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Welcome To The Show - THE NOVEL
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Welcome To The Show - THE NOVEL
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Nov 13, 2017
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!WLoxUmBstip4sTk5k6oiposted on PENANA

SCENE 5copyright protection51PENANAnnadDeugGt

     The loudest and most obnoxious snorer in the entire camp had to be Craig.  Jerald P lost count of how many times he had woke up from Craig’s snoring before morning.  But what’s worse is that Craig was also the deepest sleeper in the camp.  Everyone had woken up long before him and Jerald P couldn’t take it anymore.  “Craig.”  Jerad P whispered.  No response from Craig.copyright protection51PENANAlCfKa96LCz

            “Craig.” He said in a normal tone.  Still nothing from Craig.copyright protection51PENANA32EwVYCg51

            “Craig!” He shouted. Craig continued to snore as minute were flying by. “You…!”  Jerald P grabbed Craig’s fluffy panda doll and threw it at his face.  “Get up!”  Craig then slowly sat up, stretched his arms, and yawned.  “What…? What were you saying? I was having a dream that someone who looks a lot like you kept calling my name for some reason.” Craig stated.  Jerald P wasn’t in the mood for games now.  “You don’t say.”copyright protection51PENANAysoIF1W9iD

            “Besides, why did you wake me up already?”copyright protection51PENANADDgSnq2tcE

            “For starters, it’s 7:56, which means breakfast is going to start very soon, and second, Harold is missing!”copyright protection51PENANA3gGHMCGpSL

            Craig’s expression remained unchanged.  “Harold? That one guy who was assisting the camp director?”copyright protection51PENANAqqeO9TQ639

            “Yes! He hasn’t been seen since last night!”copyright protection51PENANAKHM1zarBEE

            “Have you guys thought that he could just be hiking or something?”copyright protection51PENANAgHUXpHz66r

            “Students and assistants alike are not allowed out of this building without the camp director!”copyright protection51PENANASwS6l1Zc83

            “Makes sense. You wouldn’t want to go out and find some cliched masked killer with a machete and end up dead.”  Again, with the fun and games, it’s like Craig doesn’t even care that someone went missing and could possibly be dead now.  Jerald P was tired of Craig screwing around like everything is all hunky dory. “Craig! This is serious! You need to get dressed and head out to the main lobby for breakfast because I’m guessing Mr. Bartholomew will say something about Harold’s disappearance.”  Jerald P said firmly.  55Please respect copyright.PENANAW0f2Yv2h4n
copyright protection51PENANAlSL8TkilWX

            Craig still had that exhausted look smashed into his face.  He looked around his room for something to concentrate on other than Jerald P.  All he could see were his bed, Jerald P’s bed, a black wooden desk across the room from Jerald P’s bed, and the wooden door that was across from Craig’s bed.  They kept their luggage underneath their beds since there was nowhere else to put them.  Craig placed his focus back on Jerald P and said, “All right, all right. I’ll be out there in a few minutes.”copyright protection51PENANAZdFTa4BJbH

            Jerald P hoped Craig was telling the truth and not just trying to make him leave. “You’d better hurry or you might get yourself into trouble… again.”  Jerald P’s words didn’t seem to strike Craig like he thought they would. After all, Craig was careless in times where he got into trouble.  “Don’t worry about me.” Craig said while yawning.copyright protection51PENANAb3e49A59Me

            “You’re right. You should be the one who’s worried.”copyright protection51PENANAd76YgZiykf

            “Whatever.” Craig uttered.  Jerald P then walked out of the room and into the cafeteria.  When the door swung open, the smell of oatmeal entered the room.  It wasn’t just any oatmeal, though.  It was cinnamon oatmeal, Craig’s favorite.  That wasn’t the only scent Craig picked up.  He could smell the delightful aroma of hot chocolate and even the sweet smell of apples.  Now he had an excuse to get up off his butt and get dressed.  He stood up from his bed and stretched his slender arms once more. 55Please respect copyright.PENANAxAH0LWD2L0
copyright protection51PENANAwksbeDgPmr

             “Might as well listen to Jerald.” He moaned.  He pulled his luggage from under his bed, unzipped the bag, and pulled out his favorite shirt to show off for everyone.  He quickly changed out of his pajamas and into some decent everyday clothes before zipping up his luggage and placing it back under his bed, and exiting his room.copyright protection51PENANAwyuLCDlIN7

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