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Living With Killers {A Darkened Hearts FanFic}
Writer ToriHeadWolf
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Living With Killers {A Darkened Hearts FanFic}
A - A - A
Chapter Three: New Name, New Person
Nov 17, 2016
17 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!OOS4qFZYlY9NSc8xyWFzposted on PENANA

“Are you sure she’s gonna wake up?”copyright protection128PENANAxJ4tNV5ChM

“Yes. Slendy said she would.”copyright protection128PENANAV5BOa1ta0P

“I heard she killed her father when she got home.”copyright protection128PENANA89C0lLyUHe

“Sound familiar?”copyright protection128PENANAtfYxJLsPoK

At first, all I heard were people talking. One sounded like Toby, and another sounded like Amelia. The other two I didn’t know. My eyes fluttered open, and like I guessed, Toby and Amelia were sitting next to the bed I was lying in. There were three other people with their backs to me.copyright protection128PENANABkQc80eCbe

“She’s *twitch* awake,” Toby says, avoiding eye contact with me.copyright protection128PENANArjn4kJPSDw

The three people turned around, and I recognised them immediately. It was Jeff the Killer with his arm around Izzy, and BENdrowned, his red eyes gleaming at me. “Where am I?” I croaked, my voice barely audible.copyright protection128PENANA67M5EvQ7kf

“At the Creepypasta mansion,” Jeff replies. That is the very first time I’ve ever heard him speak.copyright protection128PENANARVzI8IImkU

I looked over at Toby, who wasn’t even looking at me. “I’m sorry about what I said to you. I was just so upset...I didn’t mean it,” I say to him.copyright protection128PENANABLdZPyIErm

He actually looks up at me after I say that. “It’s *crack* fine. I know you *crack* didn’t mean it.”copyright protection128PENANAbytXD8stfN

“You knew I didn’t?” I asked, a bit surprised.copyright protection128PENANAJ7JiQR0yel

“Yeah,” Toby chuckled, “I can read *twitch* people like a book. Something I picked up from *crack* Sarah.”copyright protection128PENANAtP6GPWfxAG

“Speaking of Sarah… Where is she?” I asked.copyright protection128PENANAULeoJRwblM

“My sister? Oh, she’s in the library sulking,” Amelia said calmly.copyright protection128PENANAZ4UInKzojO

Toby rolled his eyes at her, “You should be nicer *twitch* to her…”copyright protection128PENANAJMEQttMI1m

“I’m the nicer one! Besides, you know how she can be when it comes to...” Amelia stopped when she saw the look in Toby’s eyes. “....relationships…” But it looks like she said it anyways.copyright protection128PENANAoV8DjRuQ3Q

“Wait a freaking second, YOU GUYS ARE DATING?!?!!” I exclaimed.copyright protection128PENANAC2VwLigkHA

Toby winced, “Yes…?”copyright protection128PENANA9rmNhPg4xh

Izzy laughed, “You act like it’s something new.”copyright protection128PENANArWdAzxs4nv

“Yeah… You know what? I’m going to check up on Hoodie…” Amelia said, backing out of the room. Toby sighs.copyright protection128PENANAUZyQwj9NEQ

“She’s always checking on Hoodie. Sometimes I think that she’s into him,” He says sadly. copyright protection128PENANAnNiKBzzRE7

“It’s really obvious, huh?” Jeff said with a chuckle, “I kind of acted like that when I first saw Izzy.”copyright protection128PENANA953mFDT7Hh

Izzy snuggled closer to Jeff, “Yep…” She sighed in content.copyright protection128PENANADCgcsNwBAa

Suddenly, there was the sound of two toddlers squealing. Two toddlers wobbled in through the open door. One of them had smooth silver hair and blue eyes and the other had moppy brown hair and golden eyes. Izzy picked up the one that had brown hair and held him close while Jeff picked up the other one and held him gently. copyright protection128PENANAsYYKIzkhrY

“Hey little guy!” Izzy cooed to the toddler she held. He reached for her hair. “Would you mind holding Derrick, Tori?” Izzy asked me. “I need to put my hair up so he doesn’t grab at it.”copyright protection128PENANApA3sXJ6RQO

“O-Okay.. Of course…” I stuttered, holding Derrick while Izzy put up her hair. Once Izzy had her hair up, she took Derrick back from me. “What’s his name?” I asked, pointing to the other one.copyright protection128PENANA8tqpGTdcuN

