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The end is inevitable. . .
Writer Saphyxx
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The end is inevitable. . .
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No Plagiarism!bdJfdC3bQWbAba76KIHDposted on PENANA

It has been days since I've seen someone..someone alive that I could talk to..copyright protection303PENANAMx7ACbYpFS

No one knew anything about the plague or where it came from, only that it killed everything it came into contact with.copyright protection303PENANAMR5v6j89uY

Everything..except me.copyright protection303PENANA6GziQGoBo6

It was like I was immune, is that possible?copyright protection303PENANAeaDlKgwJFc

I reported this to the government, and so they ran tests on me.copyright protection303PENANACs3HYa16kv

Before they could find anything though, the plague had arrived.copyright protection303PENANA5qbFJ2l7DK

One day, I woke up in a surgery room. My doctor was laying face down on my stomach, dead.copyright protection303PENANAeRVSdG8KqO

She must have been dead for a long time, I could only see her skeleton and her surgeon clothes.copyright protection303PENANAW2g0KfaLlu

How long was I asleep?copyright protection303PENANAhrVt6EvsM9

She seemed to have a pistol in her hand..Perhaps she tried to stop it from getting to us.copyright protection303PENANAd018TeO2Yf

I got up, though I had a big pain in my arm. No wound to be seen.copyright protection303PENANAQVh7W2m6OI

I walked to the door while holding my arm.copyright protection303PENANAB5axygc4JY

Just as I got close, the door opened on it's own.copyright protection303PENANAdWZe4TtTVs

Must've been the wind.copyright protection303PENANA8MnqUjtgqh

After making my way through the hospital, I found an archive room.copyright protection303PENANAZ2m9zVqMZ9

A doctor was laying face down, dead, on a desk.copyright protection303PENANAKd5KsaDV3y

I could see a monitor, the screen still turned on.copyright protection303PENANAoclMDf66ww

I could see the world map..though something was strange.copyright protection303PENANAnvzKF9F6VF

The whole map was in a red color, it seemed odd to me. I looked at the right bottom corner of the monitor.copyright protection303PENANAfGSlqlv4hz

It was a small red box with the text 'Infected Land' on it.copyright protection303PENANADFMYrqexxK

Then, it struck me.copyright protection303PENANA4VgDFVNl1I

The plague spread far beyond Europe, to every corner of the world. Entire countries collapsed within the first days of reported cases.copyright protection303PENANA0hpTCPe8Uv

The world as it was, ended. There was nothing to be done about that.copyright protection303PENANAIxbuwDVKas

I couldn't resist to read more, so I turned of the monitor.copyright protection303PENANAufnKT2GGoI

I remained inside the hospital 'till I ran out of supplies.copyright protection303PENANApo0OiCEwLz

Since then, I have been searching for anyone alive.copyright protection303PENANA2t6eYCRTn2

But all I could find where bones and destroyed buildings.copyright protection303PENANAmRhJCbMjSa

There must be someone like me, there HAS to!copyright protection303PENANA2hy26RFLnq

The streets are a lot more quiet now..way too quiet.copyright protection303PENANAkqUrFT4wNr

Sometimes, I just scream my lungs out just so I can hear something. Anything.copyright protection303PENANAz9jQSW1EfU

The silence is deafening..copyright protection303PENANAOhbnjieZ3C

I couldn't be the only one immune, I can't be..copyright protection303PENANApn3kPIdTf0

I haven't been as alone as this in my life.copyright protection303PENANAkO9DF2zHHP

I'm..afraid. Afraid that I may indeed be the only one.copyright protection303PENANABv7MTr58q8

Completely..copyright protection303PENANAKQwOalxofM

Utterly...copyright protection303PENANAozBydgANXh

..Alone.copyright protection303PENANACyNKlGbrPB

I don't know why I am even writing this..copyright protection303PENANAAzr6oCsV0H

If I am the only one left..then no one can read it.copyright protection303PENANAHphiXvzyiw

The silence hasn't left me for a bit. I no longer have a voice to break it..copyright protection303PENANAPV5DFrkQS9

I have the doctor's gun in my bag, just in case it's needed.copyright protection303PENANAssJUz7w22x

I've never needed anything more than just food and..people to talk to.copyright protection303PENANAKKW12TxCrP

Maybe..I can join them..copyright protection303PENANA8hLeVqFfhy

Maybe...I won't be so alone anymore..copyright protection303PENANApJ08EAfbCi

Comments ( 10 )

alexswife - the gay couple back at it again xddd
10 months agoreply

alexswife - senpai

notice me senpai
10 months agoreply

Saphyxx - Noticed. :>
10 months agoreply

alexswife - @Saphyxx, :> :3
10 months agoreply

Rosemary Dawson - @ alexswife, MARCO!? WTF! I didn't know you use Penana! :O
10 months agoreply

alexswife - @Rosemary Dawson, WELL YOU KNOW NOW
10 months agoreply

Rosemary Dawson - @ alexswife, And yes, I did. :D
10 months agoreply

TrulyBlueAngel - Very nice, from start to end. I love how you writing is unique. 
1 year agoreply

Saphyxx - I take inspiration from different songs, which helps my writing. Though, I do write differently depending on what I've been through in the day. Thank you for the compliment!
1 year agoreply

alexswife - @Saphyxx,SENPAI 
10 months agoreply