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Spoken Word
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Spoken Word
Submission Closed
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Aug 14, 2017
2 Mins Read
441 Words
No Plagiarism!hA3v1Ff0qMNZ8AEWFnK8posted on PENANA

i am eight-teen known as citrus paincopyright protection121PENANAHFqbokh5hA

i live in a world where i gladly take the blame125Please respect copyright.PENANAnIa5D66l1D
copyright protection121PENANANybR4cxjcX

i don't dodge bullets i take them head oncopyright protection121PENANA50WeAAagYV

they say you'll bleedcopyright protection121PENANAoGAPRY983r

"oh stop acting you haven't bleed before"copyright protection121PENANAJR0UJ47gnj

 i like this fluid coming out of my skincopyright protection121PENANAdtk9HUKSaJ

i love it so much id cut myself againcopyright protection121PENANANzpnpglypp

"you keep cutting yourself you'll soon be dead"copyright protection121PENANA08g02Z5aft

i live in the after life along with the undeadcopyright protection121PENANAutWOCEInwT

the difference between that world and this is i still have no friendscopyright protection121PENANA7jtwHSN2rc

and that's fine to be lacking i call  it life hacking 125Please respect copyright.PENANAqrcgAYGeQs
copyright protection121PENANAsrkIsnIxxY

i have all needs and no wants125Please respect copyright.PENANA474FAoTIdC
copyright protection121PENANA01rXQ4Bys8

im good with no friendcopyright protection121PENANAszsV69OTcf

i see the world with somethingcopyright protection121PENANA5EGqn8O5Fl

called a philosophy for a madmancopyright protection121PENANA4GnvDdAfM3

call the wrongs to be right and rights to be wrongcopyright protection121PENANAofCQaI0YCc

i need no hands in marriage and all these womencopyright protection121PENANAdIRU8e2WkI

just forget it copyright protection121PENANAipoGV2UviG

im not exactly sexist but these women are a bit complexcopyright protection121PENANAyGVbw6Tx5w

and that's not the life for me, for i am the simplest of all the man125Please respect copyright.PENANAEBlOGZVNkX
copyright protection121PENANAJjeBdmQgja

with a philosophy complexcopyright protection121PENANAYBznhupb0I

simple body complex mindcopyright protection121PENANASzoOKVVEs0

connect the dots you worthless swines copyright protection121PENANAacjoNxLDN4

all the dots are fractored dimes?copyright protection121PENANAOLFo8XTy9T

well better connect them fast before you run out of timecopyright protection121PENANAh2sFRdBMR4

we gemini are very patient but even this guy takes no  bull  shitcopyright protection121PENANAM1h6q4DbIr

i do my own things at my own time copyright protection121PENANAfxcVWlTPU2

im not lazy im just too smart to even trycopyright protection121PENANAJb4cRVptIg

whats that your boys a ditch digercopyright protection121PENANAxviOBJTfUC

oh well im a CEO the demonic kindcopyright protection121PENANAGaaT56eYV9

no family left they all just died copyright protection121PENANA1Fl6Rd1gGK

just trying to keep my self occupied copyright protection121PENANAxefP3RyW6t

a brain always has two different sidescopyright protection121PENANAzNDKGJQVHM

well mine has four is that still alright?copyright protection121PENANA4IrqOiDQzj

the left be constructed while the right is creativecopyright protection121PENANAB6xQWAHuxN

well thats not how mines workcopyright protection121PENANAY7BBShkIc2

okay now your making things upcopyright protection121PENANAvhLXIAflrO

the right,right is just loud he likes to blurt shit outcopyright protection121PENANAF2VdSROAmm

the left, left makes a thousand fuck's a year but he's not giving any this yearcopyright protection121PENANAokuZWmgh5t

the right,left is a pain he likes to play games like  he's insanecopyright protection121PENANAjAL5xtFNP6

but its not exactly a mind game hahahacopyright protection121PENANACv9xI1oxBL

the left right try as you might  he speaks a tongue called a perspective mindcopyright protection121PENANATZ5nY2JfjO

and in the center so you might find is my the emoji core125Please respect copyright.PENANAqKoD1ZCHds
copyright protection121PENANAJDpuJWYoKO

the alluring kind copyright protection121PENANAvmjEU2Gizh

but even with that knowledge you still cant know mecopyright protection121PENANA4shaQgcAvw

even anonamouse still couldn't hack me copyright protection121PENANApfaOKTLJiv

living in a would of neither foe's or friendcopyright protection121PENANAxNRRsLT84t

in this city there are no gods or kings only mancopyright protection121PENANAq9WIjMYvmu

a child  of the 20th century had just rancopyright protection121PENANA2LJcAt6ldo

2017 is when i  take a stand or perhaps when it became clearcopyright protection121PENANAQKcICFuwNy

the person i would becopyright protection121PENANAZeHVW1HVw4

not on the gates of heaven or hell but the one in-between125Please respect copyright.PENANAaiAeXaDQTR
copyright protection121PENANApzQ9LqDSLQ

the void gate called myself wouldn't you believe copyright protection121PENANAgCBtkd8OJV

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