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The Vampire Diaries Season 2
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 2
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Sad Song (Datherine)
Jun 13, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!KxGbejGbFDdhrVzW4Bcjposted on PENANA

Sad Song (Datherine)copyright protection1PENANA8Wl0XvllVK

Characters: Damon, Kat, Caroline (mentioned), Klaus (mentioned), Tyler (mentioned)copyright protection1PENANAmFh3RwmxH2

Summary: 2x1 “The Return,” 2x16 “House Guest,” 2x22 “As I Lay Dying,” and a flashback from 1864 that was shown in the episode “As I Lay Dying.”copyright protection1PENANAbUjDQTzUvL

Pairings:copyright protection1PENANAeDIADG5Z21

                        Datherinecopyright protection1PENANAJoG1syyP5f

*As I Lay Dying*copyright protection1PENANARhabU14tVz

You and Icopyright protection1PENANAfacYKQEQPG

We’re like fireworks and symphoniescopyright protection1PENANARz5yBx69mc

Exploding in the skycopyright protection1PENANApetApnBtRx

With youcopyright protection1PENANA36Ig4t6JjW

I’m alivecopyright protection1PENANAqbwvJ73Qhq

Like all the missing pieces of my heartcopyright protection1PENANA2GEvh4TSyK

They finally collidecopyright protection1PENANAqBR8SWBYFV

So stop time right here in the moonlightcopyright protection1PENANAV56rBPzEGQ

‘Cause I don’t ever wanna close my eyescopyright protection1PENANA5IxKeOO7Hn

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAS7ZJfRFRQl

I feel brokecopyright protection1PENANAMLrSd2IMHo

Like I’m half of a wholecopyright protection1PENANADM7awlZltH

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAIlOH54zKVp

I’ve got no hand to holdcopyright protection1PENANA5HaxAnzjah

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAHN3OYA9XWD

I feel torncopyright protection1PENANAEFYtm3xWOt

Like a sail in a stormcopyright protection1PENANAlUbwrLU144

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAiMRmBPWLNS

I’m just a sad songcopyright protection1PENANAorxmVUqsQf

I’m just a sad songcopyright protection1PENANAWc97IBTCCX

5Please respect copyright.PENANAyWgMqv3y21
copyright protection1PENANAGUKyglnd6b

5Please respect copyright.PENANAlQ1LDaVoAw
copyright protection1PENANA6uDERyzi1q

            It was a dismal night, as Damon lay in bed, dying from a werewolf bite. He’d been an idiot and had listened to Caroline whom hadn’t wanted to leave him. He’d listened to her, because he hadn’t wanted Caroline to become a sacrifice in Klaus’ ritual. Now he was paying for the mistake of listening to her.copyright protection1PENANAxXCH4kiXWV

            When he was close to death, Katherine walked in with the cure. It was Klaus’ blood. Klaus had just showed tonight that his blood was the cure for a werewolf bite. Now she had a vial of his blood in hand, as she entered Damon’s room, assuming that’s where he’d be. She was right, because she saw how close he was to dying. It broke her heart, since the only reason that she’d told him that she never loved him was to protect him from Klaus. She hadn’t wanted Klaus to kill him just for loving her.copyright protection1PENANAVDQFb61zk7

            She walked over and opened the vial. Then she put it to his lips, making it go down his throat to save him. Then she set it on the end table, when she’d given him enough. Then she rested a hand on the side of his face, looking down at him.copyright protection1PENANAKqCo5tWELX

            When he looked at her, she was relieved.copyright protection1PENANA4jVH0Z1jXY

            “You came back,” he said.copyright protection1PENANAfTC5zOcAnw

            “I owed you one,” she replied, knowing that he’d never believe that she loved him. He always thought that she lied about everything.copyright protection1PENANAI8Xkw3NtHz

            He looked at her silently, trying to decipher what she meant by that.copyright protection1PENANAqMTluUlvej

            She silently left the room.copyright protection1PENANAutc7yLVLmj

*House Guest*copyright protection1PENANAh4rfoYicr0

With you, I fallcopyright protection1PENANAMSNFehAANO

It’s like I’m leaving all my past and silhouettes up on the wallcopyright protection1PENANATii6pQRlBe

With you, I’m a beautiful messcopyright protection1PENANAETi69G4sTw

It’s like we’re standing hand in hand with all our fears up on the edgecopyright protection1PENANAtFohlDyWdm

So stop time right here in the moonlightcopyright protection1PENANAK7F2d5T5qv

‘Cause I don’t ever wanna close my eyescopyright protection1PENANAj4pBbyif1b

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAMuRbLdOk91

I feel brokecopyright protection1PENANAHU9nXmsQrS

Like I’m half of a wholecopyright protection1PENANAmLXLn8kFom

Without youcopyright protection1PENANARaRJlCWaX5

I’ve got no hand to holdcopyright protection1PENANAcFZl2XHuN9

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAnaVlVitgYS

I feel torncopyright protection1PENANADP3uyp6vz4

Like a sail in a stormcopyright protection1PENANABLJB6MyOgl

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAYEwTZrbtI9

I’m just a sad songcopyright protection1PENANAllZpPyOW3n

5Please respect copyright.PENANAaMJebQM09B
copyright protection1PENANA1E9LffxN4O

5Please respect copyright.PENANAkHxAuY6xw9
copyright protection1PENANA92sFVs77VQ

            It was a nebulous night, as Damon sat in bed, reading one of John’s journals. It was all quiet until Katherine came into the room and crawled onto the bed, towards him, until she was on top of him, which made him put the journal down.copyright protection1PENANAhhchG2PuZT

