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Spoken Word
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Spoken Word
Submission Closed
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Aug 8, 2017
1 Min Read
198 Words
No Plagiarism!YZIFBRM4xDa17lGrNPIzposted on PENANA
March time, march

We march, fight, move towards the futurecopyright protection105PENANA0DDlb1cvme

Not knowing what may come109Please respect copyright.PENANAhNDyGWMhxf
copyright protection105PENANADkdl0PdMUK

As such, we praise those who are prophetic or clairvoyant

Ask for guidance in what our future holds109Please respect copyright.PENANAeuqPLR74bQ
copyright protection105PENANAp4MxqtZeiH

Yet why?

March time, march109Please respect copyright.PENANAhmY8iuqSUP
copyright protection105PENANAOilsEwtQ1P

When we can see what tomorrow holds

We see and choose to ignore109Please respect copyright.PENANA6cCJKjGxBd
copyright protection105PENANA4Eai0a7dX1

We hear, but close our ears

We feel and yet, close our hearts109Please respect copyright.PENANANQIdFt5Nyg
copyright protection105PENANAYm6LUxeTMw

To the struggle and pain

March time, marchcopyright protection105PENANABAPW2tswkt

It’s everywhere in the world

When you see the poverty of thousands109Please respect copyright.PENANADPCBYU6oN1
copyright protection105PENANAmo8xG9IOnF

And you hear the screams of rebellion for those met with injustice

And demons in human form walk the earth109Please respect copyright.PENANAeTdRDYajwM
copyright protection105PENANAPl2W7WtlQg

And corruption is everywhere in the world

March time, march109Please respect copyright.PENANAwjCfxiJC5h
copyright protection105PENANASrQInTbQqv

So we fight for the future

But what are we fighting for?109Please respect copyright.PENANASJ7vl6qrvd
copyright protection105PENANAjMUskBC2qZ

March time, march

I’ll tell you109Please respect copyright.PENANAsJ6GAJFL2b
copyright protection105PENANAHglKcsHGNx

I’ll suggest

A friendly reminder of what we should do109Please respect copyright.PENANAyzvbP2uyEA
copyright protection105PENANAWGZMonGAd6

As friends and family

As humans on this earth109Please respect copyright.PENANAQxjX3E4t6z
copyright protection105PENANA6xT00dCCg2

Nothing more

Nothing less109Please respect copyright.PENANAGzjNgUwVFz
copyright protection105PENANABXiWHupobd

March time, march

We shall not stand for injustice109Please respect copyright.PENANA7e9CpYETxj
copyright protection105PENANAW7TWUijASx

Women will have equal rights

Children will be warmed and fedcopyright protection105PENANAHZ5BZ5PCI5

People of color will not be subject to hate crimescopyright protection105PENANAEj3XgLsFaD

We will protestcopyright protection105PENANAT6LM3F5ngY

We will raise the flag that means peacecopyright protection105PENANAUYXZzX5ozN

We will fight for the future we wantcopyright protection105PENANAte7xboiE4s

March time, marchcopyright protection105PENANAiXy3JCIPZZ

We will decide our tomorrowcopyright protection105PENANANTXKTxHYWg

It will not be stained with blood and corruptioncopyright protection105PENANAMqvTXHhflm

Yetcopyright protection105PENANAHEjgH3SqSR

Filled with the hope and trust of otherscopyright protection105PENANApFLnpEU7DQ

But to do socopyright protection105PENANAopgTjeABtW

We mustcopyright protection105PENANAXaAgrijjIc

MARCHcopyright protection105PENANAa8RWvhAqpd

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