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Welcome To The Show - THE NOVEL
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Welcome To The Show - THE NOVEL
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Dec 7, 2017
11 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!uXyHoAVfSUkQW2N0gpZeposted on PENANA

SCENE 15copyright protection31PENANAGBWDpeXbQJ

Mr. Bartholomew had been stressing about the lost students all week. He had slept a wink since Harold’s disappearance. The man seemed like he was going to pass out at any moment.  Craig and Jerald P made sure to keep him stable though.  They had been talking for quite some time about both the disappearances and the Musicale.  But, Craig made one move that he partially regretted making. “Mr. Bartholomew, sir. We need to start practicing for the Musicale or else we won’t be able to perform it by the end of the week.” Craig stated.copyright protection31PENANA4kHD16eWl6

Mr. Bartholomew considered Craig’s thought greatly. “Craig, I’m not sure if there’s enough time, plus not to mention we still need to find the others.”  He was right, there likely wasn’t enough time, and they still needed to find everyone else.copyright protection31PENANARGWOJKOZ9N

“Yeah, Craig. We can’t just be like, ‘the show must go on,’ or anything like that.” Jerald P added.copyright protection31PENANAeQpbuPpr0g

“But it must! We’ve still got the Jammers, Jerald P and I.” Craig counted on his fingers and held up three fingers on each hand.  “That’s about six people.”  Craig was never good at math.copyright protection31PENANAb4ATICZWzl

“Well, I’ll see what I can do, but in the meantime, please continue searching for the others.” Mr. Bartholomew’s response made Craig’s heart overflow with joy, and it showed on Craig’s face.copyright protection31PENANA3q2ZfLK3LT

“We shall, sir.” Jerald P replied.copyright protection31PENANARZKhbf6BG6

“Thank you, gentlemen.” The man walked back into the stage room because they had been standing right outside the entrance doors in the main lobby ever since Zachary was taken.  Craig was thrilled to see that he was one of the last people standing alongside Jerald P and the Jammers.copyright protection31PENANARSbrLU4LQD

“Okay, so now that there’s still a chance that the Musicale will be performed, what should we do?” Craig asked, showing that he wasn’t paying much attention to Mr. Bartholomew when he was speaking.copyright protection31PENANA7T49TjUDnF

“Look for the others like Mr. Bartholomew said at least three times now!” Jerald P roared.copyright protection31PENANAxfFhxRwDsd

“Sorry, I’m just glad that the Musicale is still going.”copyright protection31PENANAKj5WLQQPCH

“You really need to stop being so self-centered and start caring for others. Or else you’re going to be feeling miserable in the future. I’m going to go look for the others some more.” Jerald P left without letting Craig say anything else. He didn’t deserve to say anything else, he didn’t even deserve to be here at camp. Craig sighed as he stayed behind for a while, hoping Jerald P would come back, but he didn’t.copyright protection31PENANAtJAxSuRM7f

Killer Jam had stopped pacing and pulled out his phone.  He dialed in Blood Bass’s number and waited for her to pick up.  The seconds felt like minutes and Killer Jam was growing anxious.  He was relieved when she finally answered her phone with a hello. “Bass! Synth! I need you guys here! Now!” Killer Jam demanded.  Blood Bass asked why, but she should already know.  “It’s important! Just, come as quickly as you can! And bring Drum with you!”  Killer Jam then hung up without waiting for a response back.  Before he knew it, Blood Bass, Sadistic Synth, and Dead Drum bursted through the Gauntlet’s entrance doors and rushed up to Killer Jam.copyright protection31PENANAsEu8W1ZsFs

            “What is it that you need?” Blood Bass asked, trying to catch her breath.copyright protection31PENANAGqLLmxCdne

            “Craig is taking it too far! He needs to be stopped once and for all!” Killer Jam shouted.copyright protection31PENANAURXvoPZgC6

            “So, that’s why you need us?” Sadistic Synth questioned. His irritability grew from his lack of sleep.copyright protection31PENANAv5L0eH1daH

            “Of course! Craig is trying to convince Mr. Bartholomew to have us start practicing for the Musicale. And that’s where Bass comes in.”copyright protection31PENANAGQ7rCuZeHn

            “Why me?” Blood Bass wondered.copyright protection31PENANAsCeq7Dg7TT

            “Because, you can sing better than any of us and you’re going to be singing the opening theme for the Musicale, if Mr. Bartholomew lets you.”  While Blood Bass was flattered by Killer Jam comment, she remained nervous about what his strange plan was.copyright protection31PENANAepYZpcGrqR

            “Why do you need Drum and I?” Sadistic Synth asked.copyright protection31PENANA86HgyjKyys

            “I need Drum to stay here and keep watch over our victims and you to help me capture Mr. Bartholomew once Bass is done singing the Musicale’s opening theme.”  Killer Jam’s blood was pumping vigorously through his veins and arteries as he was getting excited about how his plan was going to go down.copyright protection31PENANAV159rdMHkG

