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Welcome To The Show - THE NOVEL
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Welcome To The Show - THE NOVEL
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Nov 13, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!w1eqwpI3JiqkxzaWahagposted on PENANA

SCENE 11copyright protection32PENANAcnyTqZSjUF

              Craig couldn’t remember the last time he was this worried about Jerald P.  He had been gone for hours and Craig hadn’t been able to find him.  It was morning and there was still no sign of the curious teen anywhere. And that wasn’t even the worst part. Craig noticed that Stacy wasn’t sitting with Walter. Walter was sobbing with his face in his hands, drenching them in tears. Stacy was taken, Craig took it. Everyone was disappearing, and Craig still could wrap his head around as to why they were disappearing. Craig sat in front of his mini-base and waited for Jerald P to return, which didn’t take too long.  Craig was exasperated at how long Jerald P stayed away.  “Where the heck have you been?! I was up for hours looking for you!” Craig yelled, holding a disgusted look on his face.copyright protection32PENANAZrHdSdDAhm

              Jerald P held a straight face as best he could. “I was trying to look for the other Jerald and his friends.”copyright protection32PENANATHHrhRns9y

              “When we’re supposed to be looking for Harold and Karry.”copyright protection32PENANAIlWgemg7Gb

              “I’m sorry, Craig, but I had fun though trying to look for them.”copyright protection32PENANANFCuTuIw5Z

              “Alone.”copyright protection32PENANATYHApZsNrB

              “Look, I told you that if I don’t come back soon, to come look for me, right?”copyright protection32PENANAmaXircEHjl

              “And that’s exactly what I did! But you thought it would be best to just go off and leave without coming back to tell me that you wouldn’t be coming back to the base till the morning!” Craig didn’t want to hear anymore of Jerald P’s stories.copyright protection32PENANAS60vBU0jr5

              “Craig…”copyright protection32PENANAjl40WuZohr

              “I thought you were taken by the nappers! And as a matter of fact, I ran into one of them last night.” Craig finally expressed a feeling that wasn’t happy-go-lucky.copyright protection32PENANA0EBXW3aBKt

              “Really?! What did you do to him?” Jerald P’s moods changed at the lightspeed.copyright protection32PENANAWCAX8cR8vj

               “I hit him with one of the pans and managed to get away before he could take me.”copyright protection32PENANAePEiPAMPZ4

               “That’s great!” Craig kept glaring at Jerald P, still ticked off about his poor decision making. “I mean that, it was great that you got away.”copyright protection32PENANAgZISXEV7gG

               “Yeah, but guess what else happened this morning before you got back?”copyright protection32PENANABcjc9ro1AU

               “What?”copyright protection32PENANAkOJZ7yzToy

               “Stacy was taken by them, but not by the one I encountered.” Jerald P’s face went pale as if his soul was sucked clean out of him.copyright protection32PENANAYFyHxwmtEC

               “So there really is more than one?”copyright protection32PENANAafPtrYVQ0v

               “Apparently, and the one I ran into, he calls himself ‘Killer Jam.’” Jerald P’s face grew paler and even more fear-struck as Craig talked.copyright protection32PENANAKkktkr1Tlq

               “That’s just lovely. Not only are we missing three people now, but we’re dealing with more than one menace.”copyright protection32PENANAsk511Dyo7c

               “Exactly. What do you think is going to happen next?”copyright protection32PENANA1hsQLUPHKP

               “I honestly have no clue, but I know that everything goes according to God’s plan. I’d say you should ask Him what’s going to happen.”  Craig’s glare faded and was replaced with a blank stare. “I think everyone here should ask what’s going to happen next.” Craig moaned.copyright protection32PENANAcuaxYuYZok

               “Yeah, but in the meantime, we should probably get some sleep and take a break from watch our backs.”copyright protection32PENANAqQEvSG8q4f

               “Good idea.” Craig grabbed a cutting board, laid it flat, and rested his head on it as he quickly fell into a deep sleep. Jerald P let out a chuckle as he just watched Craig sleep awkwardly. “I meant in our room, but whatever.” Jerald P walked back to his cabin room to fall asleep. Everything still in its place except for Craig’s luggage, it was sticking out from underneath his bed by approximately one foot.  Jerald P took the initiative to push it back all the way under the bed.  If Craig could, he’d do everything halfway and leave the rest to whoever had the initiative to finish it if it involved cleaning or doing chores of any kind. This kind of unorthodox behavior was very unhealthy, especially for someone who has the mentality of an elementary school student. Jerald P didn’t want Craig to have another breakdown though, and it was in his best interest to make sure Craig can still have fun with everything that’s going on.copyright protection32PENANAC6x5WjZL0K

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