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The Banes of Atreus: The Avenger
Co-Writer Legolass+*
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The Banes of Atreus: The Avenger
Chapter 4
Jan 5, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!TTP0DZsjrTJGxCzNv3shposted on PENANA

Sorry about no updates for a while, but I finished spell-checking my book, so later updates should be quicker. ^-^copyright protection77PENANApJfCKueoM1

We reach the lab, & I unlock the door by press making my hand upon the Indentation Detector. Steam envelopes your hand, read making the indentations on every single different hand. My hand & Peregrine's are the only hands authorised to enter the lab. My sister said she couldn't go in because it would turn her stomach, & Peregrin's parents had no interest in enter making despite their having bought the lab.copyright protection77PENANAmGVbHzb9SC

As such, I had pretty much free reign & close to infinite funds to use in the lab, as I received an exceedingly generous cheque for lab-work, a thousand bits a month, which I doubt I could ever fully use despite the high costs of maintain making my oddities & the lab. Whatever I did not use, I always return to Peregrin's parents.copyright protection77PENANA2BjAeSoKWR

I walk into the Steam Illusion Decomposition System, & wait for Peregrine to turn it on. I have not voice activated it because it has become routine for Peregrine to accompany me into the lab so nothing goes awry. I wait as it peels off the steam blend particle layers that compose the illusion of skin on my left pointer finger, my right SRDs, & part of the right side of my face. My eye itches as the machine tries to analyse whether or not my Condensed Liquiform Analytical Engine Lens is part of the illusion or not. They could be considered part of the illusion, due to the fact that it's coloured to match my left eye, which is dark brown, almost black except when caught in the sunlight, when it shines a beautiful amber brown. Or so I have been told by Peregrine. The system comes to a stop, & I step out. I eye my metal finger & shiver. I wonder what my face must look like with it's metal features to others. I don't keep any reflective surfaces in the lab, everything is matte, & the last time I saw myself without the illusion particles was years ago.copyright protection77PENANA1lAhXlMcJz

Suddenly, I notice Peregrine wav making his hand in my face & I blink.copyright protection77PENANAd6g9iXIt6A

He exhales, " For a moment there I thought maybe the machine had decomposed something in your IEMP..."copyright protection77PENANA59cpKri8be

" Don't be absurd. Most of my IEMP is completely flesh. The part that is machine doesn't have aught to do with that type of thing... I think."copyright protection77PENANAZdzzvxUiKE

" Exactly my point."copyright protection77PENANARYK7734Qwb

" Alright, I had better get in the glitch scanner..."copyright protection77PENANArCkD145jch

" Wait."copyright protection77PENANAxcv7L0FGip

" What?" I asked confused.copyright protection77PENANAlan6iv9mlG

" Take out the lens."copyright protection77PENANAyMiTqkXwEa

" Why?"copyright protection77PENANANcmik8jZPC

" The scan is slower with it in." he paused.copyright protection77PENANApaMNg4iprE

" Also..." he scratched his head.copyright protection77PENANA5ZqoTRJQnn

" You know I like it better when it's out." he said sheepishly.copyright protection77PENANA1azotTxMTm

" I don't see why. It just makes my imperfections glare out at you all the more."copyright protection77PENANApiwb6MgocI

" Just take it out."copyright protection77PENANA3iItHBlqsI

" Fine. I'll do it." I grumble, tak making out the lens & sett making it down in a little box.copyright protection77PENANANtTnSmhp9a

He smiled at see making my eye without the lens.copyright protection77PENANALztiLz51Xh

" Much better. I bet you are actually feel making better now. I don't know if I could stick one of those things in my eye. It looks uncomfortable. I don't understand why you do it. Your eye is beautiful."copyright protection77PENANAK0Asuh3PIv

" If it were up to you I should probably have to prance around in my undergarments, with all my metal parts show making, & my defective eye glow making with it's brightness & blind making every one who saw it."copyright protection77PENANAyvZrTROahY

" Frankly, yes, yes I would. The undergarments part is go making too far, because a simple dress does not count as an undergarment, in my opinion."copyright protection77PENANAk2xNkinpkl

" You silly little boy. Undergarments & decency are not defined by silly little boys." I say, shak making my finger at him while grinn making.copyright protection77PENANAH4liwQzAGi

He immediately puffs up.copyright protection77PENANA6eN5GHXvRe

" Now just who do you think you are call making a silly little boy? I'll remind you that I am much taller than you, & years older!"copyright protection77PENANAtcg00Bjn1D

I stick my tongue out & chant, " Silly little boy, silly little boyyy!"copyright protection77PENANAIII41eUBPB

