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The Banes of Atreus: The Avenger
Co-Writer Legolass+*
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The Banes of Atreus: The Avenger
Dec 4, 2016
12 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!1ldE1fWcxnx403WgQtxjposted on PENANA

As I stealthily creep through the home, I feel an unfamiliar dread & guilt. I feel the cool breeze wafting through the open windows, & my body starts to shiver. Or was I, perchance, only shivering from the cold enclosed in myself? I feel so cold, cold as frozen steam in a winter storm, the cold, cloudily swirl-making in me, forming me, threatening to freeze over & never crack. copyright protection130PENANATAnvqhikYj

I glance down. My hands are slender, thin, & paler than usual for my dusky, olive skin. Suddenly, I notice the dagger concealed in the palm of my left hand, radiantly gleam-making in the dead of the darkness of everything, & gradually start to panic. copyright protection130PENANA0ZEdEGtAS0

The anxiety rises, & I grow faint, the world growing hazy around me, as I struggle to keep a grasp on this strange world. My cogwheels slowing with the sudden, entrapping strain of the horror induced by... Induced by what, indeed?copyright protection130PENANAYp4Zt1fjvN

Looking around, my face relaxes - peaceful-looking - almost childlike again, as it should be. Colourful swirls surround me, engulfing me, but one colour is clearer than the rest.copyright protection130PENANACon0TNic8g

I look around in awe, my IEMP suddenly, exceedingly clear, frozen again as I feel the gears start to function, normal-doing again. I clearly see the unmistakable colour of blood. Crimson, dripping, languid-making, down the walls, swirl-making in the fog inside the home, puddle-making on the floor. copyright protection130PENANAv8gamUQQvJ

I look behind me, & behold! There are people, begging me, the terror plain-showing in their bodily postures, their facial expressions. I cannot recognize them, try as hard as I may. I attempt to run to them, but hopelessly fail, as they flinch away from me. The cold set in my frozen heart forbids me to move forward for that purpose, push-doing me towards them for quite another reason. Seeing their gazes, I turn around in the hopes that it is not truly me they are afraid of, perchance the monster is another. copyright protection130PENANARt9WsCXHWs

I veer, despairing-feeling, knowing in my heart that the only fiend here is myself. Seeing no one, I clench my hands feel-doing in my left the weight that persists. I look down & see the blade, but this time, something is exceedingly different. copyright protection130PENANAvzRTzLGSYP

No longer is the dagger flawlessly brilliant. Oh, it still lustrously glimmers in the dark, but it is no longer perfect. Now, it is marred by the scarlet ribbons weaving down the blade, the specks of cruor spatter-making across my hand. copyright protection130PENANA8uYoEljvbO

My heart clenches at the gore saturate-doing my hand & I endeavour to drop the burden, but the weight does not leave my grip. copyright protection130PENANAf3hoZJ0WrX

Instead, I advance towards the terrified people, the weapon raised precariously, as they back into a corner, whimper-making, wail-making, & beg-doing. copyright protection130PENANApXwgQ62xY0

My body is no longer expressly mine to control. It moves of its own will, or - perchance - that of another. My hand descends upon the desperate-sounding, howl-making people, &.. copyright protection130PENANAm7ulv9GPFS

I awoke to the sound of yet another shindy. I carefully wiped my right hand against my right eye, which was quite steamed up this morning. I finished, being able to see slightly clearer through that eye, & listened to the din coming from downstairs.copyright protection130PENANADUVUiUEjR6

"I say! This must be the fourth time this week, & it is yet Monday!" I thought aloud to myself.copyright protection130PENANAgg3MwTTzqR

Mama & my elder sister, Elle, had been quarrel-making almost continually since Mama brought the strange man hence.copyright protection130PENANAzNY48udOjS

I was not sure why. Why, he seemed a bit queer, I supposed, but aren't all adults somewhat queer towards children of my age?copyright protection130PENANAGWMBR5wwon

"How peculiar." I said aloud.copyright protection130PENANACFDGraAlJ1

Margaret had not yet come with my breakfast, to help me out of bed, & get me dressed. I was not sure I wanted Margaret to come & help me out of bed. I was quite comfortable hence, in the fluffy pillows & mattresses & such. No doubt the din was even louder outside.copyright protection130PENANAdjObnXGAM0

After all, how could she possibly have heard my bell through that deafening ruckus?copyright protection130PENANAttXg5PlBlK

Margaret had also been acting quite unlike herself as of late, now that I began to think about it. Shuffle-making about, with her head bowed. She had usually been one of the more outspoken & independent servants. As Mama put it, she was "insolent." I was not quite sure what that word meant, but mama always used it when Margaret was talking to her, so I supposed it meant somewhat what I thought it did. She also sometimes said that if it was up to her, poor Margaret would be neutralised.copyright protection130PENANAYYpCERMecw

