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Living With Killers {A Darkened Hearts FanFic}
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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Living With Killers {A Darkened Hearts FanFic}
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Chapter Two: They're Real
Nov 17, 2016
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!16CvRvuPmkw8TwM2CdOpposted on PENANA

That night, I couldn’t sleep. I constantly kept glancing at my window, just waiting for my so called “friend” to jump through and murder me. My eyes finally closed, but I only got about three hours of sleep.copyright protection48PENANAm7tGWA4G4A

In the morning, I reluctantly got up to get dressed. Today, I picked a Black Veil Brides black shirt of Andy Biersack with wings, and ripped jean shorts. I grabbed my phone, which has a TARDIS case. In one hand, I held a My Chemical Romance heart-shaped necklace, and in the other I held a Creepypasta pendant similar to Sarah’s. I suddenly threw the Creepypasta one across the room, slipping the other around my neck.copyright protection48PENANAA5GdBxI6n5

Hatchets. Toby had killed those people with hatchets. Toby….hatchets….oh my god. I forced myself not to believe it, but I knew that it was true. The way he looked exactly like Ticci Toby, and how he killed with hatchets. Which only meant one thing; Toby Rogers was actually Ticci Toby.copyright protection48PENANAqTejp1l1ea

I slowly breathed in and out, telling myself that he wasn’t going to kill me. Or was he? I slipped my phone in my back pocket, before grabbing my backpack and walking out the door. While driving to the high school, I heard a ringing sound in my ears, and I shook my head, the sound disappearing as if I never heard it in the first place. copyright protection48PENANAqBiUievmUz

I pulled in the parking lot, dreading the thought of even seeing Toby. I sat in my car, thinking about the day before. My eyes widened as I remembered that Sarah had acted a little panicked when I was questioning her about Toby. Oh God… What if she’s one too!?! What if the others are too!?! Maybe that’s why I’ve never seen them before yesterday!! Still, I forced myself to step out of my car and approach the school...where everyone was probably waiting for me.copyright protection48PENANAXvFDIgbrny

I walked to breakfast, like I do every day, only to find Toby, Sarah, Amelia, and Kaitlyn sitting at the same table as they were yesterday. I took a breath and began to walk towards them. I could hear Sarah and Toby arguing, so I slowed down to listen in to their conversation.copyright protection48PENANAxNrM7RNtT2

“You’re such an idiot, Toby!” Sarah hissed. Toby glared at her.copyright protection48PENANADkEVfWaKj5

“Not my fault the cops showed up sooner than I thought!” He growled.copyright protection48PENANAjgBYTkf5LC

“You could have at least kept the hatchet!” copyright protection48PENANADjq55xWT0Q

“I panicked, okay?? You should know that after all this time we’ve spent together!!”copyright protection48PENANAWDbAzqxJaQ

“Just shut up before I--”copyright protection48PENANAPu7qt1KJ6w

“So it is true!! You ARE Ticci Toby! You were the one who murdered those people!” I shout, which gets both of their attention, including Amelia and Kaitlyn.copyright protection48PENANAlKPLPVjMPj

Toby was shocked, clearly he didn’t expect me to find out that quickly. “T-Tori, I-I can explain..”copyright protection48PENANACLXNmweTgo

“No. I don’t want to hear you speak. Ever,” I say coldly, then turn to Sarah. “You lied to me yesterday. You know, maybe you are one of them!”copyright protection48PENANAK6TSwmTh50

She seems taken aback by me shouting at her. “Tori...we all~”copyright protection48PENANANrKDdzzwlo

“Don’t tell her! She’s already upset enough,” Toby hisses, interrupting Sarah.copyright protection48PENANAPYaNMwk0qA

She glares at him, then continues. “We all are Creepypastas, dearie.” She motions to the others. “Kaitlyn Witch, actually a wolf, and Amelia. We call her Rogue Endergirl, she’s the daughter of Slender. And my sister.”copyright protection48PENANApbHj3dFWuL

I couldn’t believe this. They’re actually Creepypastas?! “What about the others?” I ask fearfully.copyright protection48PENANAWidGWqgvXC

“You mean us?” I turn around and see Izzy, Jade, John, and Alex standing there, shocked looks on their faces.copyright protection48PENANAUNA4AnBUo1

I nod shakily. Izzy then says, “I’m Izzy the Insomniac. Wife to Jeff the Killer. This is Jeff’s sister, Alex the Killer,” She motions to Alex, who stands beside her. So that’s what Alex was going to say when she was introducing herself.copyright protection48PENANAvOcc7gqNcV

“John the Hacker, Clockwork’s boyfriend,” John says.copyright protection48PENANAy9eMQac6Fa


Sarah shakes her head at Jade, and Toby and John’s faces turn bright red. “And you are?” I ask her.copyright protection48PENANAhYTub1KBOX

She looks up at me. “Sarah the Stalker. You know Slendy’s gonna kill you for knowing the truth.”copyright protection48PENANAxm7L9XVl4B

“Then I’m going to pretend I never met you,” I say defiantly, then push past Izzy and Alex to walk away.copyright protection48PENANAwNbt6P2O5v

“Tori, wait!” A hand lays on my shoulder, and I know that it’s Toby’s. “Please don’t hate me. I just wanted to be friends and~”copyright protection48PENANAUntORFPChD

