46PENANAsvwZ41fDjy

“And Toby,” Liu said, “Nikki and I think it’d also be pretty appropriate if you were Sasha’s godfather as well, since you and Sarah are dating. Also, it’d be cool if you’d be one of my groomsmen. You sadly won’t be best man since Jeff literally begged me to let me do it since he let me--well, forced me to--be best man for his and Izzy’s wedding.”copyright protection46PENANATTzbCESmMv

“I’d love *twitch* to, Liu,” Toby said with a grin. That’s when it hit me. Liu was dating Nikki. Scratch that. He was getting married to Nikki. And she was pregnant with his child!copyright protection46PENANAGouZTBMHe1

“N-Nice… C-Congratulations!” I stuttered. I took a deep breath and stood up, “I-I need some air. See you guys l-later!” I quickly left before Sarah or anyone could say anything.copyright protection46PENANA7GwEGAGVeZ

I ran out into the woods and hid so no one could find me. I started to cry. For the first time in forever, I ended up liking a guy who is going to get married and is going to be a father.copyright protection46PENANAu7T4jwJbSw

I sat down under the tree and tried to keep my sobs as quiet as possible. I heard footsteps approach me, so I climbed the tree and perched on one of the lower hanging branches.copyright protection46PENANAHyUbyOMlv1

“Tori!” A familiar-ish voice called out, “Tori! It’s me, Ash! Where are you, Tori? Everyone’s worried!” I looked down and saw Ash underneath me, searching around frantically.copyright protection46PENANAmDISiptYkI

I shifted to get down, when suddenly the branch gave out beneath me. “Gah!!” I cried as I came plummeting down.copyright protection46PENANAYPPRU8nDjg

Ash caught me with ease, albeit he got hit on the head with a falling branch. “You okay? You know you really shouldn’t be hanging out in trees…” Ash then cracked a smile, “Although, I guess you could say that you’re an angel because you fell from the sky.”copyright protection46PENANA91O4cnTZIo

“Smooth,” I said, “Did you just call me Satan?”copyright protection46PENANA142JXk8rit

Ash smiled, “Yes, yes I did.” I suddenly blushed, realizing how close our faces were. copyright protection46PENANA9gjY8d7vRr

Blush soon covered Ash’s face. “I’m sorry..” He mumbled before setting me back on the ground. “You… Uh… You fight good.”copyright protection46PENANAL1sA6FXZEG

“Um.. thank you?” I asked. Ash just gave me a thumbs up before his face turned serious.copyright protection46PENANAoFKqpIKy93

“So… Uh… Tori..?” He cleared his throat before continuing, “I-I… God damn it… Why can’t I just say it?!” He swore under his breath. He shook his head, “I can’t say it.. But I kind of think this will speak more than words ever could…” Ash said before lightly putting his lips to mine.copyright protection46PENANA2iklhszpYr

I stiffened up before slowly kissing him back. Ash seemed surprised, but happy. We soon parted and he was smiling.copyright protection46PENANAQKsikzXiyC

“So is that a yes?” He asked.copyright protection46PENANAYWhJnHr7fB

“Yeah, I guess I’ll be your girlfriend.” I said, smiling softly.copyright protection46PENANAaiTuEbXdAV

“Great!” Ash said, his grin seemingly getting bigger. He chuckled softly, “Didn’t think I’d get this far…”copyright protection46PENANAFqF8J0HHig

“Why do you say that?” I asked.copyright protection46PENANAjhdB1AitIy

Ash shuffled his feet awkwardly, his blush getting worse. “I kinda thought you’d go for Eyeless…”copyright protection46PENANA4SQYnvakJK

I shook my head, “No. You’re pretty cool.”copyright protection46PENANAfobVwVVeCe

Ash smiled, “You know, this is probably the happiest I’ve been since… ever.”copyright protection46PENANAuVvHwxiP00

I looked up at him with a confused look on my face. Ash sighed.copyright protection46PENANAo5Tf3gKdBt

“I’ve never really been much of a happy camper…” He ran a hand through his dark, ashen hair. “Kaitlyn, my cousin, was my only friend until we met Sarah. The three of us were unstoppable. Only getting time-outs when the teacher caught us selling legos on the playground.” Ash sighed and shook his head, “Then we met Austin, Zalgo’s precious little son, John and Nikki’s brother, and Sarah--” Ash stopped, “Wait, that’s not my story to tell.” He shook his head again, “Anyways, I did some stupid things that I regret deeply because of my emotions--or I guess lack of which...” Ash trailed off, lost in thought.copyright protection46PENANAYRR9Mo5HCH

“What kind of things?” I asked, curiosity clear in my voice.copyright protection46PENANAV7DrO9Y7ZZ