" Oh yeah, Miss Shorty?"copyright protection77PENANATVQG0wnY1f

He moves even closer, directly in front of me & puts his hand to his fore-head, mov making the hand upwards & back to his forehead repeatedly.copyright protection77PENANAcvrtwr4PO6

" See? I am clearly the taller one."copyright protection77PENANAtxPcBQqwrg

" You are slant making your hands upwards! Not fair!" I reach for his hand, try making to pull it down & make it go straight.copyright protection77PENANA7kbY1bvp9x

He sees his watch as I pull his hands down, & his eyes widen.copyright protection77PENANAEm25PyxUom

" Alright, just get in the scanner, it is getting late." he pauses.copyright protection77PENANA0STQ4uGv17

" I'm still taller than you, though."copyright protection77PENANAL9sW7t8CSi

" Shut your big bazoo, child." as we walk over to the scanner & I step into it, shutt making the door before he can say anything further.copyright protection77PENANAaxEcCuLapa

I smile as I see him say making something that looks a lot like Miss Shorty through the transparent metal that forms the scanner's body.copyright protection77PENANAwq3qg8VXDW

The scanner says " Commenc making Scan..."copyright protection77PENANA4p5xmd0vQT

I see the scanner pass making over & I have a realisation.copyright protection77PENANAO0qtd3XZem

It worked! It's not making all those awful clank making noises anymore. I streamlined the design yesterday, removed quite a few of the gears & polished the ones I absolutely could not removecopyright protection77PENANA9KNcb3l60Y

A few seconds later, " Scan completed. Results visible on Analytical Engine's Liquiform Viewer."copyright protection77PENANA25o8CLmDgc

I step out, & Peregrine nods, indicat making that everything is in order.copyright protection77PENANAx4dYxq1vpf

" Oh, there is actually one thing..." he says.copyright protection77PENANASz0FMbJ7iJ

" Yeah? Is my finger joint act making up again? It has been a bit off now that I think about it..." I look at my finger.copyright protection77PENANA6kPutsgP5w

" No, it's not that."copyright protection77PENANA1DBfB9FCF5

I look up & see a small smile he's trying to hold back. I narrow my eyes.copyright protection77PENANASxETdr5Wyn

" It says you need to clean our your SRDs more often. Also, that I'm definitely taller than you."copyright protection77PENANAGEIw9bYp04

I huff, curl making my hand into a fist, but then relax making it.copyright protection77PENANAW2HyhiHXVn

" Don't do that to me, you little kid."copyright protection77PENANA2OUHI88N5H

I flex my finger.copyright protection77PENANAbMlTiv4hV5

" Guess nothing is wrong with my poor finger after all. I had better put the illusion back on."copyright protection77PENANAlS83qpm8ni

" Please don't... Just this once."copyright protection77PENANAvq6q8PzgDE

I turn to him.copyright protection77PENANAYOqjHJPM0L

" Please don't what?"copyright protection77PENANASlD0p4qLdN

" No illusion."copyright protection77PENANA3Ida9mZJCC

" No illusion?"copyright protection77PENANAnAqOU8yKVy

" Yeah."copyright protection77PENANAvNU9Ojde5q

" Why?" confusedly said by me.copyright protection77PENANA289gijCi2e

" You know I like it better."copyright protection77PENANAUqPlfKuNvq

" You have never asked me to keep it like this, though."copyright protection77PENANAl1dga2zngE

" You know why Hermes is com making, Ollie."copyright protection77PENANAOiNXy6haoj

" I don't know for sure..."copyright protection77PENANApjJfFY0aMv

He stares at me, half-lidded, sarcastically.copyright protection77PENANAA7wOoGQY46

" Alright, fine, just this once I won't, but I'm putting it back on when we return."copyright protection77PENANADSoqQXw77V

" Sure you are."copyright protection77PENANArxebMTaM3W

I look at him, my brow arched.copyright protection77PENANAhE4Ossuirz

" & just what is that supposed to mean?"copyright protection77PENANAp4rOuiL1qT

" Nothing. Nothing at all."copyright protection77PENANAXSqb3d5eZ9

My IEMP growls.copyright protection77PENANAahNf5gIAy9

& at the command of it, we walk out of the room to (finally) go on our little picnic.copyright protection77PENANA9XdBLIUxKk

Out of curiosity, do you guys like the use of '&' instead of 'and'?copyright protection77PENANAqHcRTg4Yu3

P.S. Don't forget to vote if you think people look better without illusions. :Pcopyright protection77PENANA8FlWVqcD1L

Legolass+copyright protection77PENANANbI1NuKH1u

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