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The Banes of Atreus: The Avenger
Co-Writer Legolass+*
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The Banes of Atreus: The Avenger
Chapter 2
Dec 16, 2016
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!dtV9r9xYHXApBxREef5fposted on PENANA

Early chapter since I'm travelling this weekend. ;)copyright protection84PENANApHipPaoY7D

" Well then, shall we get you dressed?" he says, unaware of my thoughts.copyright protection84PENANAVk6QtxZ1vH

" Yes." I say, but sit on the bed & bury my head in my hands. Why must people always insert such awful things into my IEMP?copyright protection84PENANAZ66BDYfRel

" None of that, now, come on, up we go!" He untangles my hands from my hair, hoists me up & into a stand making position.copyright protection84PENANA7D2p3RAsQH

He leads me over to my wardrobe, dig-doing through my clothes, remind making me of the day my sister & I left our parent's house, & how she had rifled through my clothes much similar to the way Peregrin was currently.copyright protection84PENANA5L2bCwJCxf

He tossed me a light tan dress which I usually wore under other dresses, & turned expectantly.copyright protection84PENANAjxmq8ZooRC

My eyes widened.copyright protection84PENANAJZgLpkDZNt

" That's it? What about the rest of my garments?"copyright protection84PENANAHSfJ4SgOuO

" We're only walk making around our gardens. Nobody other than a few palace servants should see us. Besides, you already have your poofy underthings on."copyright protection84PENANA3OlpftpDRh

" But Hermes & his parents are coming later, I can-not go with them in this garb."copyright protection84PENANAgBgxnFS0EF

" We can return & you can change for the view making of that buffoon later, silly."copyright protection84PENANAumyK5CCmq7

" If you say so."copyright protection84PENANAauVwTa0jOR

I go behind the chang making curtain & am suddenly quite aware that Pippin is in the room. Why must my sister make me think of such things? I was perfectly fine with chang making behind the blinds until a few minutes ago.  copyright protection84PENANAA5sQCPwuQb

" Peregrine!"copyright protection84PENANAakxI4DkHZL

" Yes, darling?"copyright protection84PENANAOafKG9VGsJ

Darling?!copyright protection84PENANAy3P1UrRqWH

" Who are you call making darling?! I am engaged to someone else! Button my dress."copyright protection84PENANAB628P7L9OL

I step out from the blinds & turn around, hold making my curly hair up so he can button the dress.copyright protection84PENANAVDWbnDlijN

" & do not call me darling."copyright protection84PENANA2SRRTLjLbf

" Oh? Last time I checked, he most definitely did not call you darling, & what's more, neither of you decided to be engaged, much less with each other."copyright protection84PENANAsNmuWbBIlq

Here we go with this discussion again. We have been having it exceedingly often as of late.copyright protection84PENANAth3psr3NJn

" It is my duty to marry Hermes. perchance he does not call me darling, but, all the same, that should not mean that you can go about call making me darling. My darling sister did had a point, you had got to admit. What would happen if it the word got to Hermes's parents that I was "more than friends" with you? They already went through enough shame when they discovered my sister & I ran away from our parent's home. They had been gracious enough to not withdraw their offer of marriage."copyright protection84PENANABMftD9eWUq

" Ara! Think! What is it that you get through such an arrangement? What is the good? What benefits you in the least? What good could possibly ever come out of your marrying him? You get nothing! Nothing at all!"copyright protection84PENANAcndzRaLtS7

" I will live comfortably. His family is quite well off. Besides, who else could possibly lower themselves to the point of marrying a woman which has nothing at all to her name except a title. Duchess, indeed, but with not even a single bit to her name. Added to that, the disgrace of having run away from her parental home with her sister. Someone that has these unnatural changes to their body, part machine. Think about that Peregrine. Who could possibly want me?"copyright protection84PENANAUmoXMRpPE8

He stays silent, but I can see his eyes burn-doing, the fire in his hazel eyes spark-making. I feel that if he says something in that moment, I will most definitely be burned, & yet another thing will change in how I view him. Yet another change will occur that cannot be undone. He opens his mouth to speak.copyright protection84PENANAcgUrJyBYuv

My breath making stops for a second, in apprehension.copyright protection84PENANAoHTCgLM2fF

Then, my IEMP makes an awfully loud growl making noise.copyright protection84PENANA991x7NowC3

He blinks, his lips close, & the flames clear. After another moment of silence, he speaks.copyright protection84PENANAFOkAf48R2D

" Let us go & pack some breakfast." He says, completely changing the subject.copyright protection84PENANAnrkg4B1QDg

So much for creating all that suspense.copyright protection84PENANAvNpwkxkJ3W

He comes, holds out his hand as a peace offer-making.copyright protection84PENANANIK7i0brRe

I smile sweetly, scratch at & reach out my left hand, causing him to quickly switch h&s to accommodate. We shake hands, & I frown for a split-second.copyright protection84PENANA4eFpvJ1wAF

Then it kicks in, my pointer finger releases a slight electric charge, & gives off a slight electric shock, causing Peregrine to jolt his hand, release doing mine. I grin, snicker-making at my success, & wait for his response.copyright protection84PENANAN6scDMKXwN

Astound-makingly, he lifts his head, & smiles.copyright protection84PENANATjwErPECgw

Mock smiles.copyright protection84PENANARlLxLggMNR

You had not seen a mock smile until you see Peregrine smile when he has been caught unaware & is plan-making revenge.copyright protection84PENANArAXTNBGxyd

" I see you got your little Tesla switch to work, eh, darling?"copyright protection84PENANAlswS6XHLAY

I almost blow at his call making me darling, but just in time, I catch it & hide it. He was probably try making to get a reaction out of me, well, he shan't have it.copyright protection84PENANAisk4Z5lgR8

" Yeah. I spent yesterday engineer making it. It could let out a larger shock if I needed it too. It looks pretty cool in the dark..."copyright protection84PENANA7iJ5cxHT5f

" I see. Well, shall we go prepare our luncheon, darling?"copyright protection84PENANA6qICiPA0Ab

I struggled to keep my composure.copyright protection84PENANAZTDjXCojTg

" Absolutely, we really should be go making if we are to return in time."copyright protection84PENANAr1zb6LINFN

He comes over, loops his arm in mine, & starts skip-doing away, dragging me with him.copyright protection84PENANA3LeLoxAZyb

So childish.copyright protection84PENANAax5OQ2rfmk

You probably didn't expect that, did you? Or did you expect it? Tell me in the comments! copyright protection84PENANAvOl5ZsQIfw

Don't forget to like if you like this book!copyright protection84PENANAwjhL5FiFEQ

-Legolass+copyright protection84PENANARPnWDeZ4ul

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