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Writer King Cosmic
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A New Kind of Friend
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!kATy9sqoyowAvA4w7qd9posted on PENANA

I hadn't even noticed that I started to cry as I was running straight to the motel. When I finally got there, I slowly walked into the office and saw Niko at the counter. He looked up from his work and stared at me. I stared back at him and then the tears started to pour out of me and I couldn't stop them. Niko walked around the counter and over to me. He wrapped his arm around my shoulder.copyright protection36PENANA8P7BwdL6Ed

"Charlie, what's wrong? Did something happened?" He asked.copyright protection36PENANAYYOSwXkXmS

I nodded as I sniffed.copyright protection36PENANAlTtRtxnBYB

"Do you want to sit and talk about it?"copyright protection36PENANAL6qSHW6t2K

I hesitated. I just met Niko. I wasn't sure if I was ready to talk about my problems to him. Hell, Niko just told me something that has been bothering him so why can't I return the favor. Then, it seemed like Niko read my mind because the next thing he said made me feel a bit better.copyright protection36PENANAG0JuSgsdeO

"You don't have to tell me. Don't think it's fair to tell me your problems just because I told you mines okay? How about you go up to your room and i'll bring up something for us to drink? Sounds good?" He said.copyright protection36PENANA5zHzrb7ON5

I nodded.copyright protection36PENANAqycQqUNxnP

"Here's your key." He handed me the same room key from last night.copyright protection36PENANAi4Q1zJi2Ww

I started to walk out of the office and up the stairs to my room. I opened up the door and walked inside then closed it back behind me. I tossed my bookbag into the single green chair then plopped down on the edge of the bed. I sniffed and wiped the tears away from my eyes. Ten minutes later, Niko walks in with a tray of tea. He sets the tray down on the desk then picked up a cup of hot tea and handed it to me. I took it and started to drink a small sip of it. I watched Niko grab his own cup then walked over to me and sat down next to me. He took a sip of his drink. I sighed then stared down at the tea in my cup.copyright protection36PENANAQ26yBxKImx

"I'm sorry I didn't eat the food you bought me."copyright protection36PENANAOM50CwUq3i

Niko shrugged. "No big deal." He said then looked at me. "You look troubled."copyright protection36PENANAflm6nWPGYM

I nodded. "I have a lot going on. My...mom lost her job yesterday."copyright protection36PENANAcPPjoqR89d

"I'm sorry. Is she looking for a new one?"copyright protection36PENANAGX0LXDiR3m

I shrugged. "I think."copyright protection36PENANAajHwp5tfLs

"I don't think that's what's troubling you the most, though."copyright protection36PENANA2YiRhGh8Pr

I sighed. "It's...difficult to say. Anyways, why are you working here?" I asked, looking at him.copyright protection36PENANAmvomhmZze2

Niko shrugged. "I dunno. This job sorta happened. Taking care of my mom and all, it was difficult to find a decent paying job."copyright protection36PENANAWolDVLJo0u

I nodded, understanding. "I guess we both don't really want to talk about our problems."copyright protection36PENANAR2t9ULQbUG

Niko looked at me and smiled then nodded. "Definitely. But, aren't you supposed to be at school right now?"copyright protection36PENANACgc1DunD4B

"Yeah but something happened there so I left. I can't explain."copyright protection36PENANAG0Z2DVNnjO

"Hmm. Well, are you going to stay here for another night?"copyright protection36PENANARbRlkL6bX0

I shrugged. "My mom doesn't know i'm here and I can't exactly tell her why..."copyright protection36PENANARAh4BVyZyC

"You're hiding yourself from the world huh?"copyright protection36PENANABeCBgfw4CQ

"In a way...yeah. I just...I feel like dying so much."copyright protection36PENANATu1KQlwWxt

Niko placed his hand on mines. "Charlie, just relax. You can stay here for as long as you want okay? Don't stress. If you can't tell your mom about where you're staying, just say you're staying with a friend. You technically are anyways."copyright protection36PENANAXo4ftGa1FI

I nodded. "Makes sense. I think my phone is in my bag." I stood up and set my unfinished tea on the desk then walked over to my bad and finished for my cell phone. I pulled it out of the bag and started to call my mom.copyright protection36PENANADhXfSevoi8

"Yes, Ronnie?" Mom said.copyright protection36PENANAfbDgWtCsp9

"I...Is it okay for me to stay with a friend today? I need some time to clear my head."copyright protection36PENANAWny0C1GM2m

"Sure. I don't see why not. Be careful okay?"copyright protection36PENANAvGDtVvHrU0

"Yeah. I love you. Bye." I hung up. "I feel bad about leaving my mom alone but...I can't stay there."copyright protection36PENANAA9cdq8G2B6

"Everything will be okay. Right now, just worry about yourself okay?"copyright protection36PENANAbxuKy6LeTO

I smiled and nodded. Niko started to look me over then focused on my face. I felt my heart pounding in my chest, wondering if he notices my severely skinny body. But, he didn't say anything.copyright protection36PENANAApueSqJARE

"Sorry." I finally said.copyright protection36PENANAArOMFeVmhw

"For what?"copyright protection36PENANAtt3XdB4ZQX

I shrugged. "I dunno. I...i'm just sorry."copyright protection36PENANANrniFgIpQA

Niko chuckled. "You're sorry for no reason?"copyright protection36PENANA3q2SdI784o

I nodded. "I guess I am."copyright protection36PENANAExRIu5ky4a

Niko smiled. "You know, you're something."copyright protection36PENANAwRBTag9SF0

I smiled shyly. "Is that good or bad?"copyright protection36PENANAtJrwBEeJNi

"Definitely good. I've never met anyone like you."copyright protection36PENANA7sPZbk4vS9

I smirked. "You're going to be like that now huh?" Suddenly, I was starting to feel more comfortable around Niko. Not enough to tell him my whole life's story but...enough to become friends with him.copyright protection36PENANAGp1hibys3e

"Well, I should jet. I'll come back for the tea later." He said, finishing off his tea then took the tray and left the room. I let out a breath of relief once he left. Now, I can get comfortable. I feel like I need to sleep to escape this world.copyright protection36PENANAsxYU3Ayhjm

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