“With a human. Apparently, you can’t have those. The only friends you can have are other Creepypastas. Otherwise, you make human ‘friends’, then murder them. I don’t want to be one of those,” I growl, then continue walking away, not caring that I may have hurt his feelings.copyright protection48PENANAAO0HA9EvvI

Tears pricked my eyes, and I hurried out of the building. Five feet out of the school, I collapse against the nearest tree, sobbing. That’s when I heard the ringing in my ears again. “You know Slendy’s gonna kill you for knowing the truth…” I remembered what Sarah said earlier, which terrified me. I didn’t want to die. I break into a sprint, the ringing getting louder. Once I reached my front door, I threw it open….to see my dad standing in the living room.copyright protection48PENANA71vivC7xrd

Of course, I froze, because I haven’t seen my dad in thirteen years. “Dad?” I whisper loud enough for him to hear. He turns and when he sees me, a huge grin appears on his face.copyright protection48PENANA2lAw9sbY4s

“Come here, Tori. I missed you so much,” He says, and I race towards him, embracing him in a hug.copyright protection48PENANACFhCmRL1nh

“Don’t trust him, he left you all alone years ago. He doesn’t want you,” A voice was telling me inside my head. I ignored it, but it just spoke again. “He doesn’t love you, Tori. He doesn’t care about you.”copyright protection48PENANAKuifMOSUlk

Suddenly, I understand. He doesn’t love me. He never came back for freaking THIRTEEN YEARS! I jerk back, walking away from him. The grin never left his face, only it was cruel, a face that told me to run. Or daring me to run. I keep backing up, only to have him step closer.copyright protection48PENANA8oFIUPa6Of

“Uh..I gotta go back to school…” I then take that chance to run for the door. A cold hand grips my arm, throwing me backwards. I land on the marble floor, slamming my head against the hard ground. I cry out from the pain, and I look up to see my dad holding a steak knife. I backed up until my back was against the wall, and I knew that there was nowhere for me to go.copyright protection48PENANAyqUP3hHPi4

I gingerly touched the back of my head, and when I pulled it back, it was slick with blood. I whimpered and watched as my dad approached me slowly, knife pointed straight at my chest. “Kill him…..he deserves it….kill him…” The voice says, and something inside me snapped.copyright protection48PENANA62ypildbgz

I lunged for him, grabbing his hand that held the knife, bending it backwards. My dad cries out, and starts punching me with his free hand. Groaning, I attempt to pry the knife out of his hand, but his grip was too strong. So I started punching him back, hitting as hard as I could. copyright protection48PENANAvoXa6SZhYO

I jammed my elbow on his wrist, which causes him to loosen his grip on the knife. I yank it out of his hand and stepping back, aiming the knife at him. “You were a terrible father,” I spat at him.copyright protection48PENANAwwermhI360

He wipes blood off of his lip, which I had split from punching him. He laughs at me, blood covering his shirt, mine probably. “You know why your mother and I left you? Because we knew that you would grow up to be with them. And that someday you would turn on us. Like now, you’re gonna kill me.”copyright protection48PENANA7c3GCl2Pxi

I couldn’t kill him, though. I was too afraid. I even hated holding a weapon. But that voice in my head convinced me otherwise. I charged at him, stabbing the knife into his side. He screams and tries to push me away, but was too weak. I pulled the knife out and stab him again. Again and again and again, and I watched as the light leaves his eyes. I felt giddy, proud of what I had done.copyright protection48PENANAo2GmdMed4d

I lean forward and whisper in his ear, “Let me tell you something; I never loved you back.”copyright protection48PENANA1AKf26xKaD

Blood was staining my Black Veil Brides t-shirt, and I went upstairs to change, even though it didn’t bother me. I put on a black lace shirt, pulling a black hoodie on over it. I took off the My Chemical Romance necklace, replacing it with the Creepypasta one. My jean shorts were blood-stained, but I left them on.copyright protection48PENANALiQPZsb1iI

I knew that I couldn’t stay here any longer, so I packed a few things before I left; a blue and black cross-strapped dress, black ripped jeans and shorts, and a Panic! At The Disco: Vices and Virtues t-shirt. I quickly grabbed the fallen necklace I took off, shoving it in the bag that held everything else. I took off my tennis shoes, slipping on black boots instead. I walked downstairs, smirked at my dead father’s corpse, and stepped into the garage. copyright protection48PENANAjHKZ3YMibQ

There I saw shears, machetes, axes, and other things my dad used all those years ago. I eyed the machete, and grabbed it, the brown handle fitting perfectly in my hand. I snatched the other, slipping them both in the bag that held my clothes. I walked out of the garage, screaming; “HELP!! MY FATHER’S BEEN MURDERED!!!” Just to cover up my tracks. As the sirens came into my hearing, I ran into the forest behind our house.copyright protection48PENANAvdrgsun0ex

Halfway through, I remembered that this is where Toby killed those three people. I stopped, checking my surroundings. The ringing came again, so loud that I fell to the ground in agony. I looked up to see a man with no features on his face, and he was wearing a black suit. His long arms hung low at his sides, and black tentacles shot out from his back. The ringing intensified and my vision got fuzzier and blurrier until I saw nothing at all.copyright protection48PENANAE0QuPPX0Rf

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