Ash shook his head, “Don’t worry about it.” He smiled at me. “Come on, let’s head back.”copyright protection46PENANA7n40C7hmlS

I followed Ash, not wanting to push any further. I mean, he is my boyfriend now. He’s bound to tell me on his own accord. Soon enough, we arrived at the mansion. Ash waved goodbye and went to his room and I went to the living room. I plopped down on the couch and turned the TV on.copyright protection46PENANAPjJHtv5zcI

I changed the channel and found Fairy Tail. I started watching the characters go around with whatever problem had arisen. EJ suddenly came into the room and sat beside me.copyright protection46PENANAg8PTzE3yL2

“So what’s up?” He asked me. I looked over at him and smiled.copyright protection46PENANAxSqBT2Jbp5

“Hi. So, my name is..[Dan],” I reply, using the hand gestures Danisnotonfire used in his first video. Sarah then ran into the room and held out her hand.copyright protection46PENANA3fpNWTj2sw

“JOIN THE PHANDOM WITH ME TORI!!!” She shouts.copyright protection46PENANAKIEzCedFMY

Toby then walked in the room and dragged her out by her scarf.copyright protection46PENANAIjR8VLbFWB

“Well that happened,” EJ said as he turned to face me. He had a serious aura around him. “Tori… I have something to tell you.. And ask you.” His tone was definitely super cereal.copyright protection46PENANAK0QaON37Pv

“Why so serious, EJ?” I said, quoting the Joker from Batman.copyright protection46PENANADzei8Qwmwi

“Because I wanted to tell you that I’m sorry for killing Jaye. I mean, I was supposed to anyways, and especially after what he did to you.” EJ lifted up his mask a little bit, revealing some bloosh. “It made me realize that I.. Well.. That I wanna know if you’re a volcano, because I lava you.”copyright protection46PENANAkeCcnxXydU

I blushed before coughing awkwardly, “Uh… EJ, I’m sorry to break this to you, but…” I began to scoot away, but it was pointless, seeing that EJ scooted closer to me with every move I made.copyright protection46PENANAaYV08JNbQD

Suddenly, Ash came running into the room with a Jerry can (gasoline can) and a box of matches. Ash snapped his fingers, getting EJ’s attention. EJ quickly pulled his mask back down. “Hey, EJ!” He then began to grin, “Come with me please!”copyright protection46PENANAHudWNlNjIj

EJ clicked his tongue, signaling that he was rolling his eyes, if he had any because he is eyeless.copyright protection46PENANAC3xefVMdtZ

“What do you need?” EJ asked Ash as he walked over to him.copyright protection46PENANA8DX3E5MshD

“Oh nothing.. Just wanna make some fried chicken.” Even I blinked at Ash.copyright protection46PENANA5Z8iVVEIem

“Fried chicken?” EJ scoffed, “I hate fried chicken. I only eat kidneys and sometimes eat meat that humans eat, remember?”copyright protection46PENANA2Rqz5FuRTY

“Oh ho ho,” Ash said, handing me his box of matches. “But you’ll love these. C’mon let’s make ‘em outside so Slenderp doesn’t get his panties in a twist.”copyright protection46PENANAR1CO4hURJc

I chuckled as I followed Ash and EJ outside. Then it hit me. Why was Ash using a gasoline can and matches to make fried chicken? I just shook it off. Maybe it’s a method Ash made up that works really well? Who knows.copyright protection46PENANAuPbC77yMQN

We soon arrived at the place Ash wanted us to go (which was out back, not quite by the gardens). He had me stand near the garden, as away from EJ as possible.copyright protection46PENANA9SEzsJfXB8

“Where’s the stupid grill?” EJ asked.copyright protection46PENANAWs9yhePc5z

“Don’t need one,” Ash grinned like the devil himself, “Not for what we’re making~!” Ash opened the gasoline can and set it down before grabbing my hand and pulling me close. “Careful who you flirt with, EJ.” Ash warned.copyright protection46PENANAoAoAdwHLiy

“Why do you care?” EJ spat, “It’s not like--” EJ stopped speaking when Ash kissed me on the cheek. EJ suddenly was seething with rage. “Why you--”copyright protection46PENANAyrqc1TWgQy

Ash let me go, grabbed the gasoline can, and threw the gasoline all over EJ. Ash took the box of matches from my hands and lit one, shouted “Welcome to EFC, home of the EYELESS FRIED CHICKEN!!” and threw a match on him (Kubz Scoutz reference, courtesy of Sarah the Stalker :3). EJ caught on fire.copyright protection46PENANAoM0yliNauS

He screamed in pain as he tried to put the fire out. Ash just laughed like a maniac, “That’s what you get for trying to mess with my girl!” Ash then picked me up bridal style and made a mad dash for the house.copyright protection46PENANAKSt8tGEbrW