“Oh, that’s Michael,” Izzy said, “Michael and Derrick are twins.”copyright protection128PENANAmXMlHuV1Mm

“Oh, that makes sense since they look alike…” I said, looking down at my hands.copyright protection128PENANA0cX4FVNLNE

“Well,” Toby sighed, “I’m going to go train…”copyright protection128PENANAzV80lOTy0o

“Okay,” Izzy smiled and patted Derrick on the back as he kept trying to reach for her hair.copyright protection128PENANAmnl8I3DD4q

Soon the sound of soft snores filled the room.copyright protection128PENANA05CX9hTW3G

“I guess they decided they needed to go to sleep and to not stay up with you, Izzy,” Jeff whispered, including both his and one of Izzy’s sayings.copyright protection128PENANABCCJCXxvwx

“Jeff, you’re such a ham…” Izzy giggled softly, “C’mon, let’s take the twins back to their room…” And with that, they left.copyright protection128PENANAUTUf2DiFgn

“I didn’t know Izzy had kids…” I said after about five minutes.copyright protection128PENANA6hsJfC08z4

“She and Jeff are *crack* married,” Toby replied, “I do remember her saying *twitch* how she’s confused about how she and Jeff don’t *crack* have twenty kids already.”copyright protection128PENANAOaGrTjoqPV

I blushed at that remark, “S-So how old is Izzy?”copyright protection128PENANAYJOSYQvhwM

“About twenty, maybe? The twins are about two now…” Toby said, “And they already know how to fight and kill, thanks to Jeff.”copyright protection128PENANAED37mjJnri

“They already know how to kill?!!” I asked, completely shocked.copyright protection128PENANArgs8Hmr6Nh

“Yeah. I think Sarah, Amelia, and Victor all knew how to hunt and kill by the time they were five. Before, actually...”copyright protection128PENANA1L0QEZHage

Wow… I thought, So Sarah, Amelia, and Victor, who ever that is, could have snapped at any time… Who could do that to a kid? copyright protection128PENANAWVS02ejLCL

“I know what you’re thinking,” Toby said. He surprisingly hasn’t been twitching that much. “How could someone train kids to kill? Very easily, actually. Although…” Toby spoke as he went closer to the window, “I don’t think Sarah nor Amelia have had a proper first kill… Oh wait, Sarah has… She killed Austin and Cammie. Keep forgetting that.” He chuckled at his own forgetfulness. copyright protection128PENANA441xcITEPH

“Oh. Who was your first kill?” I wondered out loud.copyright protection128PENANAVRsWH6Vpgb

Toby winced, as if he hated talking about it. “My….my f-father. He was an alcoholic… I blamed him for killing my s-sister and one night I just...killed him. I almost killed my mother also, but I ran instead of finishing her off. I loved her, and I couldn’t bear the thought of killing her.”copyright protection128PENANAEd6we8KxUn

“I killed my father also…” I murmur. Toby looks up at me, a look of sorrow in his chocolate brown eyes.copyright protection128PENANAjZrkxE3rjT

“You did?”copyright protection128PENANA8fKAbsG6RX

I nod, tears pricking my eyes. “I ran home after...after I yelled at you, and he was there. In my house. I gave him a hug, thinking he loved me, and a voice in my head told me that he didn’t care. I turned to run, but he threw me back, a knife was in his hands. I knew then that he didn’t love me. I attacked him, took the knife, and killed him. I ran after that, into the woods, where I saw Slendy.”copyright protection128PENANAhvao1pxMXs

“That’s when he killed you. He did the same to all of us, except for Sarah, Amelia, and Victor, because they were born CreepyPastas,” Toby says. “I’m sorry, Tori. But you don’t need to worry about not having a family. You have us Creepypastas.” He pulls me into a hug, even though I was still lying in a hospital bed.copyright protection128PENANAagrBBYgEpz

He pulled away suddenly, surprising me. His face was bright red. “I-I’m sorry. I g-gotta go,” He stutters, then hurries out of the room. Now, it was just me and BEN. I’d forgotten he was even here. He smirks at me, red eyes gleaming.copyright protection128PENANAxyOi8ZKP6C

“I heard your story. You’re not the only one who’s killed their father. There was Alex, Jade, Toby, Jack, a lot of us have killed our parents,” He says.copyright protection128PENANANn7YM9njWk

“What about you?” I couldn’t help but asking.copyright protection128PENANAL6AdIbbYQB