            “Gotcha.”copyright protection31PENANABy5zxuMeWd

            “All right, Bass, get to Mr. Bartholomew.” Blood Bass nodded her head and hurried out of the Gauntlet and into the stage room where Mr. Bartholomew was currently at.copyright protection31PENANA54kNlT76rF

            “Synth, come with me!”copyright protection31PENANAynGDw7QjPb

            “Aye aye, captain.” Sadistic Synth chuckled as his followed Killer Jam.copyright protection31PENANAZrJ50hANvw

            “Drum, make sure no one leaves here!” Dead Drum nodded and crossed his arms and stood by Zachary, who was taken out of the dark room full of victims, as he was still unconscious.  “Let’s go!” With that, Killer Jam and Sadistic Synth stormed out of the Gauntlet, leaving Drum to watch over the place.  He wasn’t the slightest bit worried since Zachary was more of a flight-over-fight kind of guy.  He then walked up onto the stage towards the drum set and picked up two drumsticks and examined them.  They weren’t any special drumsticks, sadly.  He got distracted by a strange sound.  Like mumbling or something.  He turned to see that Zachary was mumbling in his sleep.  Zachary kept mumbling as Dead Drum stared and shook his head.  But, the mumbling only got louder.  Drum set the drumsticks down and walked offstage over to a mumbling Zachary.  His mumbling got outrageous as he started shaking and squirming in the chair.copyright protection31PENANA1BBloWev2G

            Zachary’s eyes shot open, and Drum was scared to death.  The teen swooped his tied hands under his feet, stood up, and grabbed the chair and threw it at Drum.  Drum’s reflexes were exemplary much to Zachary’s disadvantage.  Drum hurled the chair aside.  Zachary stormed towards the exit, but Drum had made it onto the stage and held a cymbal in his hands by the time Zachary stopped and looked over his shoulder to see what the man was doing.  Drum flung the cymbal frisbee style at Zachary.copyright protection31PENANAbB3RfAZ6UP

            “What the…?!” Zachary quickly ducked to avoid getting decapitated.  The cymbal crashed into a wall directly behind Zachary.  Zachary knew he had to act fast or he was a dead man.  Drum jumped offstage and stomped his way towards Zachary.  The kid ran over to the cymbal, with the rope loosening and sliding off his hands, and grasped it tightly.  He stood up only for Dead Drum to knock him down again. Pain burst throughout his whole back from impacting the solid ground.copyright protection31PENANAhUg1ZhiA4O

            He lifted the cymbal in the air with both of his hands and slammed it down onto Dead Drum’s foot.  He grunted loudly as his foot felt like it had just been broken.  Zachary lifted the cymbal again and swung it against the injured maniac’s knee.  He grabbed his knee and kept grunting and groaning in pain.  His knee must’ve been twisted now, if not at least bruised.  Zachary acted quickly and swung the cymbal towards the man’s face, but he caught it with his open right hand.  Zachary struggled to gain control over to cymbal, but Dead Drum’s strength outweighed Zachary’s by a long shot.  Dead Drum got the cymbal and tossed it aside.copyright protection31PENANA66qHrPEGlG

            “Come on man! That was my only way to fight back!” Zachary complained.  Dead Drum scoffed at Zachary’s naivete.  “Fine, then. Bring it!”  Zachary growled as he held up his fists.  And Dead Drum did the same.copyright protection31PENANAnwirnx2nEW

            “Synth, you go after Jerald! Craig is mine!” Killer Jam commanded as he and Sadistic Synth stormed through the lobby.copyright protection31PENANAcWRsXRKgrO

            “On it!” Sadistic Synth answered.copyright protection31PENANA5yUvfmlU3G

            Killer Jam pulled his phone and dialed in Dead Drum’s number, hoping that he would pick up.  The dial tone continued for a few seconds before reaching the answering machine.  Something was wrong, but there was no turning back.  Not now.  If he was going to get the job done, it had to be right here, right now.  “Come on, pick up!” Killer Jam groaned before hanging up.  “Drum’s not answering. Something must be wrong. But, I’m sure he can handle it.”copyright protection31PENANAAqcTSzrUW5

            “Wait a minute, where do you think Jerald and Craig are?” Sadistic Synth asked.copyright protection31PENANAR91JCZAmg2

            “In the back room!” Killer Jam shouted as he and Sadistic Synth ran to that location.copyright protection31PENANAblA6RQscKw

            “Well, no sign of Craig.” Sadistic Synth stated.  Killer Jam was both frustrated and confused because Craig was supposed to be here and surprisingly, he wasn’t.copyright protection31PENANATlX5ePFFJC

