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Spoken Word
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Spoken Word
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The Real World
No Plagiarism!0lO3afH359Pkcjlx0JP9posted on PENANA

I've always believed there's no wrong way to becopyright protection137PENANAPkEfZ0mYkw

No right point of view, no right way to see141Please respect copyright.PENANAoQBW7LGaL3
copyright protection137PENANAYlSNp22768

Because obviously there are bad people in the worldcopyright protection137PENANAgVttfO1gyR

But how could I be sure I'm not one of them? copyright protection137PENANApnb4Ca5Z9p

.copyright protection137PENANAv7KnV9qYgw

When did it become a fad to want to die? copyright protection137PENANA6xsz1Ho2XW

When did we start to accumulate this shared experience copyright protection137PENANATnj4rWfwWo

of suffering and stuttered apologies copyright protection137PENANAWrwHPsRfq8

for things we never could have controlled anyways? copyright protection137PENANAMwFf6HWuJU

How could I explain to my mother the years of breaking skin141Please respect copyright.PENANAkjXSJkvIsV
copyright protection137PENANAqDhKIJHXfD

just to feel anything akin to fullness?141Please respect copyright.PENANA2QxN3IebLh
copyright protection137PENANAmc5TTVlKbL

This whole mess I've gotten into of broken promisescopyright protection137PENANATXizdpg9T0

and broken people and breaking down on tile floors, copyright protection137PENANA4kDl5l5Njl

like little parts breaking off of a satellite.copyright protection137PENANArFxwyrsTcD

.copyright protection137PENANAF5BXEOnVYh

When I was young I jumped onto the train of copyright protection137PENANAV2ByoHUtud

itching every second to complain and run,copyright protection137PENANAOVSmsrNUlZ

because a mentality of "woe is me" copyright protection137PENANAy049YJYlEW

is easier than to accept the flaws I have as human.copyright protection137PENANACzZe8nW2Rr

I was told that the only way to be mature was to embrace cynicism, 141Please respect copyright.PENANA797I5euMpf
copyright protection137PENANAfGn82PzQKU

That only the young still have dreams in their heartcopyright protection137PENANAPiVUsTDqfh

That it is worse to fail than never to start.copyright protection137PENANAnRRm6ZK21C

So I wore my depression like a badge of honor, copyright protection137PENANAthiQplGZcq

my insomnia and antisocial tendencies as some sort of marker copyright protection137PENANAU1JPWcIzDY

That I was living in the real world.copyright protection137PENANAR0PJnVI7YK

.copyright protection137PENANAJr22hsoYsB

But the real world,copyright protection137PENANAomD8bzkU9X

the real world is beautifulcopyright protection137PENANAS1XIKlEtsC

and real people are marvelous, 141Please respect copyright.PENANAPJyMBi770z
copyright protection137PENANAec3gflJEjb

And the more I grow, feelings ebb and flow copyright protection137PENANAfIxSQJrbEB

Like colors of the sunshine on the snow copyright protection137PENANA9xC7fmsUQU

and the way a river flows with a certain serene calmnesscopyright protection137PENANAw47AlnW41f

And I finally have something akin to calmness copyright protection137PENANAfhYN9PxB0b

in that aching thoracic cavity that I allowed to be empty copyright protection137PENANAcaIOhYbJS1

for so long. copyright protection137PENANAEp6LZr8Vwa

.copyright protection137PENANAbMrazAZ7c0

I used to feel so old, so on top of thingscopyright protection137PENANAipa1er0pbT

convinced I was better than others because I possessedcopyright protection137PENANArPiyBiZKew

a certain degree of suffering within my chest copyright protection137PENANAUqimASWAZ9

But I know now that it was an adolescent ruse, 141Please respect copyright.PENANA22qzQti5F3
copyright protection137PENANAAiyLjMdkco

a narcissistic choice to choose.141Please respect copyright.PENANAmMdtuiHY56
copyright protection137PENANAdEewcPOcz2

I would rather be dumb than cynical 141Please respect copyright.PENANAdUQMHs4Oz5
copyright protection137PENANAIus0Q3TNDS

and I would rather be young than antisocial141Please respect copyright.PENANAoB7OaYht3W
copyright protection137PENANAXeavZuidOu

and I would rather be full and happy 141Please respect copyright.PENANAxpJKSd3Ac8
copyright protection137PENANAC28QykGmwg

than anything else in the world. 141Please respect copyright.PENANAHq2xcKZhyz
copyright protection137PENANApeKSfBV8oz

.141Please respect copyright.PENANAmWauKls2Ow
copyright protection137PENANA1lNcRNH90v

So yes, talk to me. I'll take my earbuds out.141Please respect copyright.PENANAZlVI5OV8o8
copyright protection137PENANADCyMt669tD

Call me on the phone, let me hear your voice.141Please respect copyright.PENANAh6ykEL4D3C
copyright protection137PENANApSSaL8LHga

Tell me about the new diet you're on, I'm proud of you.141Please respect copyright.PENANAdpznUkInmw
copyright protection137PENANAgiw4uoRcxS

Tell me about the tears that fell from your eyes 141Please respect copyright.PENANATmRO4XC061
copyright protection137PENANAHbugXXm47P

at the new soap episode last night.141Please respect copyright.PENANA8n7HHLsLpw
copyright protection137PENANAIwIAGuIsbZ

Show me the pictures of your kids, 141Please respect copyright.PENANAoCWY0QiIdF
copyright protection137PENANADsi9wNxoZ5

they're just growing up so fast, god, aren't we all?141Please respect copyright.PENANAf617V64y6b
copyright protection137PENANAgHhLXeJjjQ