Rage fills BEN’s red eyes. “My father killed me by drowning me in a lake. I woke up, looking like this. I found my father in the living room, and he tried to shoot me, but it went through. I killed him after that.”copyright protection128PENANAyn9nFinq8t

I was shaking my head in disbelief. I was literally talking to Creepypastas?! This was my life’s dream right here. But I was technically dead. I pulled the covers aside, and noticed that I was still wearing the black shirt and blood-stained jean shorts. My boots were removed and placed next to the bed, my necklace on the side table.copyright protection128PENANA2VRaTDjgWg

I slipped on my shoes and placed my necklace around my throat, saying; “I need to go.”copyright protection128PENANAAImbV5m74c

“No! You can’t leave! Not after what you’ve done!” BEN shouts, blocking my path.copyright protection128PENANAIDAS0gboGj

I roll my eyes at him. “Out of the room, BEN. I’m not actually leaving.copyright protection128PENANARJfJT8mdpj

BEN’s face turns pink, and he steps out of my way. “O-oh. S-sorry.”copyright protection128PENANAtZ2QbXWx40

This time, I smirk at him and walk out of the hospital-like room. The mansion was huge, doors and hallways everywhere. Voices echoed from an open door, and me being curious, I walk inside. What I saw surprised me. Every Creepypasta I’ve come to love (except for BEN), standing in the room arguing.copyright protection128PENANAKNDlGECR2j

“YES!!! WAFFLES!!” Toby was shouting, Hoodie and Masky holding him back. There was a box sitting on its side on a table, a pink string attached to it. As I moved around the chaos, I saw a plate of waffles in front of the box. I also noticed that there was a huge bear trap under the table, also with a pink string attached to it. Someone who looked a lot like Slendy was sitting behind a plant, holding the strings, nothing but a devilish grin on his face.copyright protection128PENANAbT2qDVyZ9X

The real Slendy was “glaring” at him, his faceless features forming a frown. His tentacles were out, one was holding a frying pan. In one of his hands he held a watering bucket. I was trying really hard not to laugh, but was failing. “TOBY NO!!” Masky and Hoodie were shouting.copyright protection128PENANAjDXlt9jqGn

I rolled my eyes and looked around the room, seeing Amelia smiling at Hoodie. Jeff and Izzy were holding back Derrick and Michael, who seemed to want to join in on the struggle. I also noticed a figure in the back, a blue mask covering his face. Black blood was dripping from the eye holes, and I knew who it was. My favorite Creepypasta; Eyeless Jack. copyright protection128PENANAqrb4MRIpIK

Sarah suddenly ran into the room at a full sprint and tackled Toby to the ground. “NO WAFFLES FOR YOU!!!” She yelled. “Unless I give you them. Then they’re okay.” She nuzzled her face into his shoulder and swung her legs in the air like a child.copyright protection128PENANAIUEKkhGThP

I then noticed the looks being exchanged between Amelia and Sarah, before realizing that they were doing a small competition. Probably to see which one could win their man first. What weird ones they are.copyright protection128PENANARBsPWWYgmF

Angry-sounding footsteps filled the hall as a lean and tallish boy with longish charcoal hair came running through. His skin was pale like Sarah and Amelia’s. I then saw his eyes, or should I say eye. It was purple, like Amelia’s. And it was also glaring at Toby.copyright protection128PENANADN6ORTFAio

“Hands off my sister, you punk!” He growled as he lunged for Toby.copyright protection128PENANAk0iZLDhrwz

Sarah lifted her elbow up so it hit the new comer, apparently Sarah’s brother, in the chest, which caused him to slide back and almost hit the wall.copyright protection128PENANAhnaKc7Gan3

“Victor, my sweet little brother,” Sarah said in a light and airy tone, “You shouldn’t be cruel to Toby~. After all…” A devious smirk made its way onto Sarah’s face, “He is my boyfriend~!”copyright protection128PENANAQ1QWPIQvi8

Victor growled, “He shouldn’t even touch you. Or look at you.” Victor blushed when he remembered what position Sarah and Toby were in, “AND HE SHOULDN’T BE HOLDING YOU LIKE THAT!!”copyright protection128PENANAUD9dCUQUmm

“Nah mate. We’re good, thanks,” Sarah giggled, sticking her tongue out at her brother.copyright protection128PENANAtEKDoXL588

I looked at Victor, “How old are you?” I asked.copyright protection128PENANA8Y9ZVZILv0