            “Where could he be if he’s not in here?”  Then, they heard an opening door, the bathroom door.  But, it wasn’t Craig who walked out of there, it was Jerald P.  Everyone stood still, all shocked to see each other in this place.copyright protection31PENANALBLNknMUK3

            “I’ve got this one.” Sadistic Synth said and walked up to Jerald P. Killer Jam stood in place to see what was going to happen. Jerald P stood stiffer than a brick wall as he and Sadistic Synth stared into each other’s souls.  “Aw, you can’t seem to want to fight back.” copyright protection31PENANAXVox1gnut8

            Thud!copyright protection31PENANA1mtYrIN6ox

            Sadistic Synth received a strong punch to his jawline, but laughed it off and looked at Killer Jam.  “Go! I told you, I’ve got this.”  Killer Jam did as Sadistic Synth said and hurried out of the back room and proceeded his search for Craig.  There were a few other places Craig could’ve been, but Killer Jam didn’t have much time to search all of them.copyright protection31PENANAJ98uWsSJnC

            Zachary and Dead Drum had been throwing punch after punch after punch and they’ve been dodging punch after punch after punch.  They both were losing energy way faster than either of them expected.  Zachary kept the complaints coming.  “This is getting tiring.”  He tried to lunge at Dead Drum. Instead, Dead Drum grabbed the teen and tossed him into a chair.  Zachary groaned in pain as his side felt broken in many places, but Zachary is quite exaggerative.  “Why?!” Zachary yelled.  Dead Drum walked over to the teen, pulled out his helpful spray can, and held it in Zachary’s face. copyright protection31PENANAMkxbRzsf4V

“Not this again.”  His last words before getting a face full of spray and a nice nap.  Dead Drum pulled out his cell phone and the first thing he read was ‘One Missed Call’ from Killer Jam.  Dead Drum knew that if he didn’t put Zachary away and text Killer Jam back, he’d be in serious trouble. copyright protection31PENANAn5iR3KzQRX

            Jerald P didn’t realize how quickly he had reacted to punch this psycho in the face.  His blood was pumping faster than the thump of a rabbit rapidly tapping its foot against the ground.  Sadistic Synth just laughed as Jerald P stared at him, waiting for something to happen.copyright protection31PENANAnA6w43YWNl

            “Come on, Jerald. You can fight better than this!” Sadistic Synth shouted.copyright protection31PENANAzAG6MxGeNK

            “I’m just warming up!” Jerald P roared back.copyright protection31PENANAabPs2TcBK3

            “Then you’ve got to chill out!” He gave a swift kick, launching Jerald P backwards into the bathroom.  He hit the floor hard and pain exploded in his back.  Synth grabbed Jerald P, walked him over to the sink violently, and speedily turned the cold water on.  The rush of water was all Jerald P’s ears could hear currently, and he didn’t want to freeze his face off.  Sadistic Synth grabbed Jerald P’s face and tried shoving it into the sink that was filling up with the frigid water.  Jerald P planted his hands against the sink and pushed against Sadistic Synth.  Sadistic Synth let go of Jerald P and quickly stepped back and watched as Jerald P tumbled into a wall that was behind him.  Sadistic Synth stepped forward and grabbed Jerald P’s shirt and stood him on his feet.copyright protection31PENANAy7DFEIJCFx

            “Now things are heating up, aren’t they?” Sadistic Synth growled.copyright protection31PENANAYe7ElTc18Z

            Jerald P’s hair was on fire from his burning fury.  “Like my anger!” Jerald P spun around and pinned Sadistic Synth against the wall, smashing his face slightly. He groaned in pain, but he spotted something that would be beneficial in his predicament.  A snare drum that stuck out of a changing room a short way.  It caught Jerald P’s attention too.  “What are you looking at?” He asked, only to receive an elbow to his side.  It felt like he had just been hit by a hammer or something of similar strength.  Sadistic Synth pulled the snare drum out all the way and glared at Jerald P.  “Drum roll, please!” He shouted as he started drum rolling on the snare. copyright protection31PENANAMiaCLdwXOg

Jerald P’s eyes widened in fear. “Oh, no.” Sadistic Synth uppercut the snare, making it fly in Jerald P’s direction at a shockingly high speed.  Jerald P held his hands out and caught the projectile.  Sadistic Synth charged at Jerald P, but Jerald P was grateful for his reflexes when he swung the snare against Sadistic Synth’s face, making him twirl.  He laughed briefly before falling onto his back, knocked out.copyright protection31PENANA1noF32nNE2

            Jerald P never expected this moment to come where he’d defended himself against a madman, and of all things, he stopped him with the swing of a snare drum.  But that was the least of his concerns, he still needed to go find Craig.  “I’ve got to find Craig, and fast!”  Jerald P knew that one of the kidnappers had to be going after Craig now, there was no one else left except for Mr. Bartholomew and the Jammers at this point.copyright protection31PENANAkDhshCmuEu

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