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Spoken Word
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Spoken Word
Submission Closed
A - A - A
that's what best friends do
Jane Glass
No Plagiarism!gM5VzFkcBVuGR05KrNWBposted on PENANA

(I wasn't sure exactly if there was a certain way to write spoken word poems, but I hope I did okay)133Please respect copyright.PENANAYSaDTbkNlJ
copyright protection129PENANA9b3uo8mJXT

Roses are red133Please respect copyright.PENANAP0flzH2fec
copyright protection129PENANACeFH9fntsY

And violets are a soft huecopyright protection129PENANApXFgXL0pzX

But it's not like I need a romance when I have someone like youcopyright protection129PENANA1J95exdAhb

Someone so honest and truecopyright protection129PENANAtTq8BzoY3Q

I'll know you'll be here for me through and throughcopyright protection129PENANAXtNCJLoKbX

I don't need a rushed-romance, or a boring slow dance with some man I don't even like,copyright protection129PENANAHcGQhUovuG

Not when you and I can talk long into the night with no tension or awkwardness in sightcopyright protection129PENANAHYz87bIvaL

Or some guy who thinks he can break my heart once or twice, try apologizing to me again like he deserves someone like mecopyright protection129PENANAm7e9KYV8J7

I write this with ease cause it's true, no one as honest and fair as me deserves someone whocopyright protection129PENANA6rkNiCHG7c

Would break my heart, rip it apart only to decide he wasn't throughcopyright protection129PENANAmPbWXi8FNi

Fake words like, "I really love you"copyright protection129PENANAr9qGjaFfjo

But I don't care much for flowers, and I'll buy my own chocolatescopyright protection129PENANAmqPGd7iVOq

It's called power of will not desperation for romance, I'll find the right person when I do, because I know how people think, playing love like it's a game, just another thing in life to achievecopyright protection129PENANA7bgi8eBgUo

Some keep trying even when it's not working, I've heard the stories, I know what's true, new lovebirds trying so hard just to fall apart, breaking each other's hearts, I've listened to a lot of romance songscopyright protection129PENANAylyZ2SaH7t

And maybe someday I'll write a fewcopyright protection129PENANA6uUWb74t2S

But today I'll stay by youcopyright protection129PENANAUa4ascp4sj

We'll have pillow fights, watch anime, block out the time, but it still passes by, and yeah we'll argue and have issues, but I know through honesty and love for each other we'll always make it throughcopyright protection129PENANAs1E10HTap1

Because that's what best friends docopyright protection129PENANAEvvysGFwaI

Written about my sister and best friend.copyright protection129PENANAo5StflFEp8

Comments ( 11 )

Yohana Ekky - Loved it!!! Like a song lyric. If it were made into a song, I think it would be a nice one. 😁
1 year agoreply

Jane Glass - Thanks! Yeah, who names? Maybe someday I could actually make it a song. :)
1 year agoreply

Yohana Ekky - @Jane Glass, my submission here is actually a lyrics of my unfinished song. I'm gonna post it as soon as I have time on my Youtube channel. 😁
I'll look forward to hearing your song then.  😊😊
1 year agoreply

Jane Glass - @Yohana Ekky,Cool. Yeah, I saw your submission, it's really good! I also saw your YouTube channel and listened to your Ed Sheeran cover. It was lovely! :)

Ha,ha, maybe, but I'm not really sure I'm ready to join YT and sing songs. I'm want to, but I'm not sure. One day. :P
1 year agoreply

Yohana Ekky - @Jane Glass, You watched it?? Oh thank you so much. I can't believe you did that. Hahah.

Well, since you're good at writing, you should collaborate with a musician someday and make songs. Boom!! Then one day you will be a well-known songwriter. It's not that hard to be famous these days. But this world certainly needs skilled songwriter. And I think you can be one. 😊

Oh my, my comment is long enough to be a chapter of a story. Lol 😅😂
1 year agoreply

Jane Glass - @Yohana Ekky, No problem, I enjoyed it. ^^

That's a good idea. I do write a
lot of songs/poems. I have like 50. XD The only problem would be finding
the right person, but you're right, it would certainly be easy. Thank
you. :)

lol, don't worry about it. I don't mind. You're nice to talk to. :P
1 year agoreply

Yohana Ekky - @Jane Glass, Yes, I believe you will find the right person. 😁😁
Or maybe we could collaborate? You have the lyrics, I make the song. Well, if you want to. 😊😆
1 year agoreply

Jane Glass - @Yohana Ekky, Maybe. I like the idea, but I'd have to think about it. ^^ I would love to one day do a song or two with you, though. :)
11 months agoreply

Yohana Ekky - @Jane Glass, Yeah, that'd be awesome!
11 months agoreply

Jane Glass - @Yohana Ekky, I guess I'll let you know when I'm feeling up to it, then, haha. :)
11 months agoreply

Yohana Ekky - @Jane Glass, Alright! 😁😁
11 months agoreply