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Writer King Cosmic
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My World is Slowly Falling Apart.
King Cosmic
Jan 12, 2018
5 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!NM0eM5ORaUXXvIrTyBtjposted on PENANA

It's the next day. I really didn't want to leave the motel. I want to stay for one more night but I need to go to school and I need to see mom because I feel like i'm worrying her. After I woke up and took my shower, I put my same clothes back on and was about to leave when Niko knocked on my door and walked in.copyright protection14PENANAzD6wh34to6

"Hey. You going somewhere?" He asked.copyright protection14PENANAIbSIqENevX

I slowly nodded.copyright protection14PENANA9tVEcnyLZ1

"Oh. Okay." He said with a smile.copyright protection14PENANA4yFb5Xe9qC

So far, he hasn't thought anything about me leaving right away until he started to look around the room and his eyes landed on the fast food bag in the trash can. He walked up to the trash can and pulled the fast food bag out of it. He opened the bag then looked at me.copyright protection14PENANAf8O7QfMEuh

"Why didn't you eat this?"copyright protection14PENANACELxiXVQIU

I stood there, not sure what to say.copyright protection14PENANASNsyYxvdHV

"I...i have to go." I quickly said then walked out of the room.copyright protection14PENANAQW4F4UUQzo

"Hey!" He called out then dropped the bag into the trash can before following after me.copyright protection14PENANA8b2UJlSEcB

Niko grabbed my arm and pulled me back. I stopped walking and stared at him.copyright protection14PENANAy5o1Dnz9Ag

"What's going on? Why are you leaving so soon? Do you have to be somewhere?"copyright protection14PENANA5rd96i408D

I nodded. "School."copyright protection14PENANAphPsbyN3c0

Niko stared at me, searching my face. "Is that all?"copyright protection14PENANAEL52MJqmT0

I narrowed my eyes, feeling my defense coming up. "What is this? 20 questions?" I said then continued to walk away.copyright protection14PENANADYsQ8y9czh

"Charlie!" He called out and started to follow after me again.copyright protection14PENANAQYyFqKeeNq

"Charlie! Why are you leaving?" He shouted.copyright protection14PENANAesckvZ3VlW

"I told you! I have school! Don't YOU have school too?" I shouted back.copyright protection14PENANAWYVoP3WYgw

Niko then stopped walking. "I dropped out."copyright protection14PENANAg6uPMVz09n

I stopped suddenly then slowly turned and looked at Niko.copyright protection14PENANAroPEIkDMgY

"What? What do you mean you 'dropped out'?" I asked.copyright protection14PENANAJcXFAMIxLZ

Niko just stood there, staring at me. It looked like it's hard for him to give me a reason. I started to wonder if he dropped out because of something big and personal and not because he couldn't take the school work.copyright protection14PENANA315yRStqTD

"I...I dropped out because I had to take care of my sick mother. She had cancer. My dad isn't really in the picture." He explained.copyright protection14PENANANl1DZKYCwe

My eyes widen at the news I just heard. I feel for him because I have to take care of my mom too. She just lost her job and she looks more tired than usual and now she's talking about starving herself because she can't afford to buy us food. Thinking about all of this is starting to make me tear up.copyright protection14PENANABgqyV1lEy7

"I'm...i'm sorry. That must be terrible. Is she okay?" I finally asked.copyright protection14PENANADC8JaZBDqv

Niko shook his head. "She died. Almost a year ago."copyright protection14PENANAgeQiRQ2Qtz

My heart dropped. "That musta been horrible for you..." I nearly whispered.copyright protection14PENANA44PuCLwYp4

Niko nodded. "It's okay. I've gotten better."copyright protection14PENANA52GeLQenuE

This was too much for me and I still need to go to school and see my mom. I have to go now.copyright protection14PENANASLTJ3Lz5B2

"I...I have to go. I'm sorry." I quickly said then started to walk away.copyright protection14PENANAFF6vaJgGIF