I  heard two bumping sounds & afterwards heard more thumping sounds, this time coming towards my bedchamber.copyright protection130PENANAgpP4Bd2iOO

"Oh! I dare-say someone is marching up the stairs in this direction! Perchance I have been remembered after all!" I said excitedly, to no one in particular.copyright protection130PENANAjhhgxm5TYr

I snuggled into the sheets a bit, to show that I had been left disregarded, & I hadn't been properly taken care of.copyright protection130PENANAEXp3z4Vmj8

The door smashed open with a resounding crack, & in walked - no - stormed, a considerably flustered-looking Elle. copyright protection130PENANATzxJD9WFsK

I  looked at her, taking in her usually delicate-looking beautiful features, contorted in fury. Her long, elegant-looking sloping nose, now scrunched up to create wrinkles in her brow. Somehow, her clothes also looked particularly bunchy today. Her dark eyes burned with the complete ire contained inside of her. Sometimes I wondered how she hadn't exploded like an overfilled Steam Energies Processor yet. As I took in her features, she turned to me & found me on the bed.copyright protection130PENANAuL1L2z88t6

Her eyes widened - even more - which I had not previously considered possible, & as she strode over to me, she exclaimed, " Gadaranine! You are still abed? Come, come, we must make haste!"copyright protection130PENANAz73ZbD37Zm

She grabbed me out of bed & rifled through my closet, stuffing various items in a knapsack that seemed to appear out of the aether. As she continued her rummaging through my wardrobe. I noticed the state she was leaving the wardrobe in & gasped.copyright protection130PENANAfSVNBzXyfp

"Elle! Margaret is going to be mighty displeased when she sees the state of the wardrobe!" I said, worried-feeling.copyright protection130PENANAiJakvcUDkn

She turned to me & her eyes softened. She knelt down & grasped my hands, flinching slightly as she felt my queer finger - the one mama hated - against hers, but quickly hiding it. She looked into my eyes with a sort of pleading look.copyright protection130PENANAKUvOTHrWOr

"Ara, darling, do not fret about that now. I need you to be as grown-up as you can be right now, alright? Please just listen to what I say & obey, do you understand?" She stated, quite plain-making.copyright protection130PENANAj4keRWOOu3

Not waiting for my response, which was, of course, to ask why, she got up & tightened the knapsack - which was quite full indeed.copyright protection130PENANAdMNo7iB1WW

She grabbed a pair of black kid gloves &, rather careless-doing, slipped them onto my hands. As she slipped on the left glove, the pointer finger's tip ripped a hole in the gloves. She gasped & swore, something I had not ever heard her do, because it was impolite & exceedingly unladylike. I - in turn - gasped, blushed, & was about to reproach her. I noticed the fire was back in her eyes & carefully decided not to do so for my own well being.copyright protection130PENANApHQVvJDXGs

She seized another glove & took a bit more care in sliding it on this time. She then grasped two of my petticoats & slipped them on me after a pair of stockings. I was a bit confused, as I never wore two petticoats at the same time, but I kept silent because of her earlier words to me. She also grabbed three dresses & somehow managed to put them on me. After that, she grabbed one of my pinafores & a thick coat, slipped them over my dresses, & patted everything down.copyright protection130PENANAoZwJeoF2c9

Just then, I noticed she was also wearing quite a lot of clothes. I was getting curiouser & curiouser. Why all this fuss? copyright protection130PENANA6qWTP3bq58

Then, as if satisfied, she looked me up & down, & then grabbed my forearm & dragged me out of my bedchambres.copyright protection130PENANAmuQdqlX3jD

I stopped her & explained that I had to use the water closet.copyright protection130PENANAvID1rSp6UC

She sighed, led me to the water closet, & when I was finished, she grabbed my forearm again & pulled me downstairs.copyright protection130PENANAg03cUSg6jl

The scene down there was truly frightful!copyright protection130PENANAeGQ4TgqQjK

My mouth gaped open as I took in my poor mama & the strange man, lying on the floor, seeming-looking, asleep. Now this was just too curious indeed!copyright protection130PENANAuOs8QU0g0U

" Elle? Elle? Why are mama & - & -" I paused, for I could not recall his name.copyright protection130PENANATgVWtPPJV9

" Baron Hamish Thyson. I shall explain when we are situated in the float. No time to waste." she stated, cold-looking, casting a frigid glance at both of the people lie-doing on the floor.copyright protection130PENANA4aPUeJaFzu

" Float?" I queried, rather confused-feeling.copyright protection130PENANAp4iSc9McpM

" Aye, now come along, Ara."copyright protection130PENANA7i33fwS5fO

She grabbed my forearm & once again, off we went, towards the outside. Yet again, I stopped.copyright protection130PENANAekY3edMpSm