“Fifteen,” He replied. “How old are you?”copyright protection128PENANAUpE3ChYtbl

“Seventeen,” I replied.copyright protection128PENANAQEZAinx3tG

“Cool,” Victor replied. He quickly swept his hair back into a fringe style so it covered his left eye socket. “I really need to find my eye patch…” He muttered to himself.copyright protection128PENANAcBEmBzljlQ

“I think dad was getting you a new one,” Sarah said, still holding onto Toby, “Your old one was getting kinda ragged.”copyright protection128PENANAkfgYjSfimr

“Okay, he could have at least told me--WAIT, how did he get it in the first place?!!” Victor demanded.copyright protection128PENANADc5DMo0kst

“I swiped it from your room while you were sleeping. You really need to change the lock on your door, by the way. It took me eight hair pins to open it…. And the lock kind of maybe broke… Sorry about that.” Sarah replied.copyright protection128PENANA1E5F0Hfm1A

“You broke into my room?!! What the hell is wrong with you?!?!” Victor glared at Sarah.copyright protection128PENANAdlPtk8mAqI

“Hey, it’s a hobby of mine, ask Toby. I’m Sarah the Stalker, after all.” Sarah smirked.copyright protection128PENANA14V7HHwI2Y

“Why should I ask Toby…?” Victor asked.copyright protection128PENANAc3DiJEZY00

Sarah blushed, “Never mind!”copyright protection128PENANAzdmoHHx3hY

“Actually, ask awa--” Sarah quickly put a hand over Toby’s mouth.copyright protection128PENANAMj2HrKpXts

Derrick piped up, “Uncle Toby go boom boom!”copyright protection128PENANAVFwyXfcXed

Michael giggled, “Auntie Sarah go boom boom!”copyright protection128PENANAYNrkc81Kcj

Izzy and Jeff looked at their babies with a surprised expression on their faces, “Where did you hear that?!?” Izzy then glared at BEN, who was looking in from the living room.copyright protection128PENANAIZDLG4w61Z

“WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN TEACHING MY SONS?!!?” She growled, “Here, hold your nephew.” Izzy said to Liu, who had somehow appeared during the event. “BEN YOU’RE SO DEAD WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON YOU!!” Izzy screamed as she took off towards the living room.copyright protection128PENANAyXE4wCkJAz

“Go mommy!!” Michael and Derrick cheered.copyright protection128PENANAXynoSzxUjJ

“Kick his ass for me!!” Jeff shouted.copyright protection128PENANAe2IRNpWjvY

Liu rolled his green eyes at his brother, “And you wonder why they randomly say cuss words.” Derrick reached a hand up and traced Liu’s stitches. “Yes, yes, I have stitches. Thank your father for that.” Jeff looked over at Liu with a “Do you want some more?” look on his face.copyright protection128PENANAi3WX8tAtca

Derrick giggled, taking his uncle seriously, “Thank you daddy for giving Uncle Liu stitches!”copyright protection128PENANA2aIqyB06wj

Jeff sighed, “Yeah, yeah…”copyright protection128PENANAPKmyCaXztt

“BEN! Don’t you want to stay up with me?” Izzy yelled with her sledge hammer in her hands as she ran up the stairs, probably heading to BEN’s room or the gaming room.copyright protection128PENANAxMxtKFWk99

“You should probably stop her before she kills him,” Liu said to Jeff, trying to be the voice of reason.copyright protection128PENANAvcjdCSPCYl

Jeff chuckled, “You’re right… It’d be no fun if BEN died. Plus, Slendy’d kick Izzy out of the Mansion for killing another Pasta. Here, can you hold Michael as well, Liu?”copyright protection128PENANAWO6imJskiW

“It’d be no problem--OH YES IT WOULD BE!!” Liu was interrupted by Sully, “Sully, just shut up. And go get your wife, Jeff.” Liu replied, taking Michael into his arms.copyright protection128PENANANQJlku0hPa

Jeff pulled his hair back into a short pony tail, “I’m coming for ya, Izzy!!!” Jeff shouted as he ran up the stairs.copyright protection128PENANAqkmKyZDnBB

“How romantic?” Liu asked out loud, if not a bit sarcastic, “My once cold-hearted brother now has kids, a wife, and is now going after his said wife to stop her from killing a guy.”copyright protection128PENANAJypQRMzj7S

“Very,” Sarah smirked, still holding onto the Toby, who was now excepting the fact that he couldn’t move.copyright protection128PENANAgVJ0g3vhkk

“Extremely,” I said, a little sarcastically.copyright protection128PENANArLFOvdN9Bp

