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The end is inevitable. . .
Writer Saphyxx
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The end is inevitable. . .
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10 seconds late.
Aug 20, 2017
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NNJIyNcLqF6CnkaaOETiposted on PENANA

I have been walking for legs are starting to hurt.copyright protection86PENANAKlUC1b24yN

I need somewhere safe to rest..Even a cafe would do.copyright protection86PENANAOmAx59lhVL

Though every cafe I saw was either closed or destroyed.copyright protection86PENANAW1oklyu9do

Bad luck is all around me.copyright protection86PENANAsXJmzKyBO6

I was starting to get anxious, anxious that I wouldn't find anywhere to rest.copyright protection86PENANApCt0ayavP5

If I sat down to rest right here in the street, I would become a free meal for those devilish creatures.copyright protection86PENANAhM6G6rfBBs

What is the difference though? I am a free meal anyway since I am walking in the streets.​copyright protection86PENANAZ4qIqZtZBi

After more walking, my legs started feeling sore. It feels like knives are stabbing them.copyright protection86PENANA61Uz157bBX

I noticed a dead police officer equipped with a crowbar and, laying down dead on the concrete sidewalk.copyright protection86PENANAgTJnzPPOqq

There also was a Glock next to him, a magazine inside it. It wasn't fully attached to it, meaning that if I picked it up the magazine would fall down.copyright protection86PENANAhquH8VHCUi

And so I walked up next to him.copyright protection86PENANAU1jPAlUIwv

Inspecting his Glock, I noticed that it's magazine was empty.copyright protection86PENANAFNpoaYe0NF

With a further inspection on his dead body, I could safely say he was also out of reserve ammunition.copyright protection86PENANAr45VLeRsQM

Now that I knew the Glock was useless to me, I put it back where I got it from.copyright protection86PENANALKN4zoqu6W

It seemed like he wasn't really dead for a while.copyright protection86PENANA0LKpaVnpVa

He still had his hair and nails on his body.copyright protection86PENANA4mf9i0nase

I felt disturbed, but decided to get the crowbar. Perhaps I could break a lock or something and get to somewhere safe.copyright protection86PENANAWdZKiy9I3f

I closed one of my eyes and leaned closer to the dead body.copyright protection86PENANAF31ptclRBg

With a quick grab I successfully grabbed the crowbar, walking away from him.copyright protection86PENANA2GDhPVhd5J

Poor guy, he probably was just doing his job.copyright protection86PENANAs2XrNf0WY3

My legs now started feeling more sore every second that passed.copyright protection86PENANAcD7d3Aqor1

I came across a school, with a lock I probably could break with the crowbar.copyright protection86PENANAFtHiKxd2Lj

Walking up to it, I noticed the lock was quite rusty. That meant I could break it easier than I previously expected.copyright protection86PENANALdlJE9YE5W

With some pressure, I broke the lock easily as it fell down.copyright protection86PENANAIiAPvDqV1R

The school door slowly opened, a soft wind blowing in my body as it did.copyright protection86PENANAXGlFZ6dc8Y

The school looked like a typical highschool, nothing out of the ordinary.copyright protection86PENANAvUcRDQ1Cv7

Nothing was damaged.copyright protection86PENANAzdp93UMtQO

I thought it was weird, considering how the outside of the school looked like it was quite old.copyright protection86PENANAlOvHuuNHHW

I walked inside, feeling goosebumps.copyright protection86PENANAFdQR5uI66d

Given the school being how it was, it looked like it was out of the horror film.copyright protection86PENANAdFrCPuxCYo

I didn't let that thought scare me out, since I knew I already was in a living horror film, so there was nothing I would lose if I went inside.copyright protection86PENANAqjdW0HrOo9

Looking around the school, I tried looking for the principal's office.copyright protection86PENANAK4mBWr5Fyc

The school was two stories big, so I knew I would need to search for a while.copyright protection86PENANASLSkoHOWjM

Though the fact that my legs were hurting was discouraging me.copyright protection86PENANAkK6xH7f8VD

I looked around for a while, going up and down the floors before finally finding it.copyright protection86PENANAiGIEhE6njF

I thought it would be locked, but when I went to open the door, it indeed opened.copyright protection86PENANAzcrsxP9lMs

As soon as I stepped inside, I noticed a small sized couch.copyright protection86PENANA86dfEUmT3i

