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The end is inevitable. . .
Writer Saphyxx
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The end is inevitable. . .
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A living nightmare..
Aug 2, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!flyY8gGHkz1QKamjCUKxposted on PENANA

Just as I stepped outside, I saw bones..copyright protection84PENANAF7gxug0P0X

Bones and corpses of innocent people..copyright protection84PENANAdgiMfq2V8n

I couldn't resist and walked away, trying not to look at the dead bodies..copyright protection84PENANAvadfkAzWvj

Just the thought of makes me puke.copyright protection84PENANAubrLIV1IK2

My voice is still dead, though I just want to scream all the time, just so I could hear something.copyright protection84PENANAGYjYKypNux

Not even an animal in sight..birds...rodents..anything.copyright protection84PENANAa0Hof2YPZt

No living organism in sight..except for me.copyright protection84PENANA9uEAfnvh6f

As I kept walking on the streets, I thought to myself ;copyright protection84PENANAkMeDLYcaMH

"What if it's too late..what if other people did live, but suicided due to the fact of being alone..?"copyright protection84PENANAIWHqlXsjNs

I tried to shake that thought off, but it just kept coming back..copyright protection84PENANANWWsxcQ2uW

"I need to find an answer, and I will do anything I can to achieve that goal."copyright protection84PENANAiOJwsuvFEh

Just as I said that in my mind, I heard a loud growl.copyright protection84PENANAmme4Nz2fTP

My heart started racing, I didn't know what to do.copyright protection84PENANAIHME9jR0ml

I looked around for any open shop doors.copyright protection84PENANAWFaFcCaIhO

I ran to every door I could, until I inevitably found an open door.copyright protection84PENANAZEbeJYNMeH

I rushed in and hid behind a counter, my head peeking out.copyright protection84PENANABXooByIty5

What was that thing?copyright protection84PENANAOvLYaXBlGT

Was it going to kill me!?copyright protection84PENANAaFylUhkH3z

My heart kept racing, adrenaline started pumping inside me.copyright protection84PENANApFwN48lNBU

Though I was and will always be powerless.copyright protection84PENANASqpDpAB0Vh

I am just an average man, who worked an average job.copyright protection84PENANAU5XsrRJMzN

Whatever that thing is, I really should try not to die.copyright protection84PENANAlYtSMy17lD

After a while, I heard another growl..copyright protection84PENANA1d4qRt0suW

It was the loudest thing I ever heard.copyright protection84PENANAKo1HRszBe8

I shook in terror as I saw a black, canine creature with glowing yellow eyes..copyright protection84PENANAoA7StTqu1M

It had an abnormally large tail. It seemed to have a spiky texture..copyright protection84PENANA72ZbtRFuk9

There were 3 weird spiked cone-like objects coming out of it's front legs and shoulders.copyright protection84PENANAq4ysMpUm09

It was..really muscled..88Please respect copyright.PENANAYOPMiJkkzU
copyright protection84PENANAupJCicvIGw

..It was a living nightmare.copyright protection84PENANAvOzu03mFyG

It looked around for something..I presumed that..that 'something' was me.copyright protection84PENANAPYLnqxNlUO

It turned to the shop I was in all of a sudden, as I quickly put my head back.copyright protection84PENANAupde1vqwe7

I heard another growl, though not as loud as the second one it had. But certainly louder than the first..copyright protection84PENANA3JWDeWGABe

My already-ringing ears felt like they were bleeding..copyright protection84PENANAhqd2ODABZu

..It was a terrific feeling.copyright protection84PENANAptTDHU98ro

I supposed the canine creature left, as I peeked out of the counter.copyright protection84PENANAfv7b8m8OXJ

I could now see 2 creatures..And that's when another thought came to me ;copyright protection84PENANA3eaghYUSzT

"Are they the fault..for all of this?"copyright protection84PENANAmZmgD4bMcC

I now had 2 new objectives..copyright protection84PENANAas7iEgEM4C

To find an answer to all of this..copyright protection84PENANAw7RGo8Ei0e

..and to exterminate/cure those things.copyright protection84PENANAbneyDRCODP

So I came up with the following plan ;copyright protection84PENANArNhz6WPKIU

I need to try everything in my disposal to cure them..copyright protection84PENANAne2eVqnzIo

If that doesn't work, I'll need to kill them.copyright protection84PENANANUL1spT5dw

Meanwhile, I'd need to look for other survivors.copyright protection84PENANAUFkceq84bR

They didn't turn their heads to the shop I was in again, thank God..copyright protection84PENANAZy61N1saBb

After what felt like an eternity, they left.copyright protection84PENANAyo5jqyIjDW

I slowly got out of my hiding spot, seeing nothing in sight.copyright protection84PENANAQyCaKQBTVM

"Was that an illusion? An illusion made by my mind, to break me even more?"copyright protection84PENANALUlRW8Tpju

"Was it a vision? To tell me about what I will be going through?!"copyright protection84PENANAASTGckeVES

I was getting more terrified by the second..copyright protection84PENANARuqtFakg3g

I decided to remain inside the shop, looking for any food..copyright protection84PENANA3ObpG7yAwR

I turned around on a corner, observing empty food cans and bottles..copyright protection84PENANA57JYNVj2QX

Maybe someone was here before me..88Please respect copyright.PENANAXbv5gz43co
copyright protection84PENANAUIskc7vwnz

Since I couldn't find anything, I took another peek outside ; Still nothing in sight.copyright protection84PENANANroYQ56oFD

I carefully stepped out, once again observing the dead corpses of innocent people.copyright protection84PENANAgKKZJyV2AL

I looked away, trying not to puke.copyright protection84PENANA0vusQGzldX

I continued walking, trying to figure out where I could find anyone..copyright protection84PENANAU0piZfn5E3

Would I encounter those creatures again?copyright protection84PENANAIUNtUx2PAD

Will I finally meet anyone?copyright protection84PENANABB853YMDkZ

Or would I get killed from those devilish creatures, still being alone forever..?copyright protection84PENANABe00x0gV5V

Comments ( 3 )

Rosemary Dawson - Monsieur, you do sure write some intense dramatic stuff! Are you sure that you didn't watch that kdrama I reccomended? 

*suspicious face activated*
1 year agoreply

Saphyxx - I am more sure than ever.
1 year agoreply

alexswife - ohmyGAH
10 months agoreply