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Writer King Cosmic
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Who am I? I'm Charlie Witherspoon.
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!1Xoavz42k2UDb1xAdcDzposted on PENANA

I managed to find a decent, low rate motel. And i'm glad I found it just in time too because it started to pour down. I pulled my hood over my head and walked into the motel's entrance office. I saw that there was only one person working here. He looked to be about my age. He was tall, definitely didn't have a super skinny body like me. His body looked pretty healthy. He had that unnatural red color dye in his hair and big round glasses that you would normally see a hipster wear. I stood there and watched him as he flipped through a book. Then, he looked up and smiled at me. I was able to see that he had a few freckles on his face and golden colored eyes. Overall, he was cute but I wondered why a cute, young guy like him is working at a place like this?copyright protection22PENANASmajnkEtdN

"May I help you?"copyright protection22PENANATfLhpgRujc

I nearly jumped when he spoke up. I didn't say anything, though.copyright protection22PENANAxdQIenjszX

"Are you looking for a room here?" He asked when I didn't say anything.copyright protection22PENANA2rkdLHxqaL

"Uh..." I nodded then walked right up to the counter. I fished for my wallet out of my skinny jeans pocket and looked through it for some dollar bills when I realized that i'm flat broke. This was NOT good. The employee seemed to notice that there was a problem because he came right out and asked me,copyright protection22PENANAe30ZlqgdUz

"Is there a problem?"copyright protection22PENANAprMfa1Dttc

I glanced at him but didn't say anything. The employee leaned forward and looked into my wallet.copyright protection22PENANArwDLJosgPD

"Tell you what, your room is on the house." He said with a smile.copyright protection22PENANA23G222sifm

I blinked my eyes. "W-what? Are you sure?"copyright protection22PENANARFODVYFys9

He nodded. "Definitely. Just sign your name here." He said, pointing to the sign up book.copyright protection22PENANAKTFoEoN7FC

I closed my wallet and placed it back in my pants then grabbed the pen and I started to write the first letter of my first name when I realized that now that i'm undercover, I should use a different name. Just in case my dad DOES come looking for me. I quickly figured out what name I wanted to go under and wrote it in the book.copyright protection22PENANAKIFrKHtcZJ

CHARLIE WITHERSPOONcopyright protection22PENANAzRpnvkmaSO

The employee looked at my fake name in the book and smiled then looked at me. "Nice name. Here's your room key, Charlie." He said, handing me the key. I nodded to him then walked right out of the office.copyright protection22PENANAkCIZ1noOu4

I walked up the steps to the rooms and walked down the hallway till I reached my room number which is 203. I opened up the door with the key and walked inside then closed the door behind me. I looked around the small room. There was a decent size bed that can fit two people on my left, a small green single chair next to me, a small desk right by the room's outdoor deck and a bathroom to my right. It was perfect. Just for a single person like me.copyright protection22PENANAqfM6GxNaJN

I kicked off my shoes and pulled down my hood from my head then walked up to the deck and placed my hand on the glass. I sighed as I watched the rain pour down. I felt terrible about leaving the apartment without letting mom know where i'm going but I couldn't stay there anymore. Not with dad trying to make the moves on me. I know I can't stay here longer either because soon enough, dad or SOMEONE was going to find me eventually and then I can't come here anymore. In the meantime, I have to hide out. I don't know how long since tomorrow, I have to go to school.copyright protection22PENANAUjEjH9D3kw

I sighed and wrapped my arms around my bony waist when I heard a knock on my door. I literately felt my heart leap out of my chest. I slowly turned and stared at the door with horror. I was waiting for my dad to start shouting through the door but instead, he started to unlock the door with a key?copyright protection22PENANASE9AEaX3Ys

I narrowed my eyebrows in confusion as I listened to the key being shoved into the lock and the doorknob turning and the door opening. I held my breath and prepared myself but it wasn't dad. It was the red haired hipster from downstairs. I let out a sigh of relief but wondered why he's here and practically breaking into my room.copyright protection22PENANA7pHUvorjzb

"Hey. I brought some food. I figured you were hungry cause well...you look like you haven't eaten in days. Also, I never got the chance to introduce myself. I'm Nikolai Ranger but feel free to call me Niko if you want." He smiled as he was holding a fast food bag in his hand.copyright protection22PENANA6tvLNcVrff

"Anyways, here's your food. No need to pay me back or anything." He said as he tossed the bag on the bed.copyright protection22PENANAX8U6IygGBf

"I'll leave you alone now." He said then walked out of the room and closed the door back.copyright protection22PENANA8JFQDae5uO

I looked over to the fast food bag. I slowly walked over to my bed and picked the bag up then looked inside to see a cheeseburger and fries. It smelt good and it was nice that a stranger like Niko thought about my well being but...I can't eat it. It's one thing for me not to want to eat regular healthy food but it's another to drop on my knees and start eating greasy and fatting fast food. So instead of eating it, I closed the bag right back up and tossed it in the trash can by the bed. I then sat down on the edge of my bed and wondered, now what?copyright protection22PENANAhBhMm5Zhwf

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