“So,” EJ spoke up, “Is there a reason why you’re still on top of Toby?” He asked Sarah.copyright protection128PENANAKkXabOXK84

“None other than to claim him as mine,” Sarah replied. Toby blushed at this, was probably wondering what he’d gotten himself into.copyright protection128PENANADp0mpgpVxK

“So you’ve claimed him?” I asked with a giggle.copyright protection128PENANAfZvUN18BaJ

“Yep,” Sarah replied with a smirk.copyright protection128PENANA0V4X6fM30U

“But how do others know?” I asked. Sarah rolled her eyes at me.copyright protection128PENANA8Dj80JpqEX

“By this,” Sarah pulled down his mouth guard and kissed him on the cheek. A black lipstick stain was now on his cheek. “I’m literally the only person here who wears this kind of lipstick. So they’ll know it was me.” Toby was practically a cherry at this point.copyright protection128PENANAaUWGPKIXlT

“Well then,” I said with a laugh.copyright protection128PENANAGmOLjU06Y0

Sarah held onto to Toby tighter and swung her legs in the air again, “Yep. So don’t touch him or you die, mkay?”copyright protection128PENANA07EkgE4F5J

Soon enough, another person showed up. He was pretty tall, about six foot, and had charcoal colored hair, like Victor, but his was a bit lighter and was spiked. He had ash colored eyes that looked like they had flames reflecting in them. He stared at Sarah and Toby, before rolling his eyes.copyright protection128PENANADfDAWskEpG

“Well then,” He said, his voice was calm. He turned to face me, “Hi. I’m Ash. Ash the Arsonist. I’m a part of Sarah’s Proxy Unit. And a little note for future reference…” Ash spoke as he walked towards me. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Touch my flame thrower, matches, lighters, or ANYTHING, and I will personally burn you, or cook you, alive. Got it?” Ash leaned back with a sly smile. “So let’s be friends, okay?”copyright protection128PENANAy62mRmhSsg

I shivered from his words and nodded slowly. “O-Of course, A-Ash!”copyright protection128PENANAStnxNEbSkg

“Good. Sarah, get off of Toby. You’re making him blush. A lot,” Ash says, giving Sarah a hard stare.copyright protection128PENANABXwextHS87

“It’s actually not that bad…” Toby muttered.copyright protection128PENANAzGeC35ZkXs

Sarah blushed, before grinning at Ash, “See? He likes it~!”copyright protection128PENANABQVZnJDzBX

Toby blushes again. “I-I guess I d-do…”copyright protection128PENANAQdVnssQ9lZ

He then wraps his arms around Sarah, smiling. Sarah’s face lights up, and she hugs him back. For some weird reason, I felt jealous, and I turned away, leaving the room. I couldn’t bear staring at them “flirting” with each other anymore.copyright protection128PENANAhUFvxIAw3y

“Not very entertaining is it? Sarah and Toby,” I turned to see Jack stepping out of the room, closing the door behind him.copyright protection128PENANAYEpTENDhmf

I shrugged. “I guess not.”copyright protection128PENANAfdsaAUDr4Y

He laughs from behind his blue mask. “I never find them entertaining either.”copyright protection128PENANAqlT6QqOrWS

“So they do this all the time, then?”copyright protection128PENANA0UwpObdssz

“Kinda not really. I guess I could say that they do once Rogue is out of the room,” Jack replies.copyright protection128PENANAHINaSo5wP9

“What’s the worst they’ve done with other people in the room?” I asked.copyright protection128PENANAugvommObNL

“Make out. Toby had some black lipstick stains on his neck. I think he still has some from last time.” Jack replied. “I think the last time was last night or something. Although I heard strange noises from the Proxy room.”copyright protection128PENANA3OGAevLrXd

My eyes widened. “W-What?!?!”copyright protection128PENANA1FWOQOcVl2

“Yeah,” Jack said, “I wonder what they do when they’re alone…”copyright protection128PENANA5PiAeFW2QK

“Probably something Slendy won’t like,” I said. “I kinda wonder if they have…”copyright protection128PENANANTzutNZfeW

“BEN I SWEAR TO GOD!!!” Toby’s voice shouted. copyright protection128PENANAsgCp4sdgoy

BEN suddenly ran in here and grabbed my arm, “Tori!! Oh my God, you won’t believe this!!”copyright protection128PENANAitoB4Cg1F7

“Believe what?” I asked.copyright protection128PENANALt0kXu8WJn

“That Toby and--” BEN was interrupted by an orange-handled hatchet and a black-handled pickaxe fly by his head.copyright protection128PENANATcDwBHYPYn

