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The Banes of Atreus: The Avenger
Co-Writer Legolass+*
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The Banes of Atreus: The Avenger
Dec 13, 2016
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WnMEXDtAy3GO8cDG7JmSposted on PENANA

I jolted awake to the sound of pounding on my door. Sitting up, my eyes adjusted to the light, & took in the steam in my left eye, with over-particularising alerts flashing in my neyetifications. I still hadn't figured out how to shape the steam so that it won't go berserk over a bit of fog in my eye when I woke up in the morn. I could, of course, simply take out my Condensed Liquiform Analytical Engine Lenses, but I always forget to do so before bed. I sighed, & rubbed my hand against my eye, clearing it out a bit.copyright protection187PENANAy5cKx5YfM0

I heard an annoying voice on the other side of the door.copyright protection187PENANAiJn4nkIRVh

" Ollieeeeee! Wake up, my dear Mademoiselle Olliephant!"copyright protection187PENANAUB63OKJWu6

What was it today? Why did he insist on waking me up from my slumber? He is always waking me up at the crack of dawn, the old cove.copyright protection187PENANAP2b2MJ8LZU

" Ollie... I know you are awake!" followed by more pounding on the poor door.copyright protection187PENANALhD8m1t5To

" OooollieollieollieollieAraElephantOllie!", followed by even more abuse on the poor door.copyright protection187PENANAnN0uQPeAMI

I wondered why it took the abuse. Why did it not just lash out upon the bloke & destroy him. It would surely help me, in the least.copyright protection187PENANAGCLSEyBMkA

" I am coming in on the count of three, Ollie!" he threatens.copyright protection187PENANAH5SlefnIkg

As if that would make me do aught at all.copyright protection187PENANA6I46cVWrvI

" One!" he counted.copyright protection187PENANAackV4ZuGMO

I just snuggled into my blankets.copyright protection187PENANAgtT9P8ocQI

" Two!" he announced.copyright protection187PENANAtWrx3Ds05X

Why was he counting so slowly? He was going to finish counting when we were old, & by the time, I should have grown a beard! Which was nigh impossible, considering the facts. It would be truly frightful if it were possible, I should have thought.copyright protection187PENANAIfa3af2EVO

" Ollieeeeee, you promised to come out today... You said you would come to the park with me before that bumbling snob of your betrothed came for a fortnight." he pleaded.copyright protection187PENANAschml7uJjl

" Hermes is not a bumbling snob, you curmudgeon!!" I yelled in defence.copyright protection187PENANAsMiTkmxMmC

" A-ha! So you are awake!" he yelled as he waltzed in to my chambre.copyright protection187PENANAK4SU72aaH5

I buried myself beneath the covers, like any proper gentle-lady should do. I felt the weight of the bed shift as someone else climbed on.copyright protection187PENANAYahgxCn2mG

Maybe I should have taken my chances & dashed somewhere else instead of hiding beneath the covers...copyright protection187PENANAnOtFIN1gAn

" Ollieeee, come out, Elephantieee.." he said, terrorizing me, shaking me to the core.copyright protection187PENANATksLfAOpKv

I stopped breathing, because that way he would definitely not see me. No chance. At all. For a moment, it was all still. I did not feel him move, or make any noise at all.copyright protection187PENANAvIGNYdplfM

Then, he ripped the blanket off of me, & I let out a high-pitched shriek with my eyes scrunched closed. copyright protection187PENANA2DBwijkkAV

He cackled, picked me up, & started jumping on the bed. I yelled at him, telling him to put me down, while getting completely shaken by the jumping. He disregarded my shouting & continued jumping, while I started to get air-sick. Except I was not on an air-ship, I was just being...copyright protection187PENANAHtfaevK2Vu

" Rattled around while my dim-witted oaf picks me up & jumps on my bed!!" I yelled at him, trying to kick him with my feet, which he quickly grabbed & immobilised.copyright protection187PENANAyqdfdbsDxI

" Put me down, you dolt!"copyright protection187PENANAqAl17DlsYV

" No."copyright protection187PENANAnGpCQE8BH4

" Why not?!"copyright protection187PENANA5gvjvJuXn2

" You said you would come to the park with me."copyright protection187PENANAGND1OLFadD

" I know! I never said I wasn't!"copyright protection187PENANA6Akvda9lLQ

" You refused to wake up." he said plainly, as if that explained everything.copyright protection187PENANAqR6VaCEFA1