With all the power in my legs that I still had left, I walked to it.copyright protection86PENANAxlYf0gU6Ee

I fell right onto it and felt the biggest relief in my life.copyright protection86PENANAMeqdGX3PjP

After a bit of relaxing, I fell asleep.copyright protection86PENANAisWvIAq4ut

I then woke up, still on the couch. Nothing had changed, except the light coming from the outside of the school.copyright protection86PENANAn1OmgODaVh

My legs felt much better so I decided to get up to stretch and continue my walking.copyright protection86PENANAoIvPVcNZ27

As I started walking out of the school, I passed the female bathroom.copyright protection86PENANAOkAKQilgnP

Just when I went in front of it, I heard a female voice.copyright protection86PENANAKKQz77oKik

For the first time in days, I finally heard a voice.copyright protection86PENANA1H2xxXJkXL

"It's been months since I last saw anyone..I can't deal with this anymore.." Is what I heard.copyright protection86PENANAsL62wXlReI

"..Goodbye, cruel world!" I heard the female say, before a gun was shot.copyright protection86PENANAHYtyxAFVkX

I quickly rushed to the door, opening it.copyright protection86PENANAfmFiTcgDxd

What I saw inside was..terrifying. copyright protection86PENANAoZYv2vsnmG

The woman, who must have been the one talking, was sitting down on the ground with blood all over her head and a gun in her hand.copyright protection86PENANA54FyCd9h8t

It looked like she was wearing some teacher type of clothing, perhaps she worked here.copyright protection86PENANAfoQUGJ7WmE

With anger, I started yelling at myself.copyright protection86PENANA9LD8hFDJ20

"FUCK! IF ONLY I WAS HERE 10 SECONDS EARLIER!!"copyright protection86PENANAq845HGjRYr

With a kick, I smashed a mirror in the bathroom, followed by kicking one of the stall's doors.copyright protection86PENANAkeQb9xUguh

After more kicking and yelling, I finally calmed down.copyright protection86PENANAUD3yMkeq3h

There's no way she was normal, she MUST have been like me. The plaque had spread everywhere, there is no way she was normal.copyright protection86PENANArupvA7cTYb

That also meant that there were more like me, and I wasn't the only one!copyright protection86PENANAljpbuyJpPd

I regained a lot of hope, as I approached the woman's dead body.copyright protection86PENANAGJRJiD3w47

I looked around for any similarities between her characteristics and mine.copyright protection86PENANANvBd1cke5j

After a bit, I noticed a weird mark on the left side of her head. The same side as the one she shot herself.copyright protection86PENANAprCPC7nlwc

Just as I noticed it, I remembered that I had the same kind of mark in the same general location.copyright protection86PENANAzdWqWe30L7

"That is it! That must be the reason why we were immune against the plaque!" I said to myself.copyright protection86PENANA8yDKMEW6S2

I then got up and grabbed her gun, hoping it had any bullets.copyright protection86PENANAqit375avrH

I noticed it also was a Glock, which was kind of a weird thing seeing as the dead officer I saw before also had one. I decided to shake off that thought.copyright protection86PENANAI0UEqRTuRE

The Glock had a magazine in it, and when I took it out, I saw that it had a full magazine.copyright protection86PENANACZcfKZTG6M

I took a deep sigh of relief as I pocketed the gun.copyright protection86PENANAIw4bzbhKHJ

It was a good day, though it would have been better if I was more early when the teacher suicided.copyright protection86PENANArpKl3bcXF4

On the upside, I got myself a gun, a crowbar and more information on my immunity against the plaque.copyright protection86PENANABi4OxONrvT

To no one's surprise, question's arose in my mind.copyright protection86PENANAddqipZuGJb

"Would I finally find an answer to my immunity?"copyright protection86PENANAqbAaxElJB1

"Could I find someone else like me? Someone I could save the world with?"copyright protection86PENANAOcjT1RIOjd

"If I did find someone..could I survive until the end?"copyright protection86PENANAIxr8PQ8kxS

All of these were good questions, but..copyright protection86PENANAvX358AKukl

Would I eventually find the answer for them?copyright protection86PENANAw9yQ2AHLp1

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Rosemary Dawson - Yes, there will always be answers and solutions for everything! :D
10 months agoreply