Paint me a picture with your wordscopyright protection137PENANA91nRC4mlxx

Against the backdrop of the real world, this is the real  worldcopyright protection137PENANAlaZDkwqSUp

and oh my god, I'm listening,141Please respect copyright.PENANAzfyHWgtp2T
copyright protection137PENANAXb6eX3tHnN

I've be waiting my entire life to just listen. copyright protection137PENANAxwPVorZKNw

.copyright protection137PENANAi8HiL1OcTJ

I remind myself, on the haughty days copyright protection137PENANABRVI6SMzz9

Where I believe that pain is knowledge copyright protection137PENANAn7Gc25E2Pr

and the world is ugly, and that we are all sheep, copyright protection137PENANAz8Agqmheya

I start to feel the cynicism creep back in around the edgescopyright protection137PENANAYa2TS8MEIl

of my eyes, disguise reality for a picture of darkness, copyright protection137PENANAO5tuivzWyp

I remember the way that my mom smiles copyright protection137PENANAo7xZnXlFbT

when she is standing by the ocean, 141Please respect copyright.PENANAVrwRpwIIfV
copyright protection137PENANAP93S3W0PAI

and the sun is bearing down against waves bearing upon the shore,copyright protection137PENANAaoOET69s3I

and there is no one but the two of us, copyright protection137PENANARrPorcmMRy

nothing but that moment.copyright protection137PENANAGHHKALGAAh

How could I tell her that her smiles are wrong? copyright protection137PENANAjLG7pzdz2h

How could anything so beautiful be wrong? copyright protection137PENANAhUJ7jakFWc

When I feel my mental disorders trying to tell me copyright protection137PENANAdDUVnuG45h

that the world is ugly, I can remember the way it felt 141Please respect copyright.PENANAou2pBXwGvC
copyright protection137PENANAlo22wsCK2E

to lay on the wet grass of my backyard in a hot summer rain, 141Please respect copyright.PENANAS5SqNPHgfJ
copyright protection137PENANA1kyKrSULxR

holding his hand and yelling glee into the skiescopyright protection137PENANAXLuRGSmnWr

feeling everything at once as though the emptiness couldn't get me anymorecopyright protection137PENANAEiPHklaW5c

The emptiness can't get me anymore. copyright protection137PENANAB6waRY2LJA

How could I remember anything else? copyright protection137PENANADHl8z10VpX

.copyright protection137PENANAm3gcLAyVxD

So how could I think of a wrong way to rejoice in the world?141Please respect copyright.PENANA9bbG3AcLjs
copyright protection137PENANA88KFjBDmnn

How could I take glee as naivete, or happiness as being dull, copyright protection137PENANAW14h9EjazI

There is nothing intelligent about looking into the face of a laughing childcopyright protection137PENANA8WMo9xZHtw

and feeling anything but warmth.copyright protection137PENANAlBF5hZHUl5

When I took my first steps, people clapped for me.copyright protection137PENANAih6nyg1SrB

Why do we ever stop celebrating the little things? copyright protection137PENANAAzxmYHUXoo

.copyright protection137PENANAuJZ9Ph8wct

It is not a sin to be excited about the real world141Please respect copyright.PENANAHHWK7yHDfd
copyright protection137PENANACuLJRjZScr

Because we as people are small, copyright protection137PENANAuM129ZJ4W7

and with all of the technology we have, we are still so small.copyright protection137PENANAsqRsAGJJdV

And when the screens go out we only have as much as we place in each other.141Please respect copyright.PENANAg7j8y6Ygmd
copyright protection137PENANAdPqYzhiyau

It is so easy to feel large, but on foot the world is full of crannies and nooks copyright protection137PENANA0Eh1Gr1qvY

so much larger than anything we've ever seen copyright protection137PENANAxXppqZ59Ji

I thought I'd seen everything, but then I saw the sunset from a different angle, copyright protection137PENANA5W8vUHNdgY

and everything changed.copyright protection137PENANAHhDZikqjKV

How could I ever want to die without seeing that sunset again? copyright protection137PENANAiiTHHjGMtq

It made me feel so small. copyright protection137PENANA5zme5hVTuc

And we are all so small.141Please respect copyright.PENANA0wobcrMpd5
copyright protection137PENANARctubMOC6z

But that does not mean that we are insignificant.copyright protection137PENANAyoRr5yLMlf

Because the real world?141Please respect copyright.PENANASVMPFUonxD
copyright protection137PENANAcrPzFUQBNl

The real world is extraordinary.  copyright protection137PENANANFyhaK3Zm9

And the people in the real world, copyright protection137PENANAyUxpmDY8pk

are the most god damn beautiful thing I've ever seen. copyright protection137PENANAnCLdbq722V

Comments ( 9 )

Jane Glass - Amazing! I love how you worded this!
11 months agoreply

SilverSpoons - Thanks so much!
11 months agoreply

Jane Glass - @SilverSpoons,Np!
11 months agoreply

Yohana Ekky - It is deep. They way you describe it all, I just liked it. 👍😁
11 months agoreply

SilverSpoons - Thanks :)
11 months agoreply

LovelySheree - This was quite a captivating read!  I really enjoyed your imagery and honesty throughout the whole entry.  Keep it up, this was inspiring!  <3
11 months agoreply

SilverSpoons - That's so kind, thank you!
11 months agoreply

Ryan Lee - Wow, extraordinary words.
11 months agoreply

SilverSpoons - Awh thanks! 
11 months agoreply