"Wait! Are you coming back? Will I see you again?"copyright protection14PENANALNIs2tigRN

I stopped walking but didn't turn around. I sighed. "Probably. Probably not. Take care, anyways." I said then started to walk away again and this time, I didn't stop till I got home.copyright protection14PENANAVJyOsBz2Ha

I quietly walked into my apartment. "Mom! You here?" I called out.copyright protection14PENANA5nQcS0W8GE

My mom then emerged from her bedroom. When she saw me, she ran up to me and hugged me.copyright protection14PENANAOssxUu0cKR

"Where have you been? I've been worried sick about you!" She said then looked at my face.copyright protection14PENANA0GByu4a47S

"Sorry I worried you. I just...I'm sorry." I couldn't exactly explain why I left and never came back home last night. Mom doesn't exactly know about dad and me and our 'nights' together. Sometimes I want to tell her, other times I don't. I feel like she worries about too much already and I don't want her to worry more about me.copyright protection14PENANAecf4o85khL

"It's okay. Just remember next time to tell me where you're going. Didn't you have your cell phone?"copyright protection14PENANAZ6erD8WDlH

I shook my head. "Not really."copyright protection14PENANAvln7URb4Wi

Mom nodded then hugged me again. I sighed. "I guess I better get to school."copyright protection14PENANAXavdfTlkeD

She pulled away from me and stared at me then nodded. "You should. Keep your mind on other things."copyright protection14PENANA6dJkFmsB0N

I nodded then went to my room to grab my book bag.copyright protection14PENANAiw9FD3xP7t

"Is dad home?" I asked once I came out of my room.copyright protection14PENANA85EDiUxEeM

"No. He left earlier. And, Ronnie, where did the five boxes of frozen dinner food come from?"copyright protection14PENANAhl00GFm9hn

I gulped and stared at her. "I...bought it from the market. Why?"copyright protection14PENANAWzT5fx9Nmh

Mom nodded and decided to leave the subject alone. "Have a good day at school."copyright protection14PENANAhvmW9EQHj5

I nodded and kissed her cheek then left the apartment.copyright protection14PENANAtArtA79Xgq

***copyright protection14PENANAld0eigMs49

School wasn't any better. I still felt like people were talking about me behind my back, I didn't eat at lunch and gym was even worse. As I was changing back into my regular clothes after gym ended, I heard guys in the locker room talking about me.copyright protection14PENANAJlE5hOK8v3

"Hey, have you guys ever seen Ronnie eat?" One guy asked.copyright protection14PENANAdZDEteLCc2

"Nope. What is he like on a diet or something?" Another said.copyright protection14PENANA3xf3Myky0o

"Don't girls normally go on diets? Why does HE have to go on one? He's not even good looking in the first place. Just going on a diet and starving yourself will only make you look uglier." The third one said.copyright protection14PENANAIJKmO1byaG

I started to feel my heart pound in my chest.copyright protection14PENANACnGf29uOLG

"He's such a pansy I tell you." The first one said again.copyright protection14PENANAQPe5T1DdAE

I felt myself sniffing as I grabbed my shirt and started to put it on. That's when I realized that the guys stopped talking. I wondered if they left already?copyright protection14PENANABinlFcnQLx

"No. Because I didn't hear the door open and close." I whispered under my breath.copyright protection14PENANAxnVdDXn7L9

That's when I heard the sounds of a camera phone snapping a picture. I looked over my shoulder to see the three guys taking a picture of my bony body. I quickly pulled my shirt down and grabbed my jacket and bag then ran out of the locker room.copyright protection14PENANAOCY3IR4m5F

"RUN YOU LITTLE B**CH!"copyright protection14PENANA0HXn3DAqul

I can't take it anymore. I still have a few more classes to go to but I don't think I can go to them. So instead, I left the school. I wasn't about to go home because mom would want to know why I left school and then she'll realize that I haven't been eating. So the only place I can think of going to is the motel and see Niko. My feet just started to carry me there without warning.copyright protection14PENANAY1IUflRDsD

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