Ash set me down on my feet once we were in the main hallway. Sarah came walking in with a grin on her face. “Did you just open up an EFC, Ash?”copyright protection46PENANAJ0oadp39FT

“Yes,” He chuckled.copyright protection46PENANAI4FJD01qbv

“Noice,” She said and gave him a high-five. “Anyways, I’m playing a game with Toby. If he asks, you didn’t see me, okay?”copyright protection46PENANAjVoM4RsI3U

“Okay,” I said with a shrug. Sarah must’ve heard Toby’s ticks, because she took the air vent cover off. “Peace!” She quickly climbed into the air vent and put the cover back on.copyright protection46PENANAFMU3W7tZh9

Toby soon came down the stairs, “I heard *twitch* her voice! She was here, yeah?” Ash nodded and I nudged him in the ribs.copyright protection46PENANATZezIRAKhL

“She went that way!” Ash said, pointing in the opposite direction, which happened to be out the front door.copyright protection46PENANAgAHEmMwPuA

“Ash! How dare you give her location away!” I hissed at him.copyright protection46PENANAJamEejMHj4

Toby just smiled, “Thanks guys!” He then ran out the door, “I’M COMING FOR *crack* YOU, SARAH!!”copyright protection46PENANARc35LMWlxd

Ash and I look at each other for a moment before bursting out with laughter. “I can’t believe he fell for it!” I say.copyright protection46PENANA7NOPsbBZ06

“I know right! That was hilarious! Along with the thing with EJ,” Ash laughs.copyright protection46PENANAzJgVoueacx

I sigh, “Yeah...haven’t I seen that in a video before?”copyright protection46PENANAe3Ki8v55RC

Ash looks at me questioningly. “Seen what?”copyright protection46PENANAiZp7ORiqRi

“The whole ‘cover someone with gasoline and flick a match on them because they flirted with your bae’ kinda thing,” I say. “Oh yeah, I think Sarah showed me a video by a youtuber she watches… Kubz Scoutz I think…”copyright protection46PENANAwq2MlqgABs

Ash just laughs and shakes his head. “The kind of stuff Sarah gets you into…”copyright protection46PENANA8PwT7EpdJg

“Yeah,” I said, laughing, “She means well, though.”copyright protection46PENANAP2ffa47suY

“I know. I've known her since second grade!” Ash laughed.copyright protection46PENANAL1oONKf4lQ

We were silent for a moment before Ash spoke up again, “Wanna go out back? There’s a garden with a gazebo.” copyright protection46PENANAxtG3nOIM1r

“You know what? That would be nice,” I said. Ash smiled and took my hand in his.copyright protection46PENANA3Qui5Enc6S

“Then let’s go, Tori.” Ash said as he walked with me out the back door to the garden.copyright protection46PENANAaSTzGGjVLE

The garden was beautiful with a Victorian Era flair. Also, like Ash promised, there was a gazebo in the center of it all. I smiled to myself. I turned around and saw Ash had picked a white rose and was offering it to me.copyright protection46PENANAMi8smvg4hh

“For the prettiest Torturer I know,” Ash said softly, the corners of his mouth lifting into a smile. I blushed as I took the flower.copyright protection46PENANAwk80DeE1rL

“This is so sweet…” I whispered, smelling the lovely scent.copyright protection46PENANATBEMbktugf

“Heheh… Sarah said those were your favorite… So I kinda figured…” Ash trailed off. Suddenly, Sarah came barreling from the gazebo with Toby on her tail.copyright protection46PENANA92xhvUNMY5

Sarah quickly got away into the mansion. Toby shook his head at Ash.copyright protection46PENANA3uqcv4q95R

“She was pulling a Balloon Boy and was in the air vents. She also pulled a freaking Haruhi and Tamaki and hid under the gazebo, which was ironically the episode we were watching earlier,” Toby laughed almost crazily, “I’ve got a Stalker to catch~!”copyright protection46PENANAVZtzMFUf9b

Soon after Toby left, Ash and I burst into laughter.copyright protection46PENANAuie2AJWnvV

“That was amazing!” I finally said after I stopped laughing.copyright protection46PENANAszpSLVWc42

“It was..” Ash said, pretending to wipe a tear from his eye. “Anyways,” Ash linked his elbow with mine, “I think we should just relax for a little while… Before Slenderp finds out I made some EFC.”copyright protection46PENANA401yANdu3n

I laughed, “That’s probably a really good idea. Besides,” I said as we walked over to the gazebo and sat down, “We can talk about stuff.”copyright protection46PENANAFyFTAgCxD8

“True,” Ash said. We just sat there and talked and talked until Masky came and got us for dinner.copyright protection46PENANAs6ISYtNVGS

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