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Writer King Cosmic
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He Knows
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!o8lggZLLf2cMBtwIr2p2posted on PENANA

After my long nap, I decided to shower and change into different clothes. Luckily, I had a spare of extra clothes in my book bag. Just a simple red and black striped t-shirt with red skinny jeans. I felt better and refreshed after my nap and shower and when I mean long nap, I mean that I slept until 8 pm. Now I was ready to see what Niko is up to. He must be feeling as lonely as I am. It didn't seem like not that many people come to this motel. As I started to put my shirt on, I didn't know that Niko was coming up to see me until now.copyright protection26PENANAml4uKC5o4x

"Hey, Charlie, I was wondering-" He stopped in mid sentence.copyright protection26PENANAmtGIJWHuHX

I looked over my shoulder to see Niko standing at the door. He looked completely shocked as he looked over my bony body. I quickly pulled my shirt down and turned around. I watched Niko, searching his face, waiting for his reaction.copyright protection26PENANAxTJ9ngRPih

"You're...anorexic?" He finally asked.copyright protection26PENANARECW9nyfLD

I nodded. "Yeah."copyright protection26PENANAM76sPQpwk7

"So...is that why you didn't eat the food I brought you?"copyright protection26PENANAtS1d1otTdM

I nodded again. "Yeah."copyright protection26PENANAa5rN1AaAPV

Niko stared at me. I was waiting for him to leave or call me a freak or ugly or some stupid shit like that but he didn't. Instead, he walked right up to me and hugged me. I blinked my eyes at the sudden physical contact.copyright protection26PENANAdC3k5Taupu

"I understand why you didn't tell me."copyright protection26PENANABTnC6o1Ahf

"Yeah...I hate when people look at me. It's the same reason why I left school early today. These group of guys started to talk about me in the locker room and took a picture of my body. I wouldn't be surprised if they sent the picture around school." I said.copyright protection26PENANAmslNgmoqWe

"And your mom doesn't know?" He asked, still hugging me.copyright protection26PENANAmaQquVjEqJ

"She knows...sorta. She knows I have trouble eating but lately, I've been lying and saying that I've been eating at school." I explained.copyright protection26PENANA91CwEJVGkd

Niko finally pulled away from me and stared at me. "You should tell her. You NEED to eat. If you don't, you're going to kill yourself."copyright protection26PENANAVHFguVDTmA

I frowned. "It's hard."copyright protection26PENANA7JKY9eUtTk

"I know. I came up here because I wanted to know if you wanted to have dinner with me at a Chinese restaurant."copyright protection26PENANAc2mPz0zvHT

I smiled softly. "That's nice of you. I know I need to eat but I feel like I might get fat."copyright protection26PENANAIDAoU5kxZG

Niko shook his head. "You won't. Just come with me okay?"copyright protection26PENANA77qR5A603Z

I pondered over the thought. "Okay..."copyright protection26PENANAkg2G5CHF7p

Niko smiled. "Good. And remember, you can tell me anything okay? We're friends aren't we?"copyright protection26PENANAzQ2aeWgyuf

I nodded. "Of course."copyright protection26PENANAfCmFtsfAsi

"Good. Let's go."copyright protection26PENANAANyDuEfcjn

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