            “You hurt me today,” she stated.copyright protection1PENANAS0y1MNhjBl

            “Just a tad.”copyright protection1PENANA8LnBrj3zqZ

            “You were very mean and rough. Monstrous,” she replied.copyright protection1PENANAqIhCZXEOsD

            “You deserved it,” he replied.copyright protection1PENANAIlEgnq3EKF

            “I like this Damon,” she stated.copyright protection1PENANAZTrnuTGys7

            She leaned in, ready to kiss him.copyright protection1PENANAySQPvPNaEg

            He put gentle hands on either side of her face.copyright protection1PENANAOmBsCZTGDE

            "Katherine, there are six other rooms in this house. Go find one."copyright protection1PENANAlDxN12GIA9

             He took his hands away and pushed her off him, making her land on her ass on the floor. copyright protection1PENANAP92FYxvMI9

             She gave him a shocked expression and he went back to reading the journal.copyright protection1PENANA2wvEZ7DTOh

*The Return*copyright protection1PENANAx9U4XV6EDH

You’re the perfect melodycopyright protection1PENANANtQP9PnEC6

The only harmony I wanna hearcopyright protection1PENANAOECjjCrXvf

You’re my favorite part of mecopyright protection1PENANAe2p97n5d1J

With you standing next to mecopyright protection1PENANAVOcMEmC21e

I’ve got nothing to fearcopyright protection1PENANA8PTL9cnB9T

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAQoVgx2DCgE

I feel brokecopyright protection1PENANAlctyY8VAbW

Like I’m half of a wholecopyright protection1PENANAOkMI5VUtw4

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAmnsiE0lhCC

I’ve got no hand to holdcopyright protection1PENANAWYOqxNzsnL

Without youcopyright protection1PENANApc5bUb6PFD

I feel torncopyright protection1PENANAT11mkFmFXZ

Like a sail in a stormcopyright protection1PENANAhUX5kvTUXg

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAFntLyoWFdB

I’m just a sad songcopyright protection1PENANAj7DkuX0QDX

5Please respect copyright.PENANAzSZBECLz0m
copyright protection1PENANAPURN0ciT6g

5Please respect copyright.PENANA5b9PqkFclP
copyright protection1PENANAaMEExc2uSg

            It was a dismal night at the Salvatore boarding house, as they made out, her against the wall, using vampire speed as they did so. She’d shown up tonight and, since he’d missed her for 145 years, it was his instinct to make up lost time with her. Unknown to him, she’d missed him as well, but she wouldn’t say it. She was never one to show weakness to anyone.copyright protection1PENANA5boJwSGwIj

*As I Lay Dying-1864 Flashback*copyright protection1PENANAtyelmexF8E

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAWirAXYMZsE

I feel brokecopyright protection1PENANAgyQEhmxYSg

Like I’m half of a wholecopyright protection1PENANAhmPvHbKfQS

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAUMblm8k98N

I’ve got no hand to holdcopyright protection1PENANAOpmF3D1BBU

Without youcopyright protection1PENANARThGpZSaeI

I feel torncopyright protection1PENANA39vevSnP2w

Like a sail in a stormcopyright protection1PENANADQVZwZCxAe

Without youcopyright protection1PENANAsr8J8yJ0IY

I’m just a sad songcopyright protection1PENANAJL7e0C7os9

I’m just a sad songcopyright protection1PENANAU50P4wOH4o

5Please respect copyright.PENANAOFwmg0knyQ
copyright protection1PENANAWxQ4hYD0Zl

5Please respect copyright.PENANAw8JvJn8vW9
copyright protection1PENANAYI75X7I4va

            It was a dark night, as they ran through the woods, her at a human pace. Then he caught up with her and soon they stood with her back against a tree.copyright protection1PENANAepgefkL32Q

            “Why must you run from me?” he questioned her.copyright protection1PENANAsYni3EhGEg

            “Because I know that you will chase,” she said with a smile.copyright protection1PENANA2DZ9JXgr2M

            “Then let me chase you forever.”copyright protection1PENANACgcSvrdguf

            She used a fingernail to make a cut by her collarbone.copyright protection1PENANA6Wdufh8wXN

            “I won’t feed you, Damon. If you want it, take it,” she said, teaching him to take whatever he wanted without consequences.copyright protection1PENANANZqN99KpBM

            “I choose you, Katherine,” he said, as he bent towards the opened wound to drink from hercopyright protection1PENANAcd3o6yPjPj

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