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Welcome To The Show - THE NOVEL
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Welcome To The Show - THE NOVEL
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Nov 13, 2017
8 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!8Gi8kcZN2SpLkDWmxKf0posted on PENANA

SCENE 7copyright protection49PENANA7aeiRNxCXL

     Karry hadn’t been able to sleep ever since Harold’s disappearance.  She had tried reading and humming to herself, but nothing worked.  The only other thing she could think of was taking a walk.  Thoughts of Harold being dead wouldn’t leave Karry alone.  She breathed heavily as she kept walking and talking to herself, “What am I gonna do? I can’t think. I can’t sleep. I can’t seem to do anything now with the thought of Harold missing.” She breathed deeply and exhaled. “I’ll just give it to God and pray that Harold is okay.”  A laughter broke from a distance, startling Karry.  The laughter must’ve come from a hyena or something it sounded so eerie. Karry stared towards where the laughter came from, which was down a dark, ghastly hallway.  “Who’s there?!” She cried.  She slowly made her way towards the hallway before letting another word out of her mouth. “Show your face before I…”copyright protection49PENANAo6rHeLTdzV

            A sudden, fear-inducing voice--it was a guy’s voice--came from the hallway, making Karry jump. “Before you what?”  The voice said.  Karry had to think for a second about what she wanted to say before she let out, “Before I wake the others!” copyright protection49PENANA5YHqCENap2

            “Ooh! I’m so terrified, so aghast! I’m so scared I may have a heart attack!” The voice replied followed by maniacal, hyena-like laughter. Another voice, a girl’s voice, came from even further down the hallway. “Synth! Stop with the rhyming!” The girl’s voice said.copyright protection49PENANAbwdqP5dnHb

            “I can’t help myself! You guys seem so chill when Killer Jam does it.”copyright protection49PENANA86iANwmHJV

            “Who else is there?!” Karry interjected.copyright protection49PENANADPUkgwY3Hn

            “Why don’t you come and look!”  Karry felt a frigid hand grasp her wrist and it pulled her down the hallway and into a dark room that was lit up by spotlights.  There were four people in the room, including the man who encountered Harold.  The person pulling Karry wore a top hat, a green suit, and had shining teeth.  The girl wore a black and purple shirt with long black and white checkered boots.  She also wore a lot of black makeup.  The last one who stood next to the long-haired, mask-wearing lunatic wore two bandanas, one over his mouth and another around his forehead, both being pitch black. He clothed himself in a gigantic leather jacket and was wearing black jeans that matched his dress shoes. Karry couldn’t even say anything from how terrified she was.  “It’s about time you showed up.” The girl moaned.copyright protection49PENANA5SUiiJow65

            “Pipe down. At least I didn’t have to knock her out first like Killer Jam did.” The top hat guy kept pulling Karry until the stood beside a cushiony chair.  “Sit down!” The guy shouted as he vigorously sat Karry in the chair.  “Be a good girl and stay! Wait.” He pulled a long string of rope out of his right pocket and tied Karry’s hands behind the chair, holding her considerably still.  “Now we can almost guarantee that you’ll stay!”copyright protection49PENANAIfc0P0wbHg

            “Synth, stage left to your keyboard! Bass, stage right with your bass, and Drum, up stage on the drums!” The masked maniac yelled, and the others did as they were told.  “What…” was all Karry could say before the guy interrupted her.  “Shush! Before we begin our little… introduction, I’d like to say welcome to the show!” He laughed before proceeding.  “Stay quiet and listen up. Now!”  53Please respect copyright.PENANALSypa0kve9
copyright protection49PENANA7k61FmyDpf

            As soon as he finished his sentence, the others began playing electronic/rock music and the crazed man began to sing. “This camp rocks! Our band rocks! Our God rocks! Everything here rocks, I exclaim! This camp rocks! Our band rocks! Our God rocks! Now it’s time for us to tell you our names! Hello, my name, it is Killer Jam and I am the leader, the leader of our band. I just may look quite intimidating, but not to worry I’m not that agitating. Singing with my God-given voice, it just makes me want to rejoice! I could sing forever until my end and now, let’s head over to my friend!”  He sang as he performed animated dance moves.copyright protection49PENANA1v8VOqFcWM

            “Hello, my name, it is Blood Bass, and if you are wondering just in case, I am the only female in this band and with me I hold a bass in my hands. Playing an instrument with a sound so deep, a sound that I would love to keep. All the music we’ll play will sound so sweet, you’ll want to have all the sounds repeat!” The girl sang shortly after Killer Jam.copyright protection49PENANAhE1uERub3b