" Elle! What about Margaret?" I asked, apprehensive-feeling.copyright protection130PENANATiqcaDlWQL

We never went anywhere without my Margaret!copyright protection130PENANAJX4N0kjTpz

Elle sighed, scooped me up in her arms, & carried me out of our abode. She walked up to the float & commanded it to open. By what seemed like magick to me, it opened. She dropped me inside, & then she climbed in herself. She commanded the float to sail to Bushy House, Teddington, South-west London.copyright protection130PENANAHDTFG8TtxL

That was the living place of Uncle Sylvester & Auntie Anadora! I, calm-showing, or as calm-showing as I could, waited for my sister to explain.copyright protection130PENANAQq4gDeUYbK

" Margaret is gone, Ara. Duchess Clementine put her out of commission." she began.copyright protection130PENANAKVIPIJ92Cy

I gasped, but soon noticed the box filled with poor Margaret's remains.copyright protection130PENANABkbv0SDTmb

" But Elle, she's in there!" I exclaimed pointedly.copyright protection130PENANAFcCJtfYnea

" She has been deactivated. There is no steam in her, & she has been disassembled. I brought her in hopes that you might one day restore her, even if you do manage to contrive such a thing, there is always the chance that she will no longer have any steam-data of you retained." she explained.copyright protection130PENANA8Z5RONAXPd

" She won't remember me?" I contemplated the idea.copyright protection130PENANAvryHWyAArW

" It is quite likely she won't." she calmly replied.copyright protection130PENANAM78oQBDPZS

" Oh dear. I rather don't like that idea, let's leave it be. The rest, Elle? Why were mama &- &-" I paused again.copyright protection130PENANAZ7R4ZFRzDH

" Baron Thyson, Ara." she supplemented.copyright protection130PENANAN98lQ5TqGl

" Yes! Thy-Ty-Thyson." I stumbled over the name.copyright protection130PENANAmssvQj7u86

" I knocked them out so we could leave peacefully." she replied plaintively.copyright protection130PENANAn7efcdU4Ny

" Why?" I queried.copyright protection130PENANALAHUWxZPYG

" Would you have liked mother & the Baron pulling us back while we were leaving?" she asked.copyright protection130PENANAbl8EQZXYt6

" I suppose not. That would have hurt more than you pulling my forearm." I stated.copyright protection130PENANA4Rdj6qx1uk

She apologised & sat silent-doing after that for a while. Then, my IEMP rumbled quite loudly.copyright protection130PENANAzgVgaROaHN

" Oh dear. I'm afraid I completely neglected to eat breakfast, Elle!" I said, sorrowful-feeling.copyright protection130PENANAQS8ZwZYuXs

" Quite. I'm afraid I completely neglected to bring you something to eat." she said apologetic-looking.copyright protection130PENANAA2jOmpeTqI

I sighed, sad-feeling. There is absolutely nothing worse than forgetting one's meals.copyright protection130PENANAd0Z8h905jI

Suddenly, something clicked & I bounded up from the float-seat.copyright protection130PENANATaB29818CZ

" Elle! Elle! We are going to Auntie & Uncle's house, are we not?" I asked, excited-feeling.copyright protection130PENANAAc2T1ojfhK

She arched her eyebrow, " Yes, yes we are, Ara."copyright protection130PENANAYvKXE17E7r

" Does that mean I get to see Pippin?" I squeaked.copyright protection130PENANAm0BY2L64TI

Elle laughed, " Yeah, you shall see quite a bit of him presently."copyright protection130PENANA4uV7nXvHcN

I squealed & jumped around.copyright protection130PENANArbic9WdgBl

" It's been so long since we have been to see Pippin, Elle!" I remarked.copyright protection130PENANAIYmjWp52tY

She smiled & patted her lap, where I then sat.copyright protection130PENANALysHFQEbyR

I smiled up at her, waiting. copyright protection130PENANAY02gccdqtO

" We are almost there, Ara. However, I have some requests of you before we get there." she said, more serious-looking.copyright protection130PENANALbM7vIwAL0

My smile slowly straightened out & I looked up, listening for the next words.copyright protection130PENANAzwz2dfTSqr

" Ara, you are going to have to be an exceedingly good little girl from now on. Imagine something. Can you do that?" she asked, & I nodded.copyright protection130PENANAJorMFDYS3s

" Imagine father is away, & mother does not care. Imagine I would now have to take care of you. Imagine I asked aunty & uncle to help me. Imagine we are now going to live with them. Got it?" she asked.copyright protection130PENANAHPDtX9ctJX

I nodded. I could perfectly imagine that.copyright protection130PENANAuju4lHjeAJ

" Alright, now be a good little girl, & keep imagining it. Do what you would do if it were true. Act it out, alright?"copyright protection130PENANAGj875OL4HP