“BEN!!” Sarah yelled before kicking him straight in the jugular.copyright protection128PENANAohQNSVq9W6

BEN staggered backwards and growled. “I’LL MAKE YOU DROWN!!!”copyright protection128PENANAgIzh3xMbuw

“I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY, SHORT SHIT!!!” Sarah yelled at BEN. Sarah ran at BEN again when suddenly he glitched away. Sarah’s eyes widened as BEN glitched behind her and pushed her to the ground. Toby ticked angrily.copyright protection128PENANAynIcUkTSaR

“GET OFF OF HER *angry crack* YOU PERV!!!” Toby swung at BEN, only for BEN to glitch away with Sarah. Toby then started spouting swears and ran out of the room.copyright protection128PENANAfz96m12NbY

Jack and I stood in silence. “Well that happened,” Jack says.copyright protection128PENANATrHsJK0vWu

“So…. Wanna go get some food?” I asked. copyright protection128PENANA1vSKHM5AFf

“Yeah,” Jack replied, “I could use some kidneys. Mmmm… Kidneys….”copyright protection128PENANAsVOB2bD4YO

I laughed, “Yeah. And I could use some chocolate.”copyright protection128PENANA3RgKkZvkvr

“Nice.. Let’s go get some food, then.” Jack said, taking my hand.copyright protection128PENANAPxWHiDune9

“Okay….” I walked with Jack to the kitchen. As we got to the kitchen, we saw Hoodie eating cheesecake with Amelia. copyright protection128PENANADH4si6DWbC

“Hey Brian, you gotta a little something right there…” Amelia said as she leaned forward and wiped his cheek off with a napkin. She bit her lip before smirking, “And you have some right.. Here~!” She pecked him on the lips, causing both of them to blush.copyright protection128PENANAKeu1YO1t9w

EJ and I looked at each other before slowly turning around and walking out of the room. Suddenly there was a green flash in the living room and a thump noise. We looked to see that BEN had dropped Sarah on the ground. Footsteps rushed from the stairway before another thump was heard. We turned to see that Toby had jumped over the railing. He picked up Sarah and held her close before glaring at BEN.copyright protection128PENANAVZ4RGmvaKK

“Leave us alone, glitch,” Toby said without twitching.copyright protection128PENANAkoroQKvuGG

BEN rolled his eyes, “Yeah, whatever…” He then jumped back through the TV and didn’t come back out.copyright protection128PENANA6rUBtTpunz

“What happened?” EJ asked.copyright protection128PENANA1iy5afsGqc

Toby looked up, “BEN was running around with *twitch* Sarah. He really ticked me off. No pun in*crack*tended.”copyright protection128PENANArKAS9rDEVk

Sarah stirred, “Yeah…. It was crazy.”copyright protection128PENANAl2LgDe93Jx

“You have no idea…” Toby chuckled before kissing her on the forehead.copyright protection128PENANACKPbP0qhHQ

EJ and I backed out of the room again. Couples. Couples everywhere. copyright protection128PENANAu8B50KwEpr

“Welp,” EJ said, putting his hands behind his head, “Wanna go bug Slenderp to see if we can go on a mission?”copyright protection128PENANAYKuK07ZabI

I shrugged, “Sure.”copyright protection128PENANAHOsxZiyqAf

So Jack and I made our way up to Slendy’s office. Soon enough we were in his office. copyright protection128PENANAh4nSaoCG21

“What is it that you need, children?” He asked us.copyright protection128PENANA80MCKMKJXV

“We would like to go on a mission, Slenderp,” Jack said, sticking his hands in his hoodie pockets.copyright protection128PENANAsEKVcJdK9O

“Don’t… call me… Slenderp…” Slendy seethed, before clearing his throat, “And I actually have a mission for you. That is, if you can handle it.”copyright protection128PENANAZqSmi2KVJN

“We can handle this, Slendy,” I said, my confidence was radiating from me.copyright protection128PENANAXROJuywfit

“Okay then…” Slendy said, “You will need to go to my woods, the northern area, to take out Natisha and Jaye. They have ventured into these woods and have become lost. Get them out of there. Good luck.”copyright protection128PENANAbL8VGkEU4O

“You can count on us, sir!” I said with a grin. Jack and I walked out of the room and to our rooms to get our weapons. We then headed out into the woods to kill.copyright protection128PENANAI4fAryDctn

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