            “This camp rocks! Our band rocks! Our God rocks! We’ve still got two more friends to go! This camp rocks! Our band rocks! Our God rocks! Here is our next member in the band that you should know!”copyright protection49PENANArawxcbTKPj

            “Hello, my name, it is Sadistic Synth, can you hear my sounds or feel my rhythm? The sounds I play come from a keyboard because I can’t resist playing awesome chords! Keyboards seem to be all the rage especially when seen being played on a stage! I feel so alive playing music I swear! Just like my friend over there on the snare!” Sang the top hat wearing madman.copyright protection49PENANA0RO8NCysOv

            “Our friend on the snare his name is Dead Drum, although he can’t talk, look at what he’s become!” Killer Jam continued.copyright protection49PENANAe6agBP850b

            “Our music sounds much better with his skills, giving everyone such a thrill!” Blood Bass followed.copyright protection49PENANAhslNZxZTiO

            “Dead Drum can certainly keep a beat, without him our band is incomplete!” Sadistic Synth sang.copyright protection49PENANAciG1qtDZVs

            “That’s all from us and our rhyming grammar, but you haven’t seen the last of us jammers!” Killer Jam finished as the other played a few more notes before stopping.  Sadistic Synth jumped off the stage and waltzed over to Karry.  “So, what did you think of our presentation?”  Sadistic Synth asked.  Before Karry could even think about what she was gonna do, she kicked Sadistic Synth backwards, stood up, and spun in a circle to hit the psychopath. He jumped backwards avoiding the chair.  “We’ve got a fighter!” Killer Jam cheered as Sadistic Synth rolled aside trying to stay away from Karry swinging her chair.  She charged at him, but he jumped aside.  She turned around, but he was holding a can of something.  “Sweet dreams!” He said as he sprayed Karry in the face.  Karry sat back down, still tied to the chair, coughed, and passed out.  Whatever that was that she was sprayed with was strong, it could’ve been chloroform, or just a strong scented spray.  53Please respect copyright.PENANAe4RsCG1Vib
copyright protection49PENANAvazFravzfv

             “Now we’ve just got to put her with the other guy.”  Sadistic Synth dragged Karry and her chair and placed them in a corner next to Harold, who was also tied to a chair.  “Be careful with her. You don’t want to accidentally knock her over like you did with him.”  Killer Jam commanded.copyright protection49PENANAKxX6kXEjRW

            “Don’t worry about it. It’s not like they’re gonna wake up or anything. Right?” Sadistic Synth asserted.copyright protection49PENANA83fO5FhIFd

            “Just shut up and put her in her place before someone else wakes up and decides to take a stroll around here.” Blood Bass argued.copyright protection49PENANAbaoLPPVkpb

            “Like who, Craig? Jerald P? Mr. Bartholomew?”copyright protection49PENANAQaIOg3LVnC

            “Exactly.”copyright protection49PENANARvG7kLMCus

            “You know, you guys just need to chill out. I mean, seriously, you guys keep thinking of the worst-case scenarios that may happen. It’s getting ridiculous.”copyright protection49PENANAPGCers3nMt

            “You’re right. Here, let’s just head back out there before someone wakes up.”  Killer Jam insisted.copyright protection49PENANAzDDhrUldPI

            “You think?” The group made sure everything looked as if it was untouched.  The spotlights were turned off, the instruments were wiped down and placed back against a wall where they had been before, and when they left the room, they made sure the door was locked, just in case someone were to get a little curious and enter. This group has been together for about a year or two and the leader is Killer Jam, if that wasn’t obvious enough.  Killer Jam and his crew had been watching Craig from the start and he’s shocked that Craig hasn’t figured out who they really are yet.  Then again, Craig hadn’t really been paying much attention as to who would want to try and stop him from fulfilling his dream and becoming famous.copyright protection49PENANAQHexOyjBaN

            Sure, Killer Jam and his crew loved to sing and perform as well, but they didn’t make a huge deal out of it and they don’t pursue it as much as Craig does. Killer Jam and his band have performed many songs, including the one they previously sang to Karry, but they still haven’t come up with a name for it quite yet because of Craig and his disorderly conduct. Why is Craig so stubborn? Killer Jam kept thinking to himself to the point where he stayed up throughout the night trying to come up with a decent answer, but he was unlucky. His friends hadn’t thought of an answer either. Nonetheless, Killer Jam knew that the answer was most likely a stupid one at best.  He only had a few more days left to get Craig to learn his lesson, and if he failed, there was no starting over, there would be nothing he and his friends could do to keep trying, because Craig may be gone and out of their lives by that time.  The thought made Killer Jam a little queasy.  He wasn’t going to let Craig leave this camp without learning his lesson. Not on his watch.copyright protection49PENANA30uFeV8ijV

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