" Just put me down before I involuntarily discharge the contents of my Internal Edible Material Processor by the probably no longer Edible Material ascending through the Musculo-membranous Passage that leads from the Internal Edible Material Processor to the Alimentary Canal, past my Outer Facial Labium & from there, expelling onto the outer covering of your Physical Being." I gasped for air after having said this rapidly; that is to say, all in one breath.copyright protection187PENANAIgOliD7XNk

" In other words, put me down before I hurl, Pippin. Please." I asked nicely.copyright protection187PENANABTUVp76ytS

" Nope." He grinned.copyright protection187PENANApTJwOU8tAJ

Well. Too bad for him. I lifted my head & let out a high-pitched scream. I heard a crash in the not so far distance as Pippin fell backwards, & I landed on the area of his Internal Edible Material Processor, making him gag. I heard running steps coming from my sister's room's direction. I stayed seated on my new chair & waited, Pippin's eyes widening at an astonishing rate. copyright protection187PENANAuiZjEhWLfK

My sister, Elle, explodes through the door holding what seems to be a device used for bashing someone. She looks around the room worriedly, & realising there is nobody, fixes her eyes upon my seat & I angrily, marching over in wrath while I struggle not to have a bodily attack in which one loses control of their Physical Being, convulses, & involuntarily releases spontaneous bursts of air & vocal noises in amusement. (Otherwise termed, laughter.)copyright protection187PENANA5RE0M37TCB

" Gadaranine Olesya Eberneus!" she said angrily.copyright protection187PENANAL1vvykqHN0

Oh dear. Maybe if I smiled exceedingly widely with my mouth shut and my eyes pretty wide it would be better?copyright protection187PENANAqiiqBXIyJX

" Do not laugh at me! I am quite serious, Gadaranine!"copyright protection187PENANAjOOXOB0WuC

I guess not. It was worth a try, though.copyright protection187PENANAygE3LcnbUa

" You wake me from my slumber, shrieking like a heathen, when it is only Master Peregrine and yourself up to your usual capers. I have been meaning to discuss this matter for some time now. You should know better by now. You are almost a grown lady & yet you frolic & caper about like a mere child! Sitting upon a young man of my age! The shame! It is unheard of & completely unheard of!" she paused, shaking her stately & womanly head in disappointment.copyright protection187PENANAcksuL4stCb

Discuss. Ha! More like give a speech upon the matter!copyright protection187PENANAqV0fTPRTMm

" ...& you, Peregrine!" she lifted her head & she focused her gaze upon my chair, relieving me of the tirade for now.copyright protection187PENANAwkCanonKAi

" You, Peregrine, which are as old as I, should be as mature as I am, & yet you encourage her disgrace-making of your family, & the further degradation of ours by joining in, &  even, you dare to initiate such spectacles! You blatantly disregard all boundaries that should be in place due to our different standing in gender & position. You should be gravely ashamed to be skylark making about with a young lady which is engaged, & in her own room, nonetheless!"copyright protection187PENANAVMDnhosJR5

At this, I realised what she was so furious over, & flushed madly as my face morphed into a completely mortified expression.copyright protection187PENANAVi1VxUKoOx

I stammered & fumbled as I scrambled off of my former chair, almost fall making flat on my face when getting off the bed, mean-time, miserably try making to explain that it was nothing of the sort, I had never considered it, that was one of the most daft - ridiculous, preposterous, in fact - assumptions I had ever in-taken through my Sound Reception devices.copyright protection187PENANAKkRnveLTZl

My sister huffs & leaves the room, shoot making a disapprove-showing glance in Pippin's direction, but saying no more.copyright protection187PENANAbU7PiodL84

Hey, guys!! *sits across the table from you and wiggles eyebrows* I know it's kind of soon, (haha it's never too soon, aye?) but what do you think about Pippin and Ara? That nickname, tho... Mademoiselle Olliephant? Yah, nah, or blah?  (That's kinda catchy, isn't it? Say it aloud and you'll see what I mean...)copyright protection187PENANAQ3mRZULKiA

**Disclaimer: Oh, you might not want to say it aloud with people around, they'll prolly think you're crazy - might or might not know this from experience... :P**copyright protection187PENANAh3U8qqnckn

Don't forget to like if you liked it. (Obviously.)copyright protection187PENANAxwiFlA4ylc

-Legolass+copyright protection187PENANADcgZ3fTPZc

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