The end is inevitable. . . - Climbing the stairway to Heaven.. | Penana

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The end is inevitable. . .
Writer Saphyxx
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The end is inevitable. . .
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Climbing the stairway to Heaven..
Oct 3, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!Y4vResxRI6wbXSDNzHccposted on PENANA

I have witnessed about 20 of those devilish wolves by now.99Please respect copyright.PENANAznKuS4ykoq
copyright protection95PENANAn62eqVQ0xw

They just don't stop coming, do they?99Please respect copyright.PENANAqi3AWNxMkg
copyright protection95PENANANwAinOLUGt

My objective of finding another survivor is still ongoing.99Please respect copyright.PENANAKlEg00NW19
copyright protection95PENANA0cEY4iMEZZ

I'm sure I will meet someone, I am sure about it.99Please respect copyright.PENANAPBwA5oFDJ4
copyright protection95PENANARn5UBvQswn

For the last two hours I have been hiding in a hotel, consuming and packing everything I can find.99Please respect copyright.PENANA49m7KiVh5f
copyright protection95PENANAYkUzChnnc4

When I entered the hotel, I found a huge backpack, though it was empty.99Please respect copyright.PENANAyQAd6BdTyf
copyright protection95PENANARdgwclPY0P

It's now full of food, water and other resources.copyright protection95PENANAXSc3MNzCf5

After I got more rest, I walked outside of the hotel.copyright protection95PENANA0eqUN2cbqo

I was met with nothing but bones and animal corpses..99Please respect copyright.PENANA3oQzYWYEAI
copyright protection95PENANAfiCwPOSEMS

Nothing out of the ordinary.99Please respect copyright.PENANAIER4MBnHTt
copyright protection95PENANAtKKGNwum9J

Anyways, I need to get going.99Please respect copyright.PENANAXsjyFp9TjI
copyright protection95PENANAs9YS3MVfXm

I managed to find an old map of the city I was in, after some minutes of trying to figure out where the fuck I was, I decided to move east.99Please respect copyright.PENANA8m6ZW5VVJv
copyright protection95PENANAEcEgJt5B8R

As soon as I set foot to my east, I heard a massive growl.99Please respect copyright.PENANADravwX6UE0
copyright protection95PENANAtCCeipLMLU

I quickly turned my head to see the same giant wolf from before.99Please respect copyright.PENANAnCtGa96j2p
copyright protection95PENANAwe3v67h1nf

It was still sitting down on the concrete, staring deep into my soul.99Please respect copyright.PENANA1bM8bJd6EW
copyright protection95PENANAn1r2ibwnME

 ​I'm questioning my existence now..99Please respect copyright.PENANACinNNUKUOp
copyright protection95PENANAfghRuAgfn2

That wolf must be the Alpha of whatever pack is in this place, I better watch my every step around it.99Please respect copyright.PENANAVb1oSbxYuA
copyright protection95PENANAaUhepnmHpJ

I slowly backed away from the wolf's general direction, walking east.99Please respect copyright.PENANAnwMaEXTR4y
copyright protection95PENANAWNKoQ2zmpl

My walking slowly turned into jogging, then into running. I could hear more wolf growls from the creature's direction.copyright protection95PENANA1EBiw5TNlg

I continued running, accidentally taking a turn into an alleyway.99Please respect copyright.PENANAOGRbuF6ezU
copyright protection95PENANAPwa7LAu7hU

My heart started pounding as I saw one of the wolves slowly approaching me.99Please respect copyright.PENANADv5ETXPrVk
copyright protection95PENANAQeIACyDbU3

It's yellow devilish eyes stared into me, by this time adrenaline was everywhere in my body.99Please respect copyright.PENANA1jRNuwLonP
copyright protection95PENANAwVH8eee81A

I could see..yellow saliva? Yeah...yellow saliva..dripping from it's mouth as it let out a big growl at me.99Please respect copyright.PENANAXcwOo0tue3
copyright protection95PENANAoR6zYRatYr

My legs started shaking as my brain started making illogical assumptions as to what would happen.99Please respect copyright.PENANAoRyuwsrmTn
copyright protection95PENANAnPF5piD3ty

