The end is inevitable. . . - A "friendly" encounter.. | Penana

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The end is inevitable. . .
Writer Saphyxx
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The end is inevitable. . .
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A "friendly" encounter..
Sep 21, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!fYvFjbmqxcG2MmoofonDposted on PENANA

Walking around like this..I'm definitely not feeling well.103Please respect copyright.PENANALstYWQbg6E
copyright protection99PENANAg4FHONS18t

I know I was looking much happier in the last page but..103Please respect copyright.PENANASEn3R4Z2sd
copyright protection99PENANAInsd2LopbW

Now that I know that there's a high risk I'll be attacked by those..things..I can't help but want to lock myself in a store and never come out.103Please respect copyright.PENANAfTJrFVtWxF
copyright protection99PENANABSYofnMvM9

But then I get reminded that if I do that, humanity may have no hope of coming back.103Please respect copyright.PENANAci7Fh4wskD
copyright protection99PENANA82eOK2BC3K

No..not just humanity..but the whole planet.103Please respect copyright.PENANA7diug9zgb1
copyright protection99PENANA6L7yZaknzv

I need to figure out those creatures' weaknesses and kill them.103Please respect copyright.PENANAurUdSA8lxG
copyright protection99PENANAjboizDFl8s

If I don't..those devils will be the only god damn things living!103Please respect copyright.PENANA1KZ8qgcWIx
copyright protection99PENANAvhvJ6fLISP

There must be a way I can kill them..there must be!103Please respect copyright.PENANAAPKSk11Thd
copyright protection99PENANAsYBzxAKRYk

First I need to survive though, who knows how painful it will be to die like this.copyright protection99PENANAnivLB5phry

And I don't mean physical pain.103Please respect copyright.PENANAULEPZxp7TX
copyright protection99PENANAJWQeGWtsEm

Anyways, I need to find a weapon shop or something. Now that I have rested I should be able to walk for 4-5 more hours.copyright protection99PENANAi7lTHSurJt

Hopefully I won't have to run or hide.103Please respect copyright.PENANANUHN383g5M
copyright protection99PENANAL6LhSmmhDN

After some walking, I heard a growl..louder than anything I have ever heard in my life.103Please respect copyright.PENANANFCyxWAzPS
copyright protection99PENANAPmKFArC4Th

My legs froze as I slowly turned backwards and turned pale.copyright protection99PENANArcoM65EAxo

I could see one of those devilish wolves staring at me from near the school I was previously in.copyright protection99PENANA3ivPAnbXEP

It looked...way too big. Bigger than those two I had previously seen.copyright protection99PENANAKubvaMXMRR

It just..stared at me while sitting down.copyright protection99PENANA3j3s59xKK5

I definitely wasn't going to approach it, no no no..I was planning to make a run for it.copyright protection99PENANA9OoEDY1PVG

As I waited for my legs to "unfreeze" I noticed more of those devils gathering around the bigger one. They seemed to be one third of it's height.copyright protection99PENANAEGbQclD97v

At that point I was getting more anxious than ever..It was more anxious than giving an exam where I didn't study anything.copyright protection99PENANA0bO3DTcbEX

I slowly reached for my crowbar as I booked it out of there.copyright protection99PENANAhNLFroDtdz

I took as many left and right turns as I could, trying to find a shop I could break inside.copyright protection99PENANAaSflIrGlAO

Also, forgot to mention that just after I started running, I could hear multiple growls from those damn devils.copyright protection99PENANAQA0FEEyRQd

Now..back to where I was.103Please respect copyright.PENANAMKErzDZZLS
copyright protection99PENANAO70zMsXpVb

I kept running until I found a cafe with a broken window. I could also hear big footsteps coming from behind me, if that makes it worse.103Please respect copyright.PENANAXyNFmQNp6S
copyright protection99PENANAZ53erMG78h

I ran to it as fast as I could, basically diving inside as I slid on a table.103Please respect copyright.PENANAbUxNt4K3Dz
copyright protection99PENANAWZSWEwAdnq

Quickly and swiftly, I hid under the table as best I could, basically being stuck on the wall.103Please respect copyright.PENANAWqkASTdRTY
copyright protection99PENANAqcxqLkSJKO

A big moment of silence followed as I could see two front legs of one of those devilish wolves. copyright protection99PENANAUJUYYlKFsS

It was one of the worst feelings I've had.103Please respect copyright.PENANAKQxxvTniju
copyright protection99PENANAWpSPlwmWJJ

I could hear it's breath as it made it's way inside of the restaurant, small growls coming from it.103Please respect copyright.PENANAbvoIiSM3Wq
copyright protection99PENANAn9WVAHftqZ

Adrenaline was pumping inside me faster than ever, it was not the best of things to experience at such a moment in time.copyright protection99PENANAhlJbjHw4mZ

I kept hidden down the table for what seemed to be an eternity before I could hear that devil creature's breath again.copyright protection99PENANAXjoP8KluH5

I didn't move an inch as I saw it's legs again. It jumped on the table as it walked out of the window.copyright protection99PENANAe4ea0PSfii

Letting out the biggest sigh of my life, I slowly crawled out of my hiding spot as I peeked outside, no creature in sight.copyright protection99PENANAfzEYLXGh22

I got up, soon getting out of the shop. Looked around, nothing in sight.103Please respect copyright.PENANADSRXsJRGBK
copyright protection99PENANAhZmGOuqaY8

I was now lost. Perfect, right? Haha..103Please respect copyright.PENANAFmBdT77hqq
copyright protection99PENANAfddundjftB

..Funny. 103Please respect copyright.PENANAMBVbje36hZ
copyright protection99PENANAyIbcHWanec

I better try to find someone to talk to.copyright protection99PENANAqvcMb1hCcf

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GIREEL - lol stop

10 months agoreply

alexswife - *prays*
10 months agoreply

alexswife - your writing skills are incredible

10 months agoreply

Rosemary Dawson - *le cries*

From the beginning of foetus Monsieur to a guy who has his first story reaching to 100 reads and is featured in Trending. (;-;)

It was just like yesterday that you were born. *wipes tears dramatically*

This should be held as a celebration!! 🎉
10 months agoreply

GIREEL - potato

10 months agoreply

Rosemary Dawson - Mash potato.
10 months agoreply

GIREEL - potato chip

10 months agoreply

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