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Spoken Word
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Spoken Word
Submission Closed
A - A - A
i am Taught
Aug 3, 2017
1 Min Read
257 Words
No Plagiarism!D06JHXdredSwRGMAuhWDposted on PENANA

I'm taught that a grade defines me,copyright protection128PENANA5julpKRdbp

what makes me who i am, copyright protection128PENANAoOqvx7sKyH

It defines if i'm smart ,copyright protection128PENANAYrdP8ZqChm

Or if i'm below average, F.copyright protection128PENANAgmGKI5vziG

I'm taught that we should compete for the letter A.copyright protection128PENANAYHupc1wFM5

The Letter A will take me placescopyright protection128PENANAmLxAAFA0iR

will carry me on its shoulders when i am tiredcopyright protection128PENANAnyd4iW9Nws

The letter A will take care of me.copyright protection128PENANAuv9YUm0q1N

But only if i take care of it.132Please respect copyright.PENANAZg3fljIhMP
copyright protection128PENANAvoy2Y9Hya0

I'm taught that its okay for me not  to learncopyright protection128PENANAqxyECRALF6

as long as i turn my paper on time, and have the correct answers.copyright protection128PENANAe9Bo8vK8WM

To achieve correct answers the peers and i will copyright protection128PENANAWrbvuaEcIO

cheat, because we are taught to value letters.copyright protection128PENANAc9mKNYCnKh

not out mind. copyright protection128PENANAtZr5nzA8Iw

I'm taught that my physical health and mental health copyright protection128PENANAVFY7ashOF0

don't equally matter.That they will make you runcopyright protection128PENANADR90CWYfjJ

a mile to test your strength. That they will make you take copyright protection128PENANAwNIYT6yufg

tens on top of tens of electrical test via online, But copyright protection128PENANA1bWZi6szV7

will shun you for being on electrical devices at the same time.copyright protection128PENANAzyZJyCFxRZ

i am taught that the letter B is not a letter I should admire. copyright protection128PENANAhoNZmG6Ubm

But think of it like a refresh line in a race.copyright protection128PENANAbcx7cQeEp9

i am taught that i'm not a human being with feelings ,copyright protection128PENANAMZHMIgooNg

but instead a being that will be used in the future to do the jobscopyright protection128PENANAo4Eb41SbV3

that others have to shape me in to what i am today.copyright protection128PENANAx7g5fsVt7l

i am taught, that when my light gets washed up by the shore finally,copyright protection128PENANACTkjG3A5sn

that is the only time when i will rest and stop seeing letters.copyright protection128PENANAlQsZ2x0VIW

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LovelySheree - Aside from a few grammatical errors, this was very good!  Thank you for competing!
1 year agoreply