My eyes widened as I saw an arrow fly across my vision and into one of the wolf's eyes.99Please respect copyright.PENANAGVHxJb4uzr
copyright protection95PENANA60uO8J2mR3

The devilish wolf fell down onto the cement as the "spikes" on it's back shot out of it's body and into the surrounding walls.99Please respect copyright.PENANAjxEPl2PPw4
copyright protection95PENANAWfU3PTUZmT

Luckily none of them had hit me.99Please respect copyright.PENANASUWrosTQON
copyright protection95PENANArKJ7P8ptbS

I turned my head upwards as I saw a man with a bow lucking down at me, smirking.copyright protection95PENANA2hSw61f8n7

He jumped down next to me onto a pile of mattresses.copyright protection95PENANAbkm6ncZibm

"Hello.." The man spoke as he looked at me.copyright protection95PENANAcD6VKW49qf

"Wh-Who are you..?" I rambled as my heart was pounding even faster than before.copyright protection95PENANA2sxVZDWfMk

The man remained silent as he turned his head to the dead creature's body.copyright protection95PENANAmYEJ51V5k7

"Quite a big one..glad I got here in time." He mumbled before turning back to me.99Please respect copyright.PENANAevJW3s77XH
copyright protection95PENANArwKxrvuvFU

"I am Marco, one of the few survivors of this plaque, just like you." He inspected my face for a bit, while I inspected his. 99Please respect copyright.PENANAzgfd6AfWqL
copyright protection95PENANALHnjDmXzBJ

He was wearing a black hoodie that he made look like a cape. I also noticed that one of his eyebrows was chipped, perhaps it was a birn sign.99Please respect copyright.PENANA0iGWK4oDVd
copyright protection95PENANATYIyHNACSU

" seem to have the same mark as every other person." Mumbling, he inspected me closer.99Please respect copyright.PENANAraIa6LCeSz
copyright protection95PENANAKjquRS0loF

"Can you tell me what it is?" I asked in a bit of a worried tone.99Please respect copyright.PENANAWsQbFXLUTc
copyright protection95PENANAg9mEtZ0qzC

"Unfortunately no one knows anything about it, not even our doctors."copyright protection95PENANAatAS1iFCUx

"Doctors..? Are there more people like you?" My question seemed to amuse him.copyright protection95PENANAwFRXaJPa5d

"Of course there are more like you. Come, I'll lead you to our hideout." He took my hand as he guided me inside a secret pathway behind us. He was wearing wool gloves.copyright protection95PENANAPlncZQc0gM

We started walking up on a white-colored, clean as heck stairway.copyright protection95PENANADrfejhwZTr

Like a stairway to Heaven.99Please respect copyright.PENANAGTumQfqfSm
copyright protection95PENANAwq6ong7drc

We entered an open door as I was greeted with 5 people sitting down on a couch.99Please respect copyright.PENANAskwbuCX7RQ
copyright protection95PENANArgyOtyEFyV

Three of them had black hoodies and trackpants, while the other two were wearing scurbs. Those two must have been the doctors.99Please respect copyright.PENANAHNixYXvKRo
copyright protection95PENANArcmHqGZWFS

"So, what's your name young fella?" Marco turned to me as he held his hand out for me.99Please respect copyright.PENANAWxhrU8Glnz
copyright protection95PENANAocjvAGMHUd

"I-I'm Craig. Craig Mayers." I shook his hand tightly as his gloves warmed my hand 99Please respect copyright.PENANAHPTd1nQYvH
copyright protection95PENANAUlts9X0ODz

immensely.copyright protection95PENANAK5L7MbNL8t

"Well, Craig. Meet the crew.." Marco smiled as he turned to the other 5 people.copyright protection95PENANAEwFY2fEOXz

99Please respect copyright.PENANAOcu6Kt4fdW
copyright protection95PENANA1RUvj3skS5

My curiousness about who these people were started taking over.99Please respect copyright.PENANADauVBo3iJq
copyright protection95PENANATCaEJXPxJY

I wonder what will happen from now on..99Please respect copyright.PENANARqgLEh8vgD
copyright protection95PENANA0nvFlxV0lT

Comments ( 2 )

alexswife - The character was made after me!! (Gutta get sum fame boi)
10 months agoreply

GIREEL - awesome
10 months agoreply