I slowly nodded, exceedingly confused, but willing.copyright protection130PENANAwoFaSCj463

In a few minutes, the float stopped in front of Uncle & Auntie's home.copyright protection130PENANA2BnwFIeYXO

The doors opened with a sudden burst & out ran a boy.copyright protection130PENANAIE7RLdFxhn

He tripped on the stairs as we climbed out.copyright protection130PENANAnOL2YEEiIK

I started laugh-making & ran to help him up.copyright protection130PENANAlKlJh1rvZp

I bent down & lent him my hand & pulled as hard as I could.copyright protection130PENANAjI3rzPEfnV

He smirked & acted like he was attempting to get up, but actually did not get up in the least. I groaned & pulled even harder. Eventually, I let go, exhausted.copyright protection130PENANACKJoMI2r0K

" Pippin, you cad! Help me a little, in the least. I can-not completely pull you up on my own." I complained, exasperated-feeling.copyright protection130PENANAcmvx5Mzxiy

Pippin winked & asked, " Why-ever not, dear Ollie?"copyright protection130PENANAXCg13QQH5d

I sighed, waved my hand about, & explained the matter-of-fact, " You are Elle's age, & much larger than her, you blubbery stengine!"copyright protection130PENANADHYn5L67c7

He sprang up with a bound, startling me, " Blubbery?! Who do you think you are calling blubbery, Miss Elephant?"copyright protection130PENANASotoWzbv7t

At this, Elle, Aunt & Uncle walked over, so we had to behave.copyright protection130PENANA445l59bWRg

" Gadaranine." Uncle said, stern-looking.copyright protection130PENANAavY8T3TZb6

I remembered what Elle had told me to act out.copyright protection130PENANA64uAtraEXh

" Yes, uncle?" I replied.copyright protection130PENANA81memsoyof

" I have discussed the matters with your elder sister Ellectra over the Remote Steam Cloud Communication Device beforehand. I hope you understand what a grave matter we are discussing, & as thus, I expect you to behave accordingly." At this, he turned & gave a stern look to Pippin.copyright protection130PENANAOyKMHEQBD2

" I will accept you & your sister into my house, but I expect you to act as though you are indeed in the position that you are in. I will not tolerate anything or any behaviour that will bring further dishonour upon my family or myself. Do I leave this clear, Duchess Gadaranine O. Eberneus & Duke Peregrin D. Strophson?" He commanded, more than queried.copyright protection130PENANAIK6dkAEvfB

" Understood." Pippin & I said in unison.copyright protection130PENANAMnD9C0B1yZ

I caught the underhanded wink Pippin sent at me, though, & had to fight to keep myself from giggling.copyright protection130PENANAgmy19gF0Sj

Uncle, not catching the wink, finally looked satisfied & strode back inside the house.copyright protection130PENANA2A39NoJsTY

Auntie smiled with her pleasant rosy cheeks, walked over & knelt down, despite her shortness. I supposed people just had a knack for kneel-doing when they talked to me. I surely had no idea.copyright protection130PENANA3GmHPZHr0f

" Ara, I know Sylvester seems a bit harsh sometimes, but I'm sure that he shall soon come to accept you as one of the family. Do not fret about it. I am quite sure my son hence has already done so, right my dear Peregrin?" she smiled with that pleasant-looking round face & tilted her head towards Pippin.copyright protection130PENANAqhCZiMgYM8

Pippin looked at me, grinned, & said, " Of course not!"copyright protection130PENANAhPIlYwKHYE

His smile, however, told me otherwise.copyright protection130PENANAG2k3Ja2qB3

So, I smiled back, & then my sister smiled.copyright protection130PENANAG2kj2D5iBS

Thus, in that one incredibly innocent & cheer-full moment, everyone around me was smiling.  134Please respect copyright.PENANAH8VoFGkR7g
copyright protection130PENANArTH9fGFZoE

134Please respect copyright.PENANArcQ6XpT77R
copyright protection130PENANAD4GY7p9aQL

Soooo... Prologue, eh? Tell me what you think about it in the comments! (Down there, yeah, that sorta yellowish button with comments on it...) Did you think it was a dream? Did you like how I sort of clued you in on it with the italics? Like the language use? Maybe it'd be worth it to hit that like button so more people can enjoy it, yeah? copyright protection130PENANAdwOyQRbWaN

Also, don't forget to bookmark it so you won't lose the book, that wouldn't be good, aye?134Please respect copyright.PENANA8B2GUM44Gp
copyright protection130PENANAOBGwLWcrVA

See you laters, alligators! copyright protection130PENANA5zFLyMaIX0

- Legolass+copyright protection130PENANAubxiJo9Ukj

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