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Welcome To The Show - THE NOVEL
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Welcome To The Show - THE NOVEL
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Nov 13, 2017
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!W0Nmc3sBLitq4OGfQSiSposted on PENANA

SCENE 9copyright protection10PENANAnkb07aNt0S

            Craig and Jerald P have spent the past half an hour just trying to find some decent supplies that would be efficient for their base.  They’ve found a few shiny pots and pans so far, but nothing else. The kitchen smelled like burnt popcorn for some reason.  Someone must’ve left the stove on for too long after making food before they shut it off. Craig didn’t care for the smell, neither did Jerald P.  “Jerald, how many pots and pans have you got?” Craig asked.  Jerald P still searched through drawers while talking to Craig.  “I’ve got three of each right now. I’m still getting more of them just to be sure we stay safe.”copyright protection10PENANAiXS6j49MGU

            Craig wanted to make sure Jerald P wasn’t looking for anything that could potentially be dangerous.  “Okay, but we’re not going to be using knives, because one, killing one of them will make us no better than them, and two, they might get a hold of the knives and kill us.”copyright protection10PENANA49l9Y1pOTH

            Jerald P was way ahead of Craig on that one.  “Agreed. And by the way, are pots and pans the only things we’re going to be using?”copyright protection10PENANAHh1Si936C4

            “No. We are also going to use some cutting boards as shields. We can also use spatulas since they’re light and somewhat decent.” Craig assured.copyright protection10PENANAYV2Q2mVb8C

            “Of course. And Craig, just remember, don’t ever give up hope. Even if all is lost.” Craig had no idea where Jerald P was getting his words of wisdom from.copyright protection10PENANA6cMrmKtLzn

            “I know, Jerald. I’ve been wondering if you were losing hope for a while now.”copyright protection10PENANAsgEu9XEd3h

            Jerald P kept moving pots and pans aside while searching for the perfect equipment.  “If I lost hope, I wouldn’t have thought of building a mini-base in the first place.”copyright protection10PENANAh1dkSfGOqO

            “You couldn’t reason without rhyming?” Craig brought back the self-awareness that Jerald P usually kept b his side.copyright protection10PENANAqw1cYnWr9v

            “We’re at the Filming Arts & Acting Industry. What’d you expect?” All Craig did in response was shrugged his shoulders and nodded his head in agreement.  “Okay, did you find everything you can hold?”copyright protection10PENANAPBMu6WrL9u

            “Yep.” Craig opened the top drawer that was directly in front of him, which was full of kitchen supplies like spatulas, knives, cutting boards, etc.  “Right here.”copyright protection10PENANA2rwfLouscV

            “Sweet!” Jerald P grabbed as many pots and pans as he could hold in his stick arms.  “Let’s go!” Craig walked with Jerald P while they both carried kitchen supplies out of the kitchen and set them at a corner where they had a cutting board and a pot.  They dropped to their bottoms and stared off down a hallway. “Now, we just wait.” Jerald P uttered. copyright protection10PENANAgDsiPqFMSO

            “Hopefully not for hours.” Craig added.copyright protection10PENANAiHq5bx1Dia

            “That would suck.”  Jerald P and Craig stared down the hallway for what felt like hours and hours.  Craig could’ve sworn he started seeing things from not blinking enough, but, he was already exhausted. Craig looked around, attempting to stay awake, he saw Mr. Bartholomew sitting by himself behind a desk, constantly peeking his head out and looking around.  Stacy and Walter sat across the room from Craig and Jerald P, completely unarmed and unprotected.  The Jammers all sat down the somewhat dark hallway, all huddled up in a group, whispering stuff Craig couldn’t make out.  And Zachary, casually walked around watching everyone hide or group up while he was by himself, not giving a care in the world whether he was going to get taken or not. Before they even realized it, Craig and Jerald P had fallen asleep.  They slept for a good three hours on their cutting bards before Zachary walked up to them and tried waking them up. “Craig! Jerald!” Zachary loudly whispered.  The two of them jumped awake, both with petrified looks on their faces. Zachary shushed them before they could gasp or shout. “You guys are going to give us away?”copyright protection10PENANA7lCDAo25Qf

            Craig glared and rubbed his bagged eyes. “That was the one thing you almost accomplished just a moment ago.”copyright protection10PENANA07SspIT5uL

            “Anyways, you guys fell asleep when you’re supposed to be watching out!”copyright protection10PENANATNtkSFSTib

            “Yeah, Jerald. Why did you fall asleep when you were supposed to be watching out?”copyright protection10PENANA4qwG4646cU

            Jerald P smacked Craig’s arm and frowned. “You were also supposed to be watching!”copyright protection10PENANAlc1eFqWzwr

            “Well, I was tired!”copyright protection10PENANAlqeOK7uD0M

            “We’re all tired!”copyright protection10PENANAO4ckLhrPnD

            “Shut up!” Zachary shouted as he suddenly stood as stiff as a statue.  Craig and Jerald P lifted their eyebrows and watched him. “Zach? Are you alright?” Craig asked.copyright protection10PENANAKJQMYwcU5J

            Zachary shushed Craig and looked around the room. “Did you guys hear that?”copyright protection10PENANAmq9AfTHKxI

            Jerald P thought it would be best if he just went to check on the Jammers since no one had heard from them in a few hours. They must’ve found a clue or something if they haven’t reported back to Mr. Bartholomew yet.  “Okay, I’ve got an idea. You guys wait here while I go check up on the other Jerald and his friends and help look for the nappers.” Jerald P proclaimed as he stood up and stretched his sluggish arms. “Are you sure? Do you need someone to go with just in case?” Zachary suggested.copyright protection10PENANAwlMJFy06no

            “No. He’s a strong man. He can go solo.” Craig said without hesitation.copyright protection10PENANAJ77zT6660b

            “I should be back soon. If not, come look for me. Just not solo.” Jerald P added.copyright protection10PENANAPmCYXSSFCp

            “Will do.”  Craig watched as Jerald P pulled out his miniature phone and turned on its flashlight, shining it down the hallway, where John sat against a wall. “I’m going to head back to my watch spot right over in the cafeteria. If you need anything, let me know.” Zachary said.copyright protection10PENANAn8LaSqITx5

            “Okay.” And Craig found himself sitting alone as Zachary left.  All he could do was wait and hope that Jerald P doesn’t get himself into serious trouble.copyright protection10PENANAhgdpQ7vWew

            Jerald P walked slowly and silently as he shined his flashlight all around at the walls surrounding him.  “Hello? Jerald? Mary? John? Mute?” He called out quietly. Not long after, he heard John, who he happened to have walked past since John was wearing a black suit, black pants, and black sneakers.  “Hey, Jerald! What’s up?” John exclaimed, remaining seated on the cold, cement floor leaning against the pale wall. Jerald P shined his light on John and said, “I was just walking down here seeing if you guys found anyone or anything.”copyright protection10PENANA84SK3QCWvf

            “Nope. The other Jerald, Mary, and Mute all went further into the darkness looking for whoever’s guilty of the disappearances.”copyright protection10PENANAmSo73gxL95

            “They must be really brave in doing so. Craig won’t even get out of our mini-base that we made.”copyright protection10PENANARrl5Qcdm9s

            “Oh well. At least he was willing to stay and watch out.”copyright protection10PENANAShwL2ABFw6

            “True. Say, do you think we should go and find the other Jerald, Mary, and Mute?”copyright protection10PENANAUTZi02zyOJ

            “Not yet. They haven’t been gone for that long. I wouldn’t start worrying for another 6 minutes.” Jerald P got a concerned look on his face when John said 6 minutes. Why 6 minutes? Jerald P thought.copyright protection10PENANADFaZL1cYnl

            “You’re right. I’m sorry, I’m just, honestly, kind of scared right now.”copyright protection10PENANAqgDX1GxCl4

            “The feeling’s mutual. But we’ve got God protecting us in His hands.”copyright protection10PENANAJgXJzYM9xA

            “You make a good point. We shouldn’t be scared, we should be calm and feel protected. Now, that I say that, I’m going to go catch up with the other Jerald and the others.”copyright protection10PENANASbg3b14nZs

            “All right, and remember to stay in the light. Spiritually and literally.”copyright protection10PENANAJqInnJ3Ump

            “I shall.” Jerald P turned and continued walking down the ominous corridor. He half-expected someone to jump out and scare him, but it never happened.  He shined his light everywhere he thought a clue might be, whether it was on the floor, on a wall, or even on the ceiling.  Success wasn’t Jerald P’s friend currently.  He wanted to give up almost immediately, but if he did, Craig might say something stupid or give him heck for coming back so soon. He kept looking around and gazed out a window for a second, hoping the sunrise would come if he just kept staring.copyright protection10PENANAZ5GXPfWBot

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