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The Vampire Diaries Season 2
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 2
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The Hybrid Bite (Taroline)
Jan 26, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ckZvXKnmsYNw0eR7SWPpposted on PENANA

Summary: Remember when Tyler bit Caroline? What if Tyler had never left Caroline, no matter how much she yelled and pleaded for him to? What if he had gone to Damon's to get Klaus' blood for the cure, knowing that there was still blood left over from when Damon had nearly died by Tyler's bite when he had been phased a werewolf and had bitten Damon? Will Tyler get her the blood in time to save her life, or will she die?17Please respect copyright.PENANABgsr9V26Cy
copyright protection13PENANA0rrnDbDGpZ

  It was a dark night, as Tyler Lockwood and Caroline Forbes stood in the deepest of the woods, kissing.copyright protection13PENANALCkL8hwvDZ

        Suddenly, without even wanting to, he accidentally bit Caroline. He stopped and stepped back, hand over his mouth.copyright protection13PENANAtrvuGnBzjr

        "Oh no," he said.copyright protection13PENANAZkSrHvClc2

        "What happened? Did you just…bite me?" she said, raising her voice.copyright protection13PENANAlXEFJNWfiA

        "Caroline, I'm so sorry," he apologized.copyright protection13PENANAeM2KhJ7Tir

        She stumbled back, the bite taking effect. Because of the bite, and without Klaus' blood, she would die.copyright protection13PENANAkiLcJtImPU

        "Get away from me!" she yelled.copyright protection13PENANApaS4PBRMRa

        "Caroline…" he tried.copyright protection13PENANAn6WpRe8Y7r

        "Tyler, please, just get away from me. Don't come near me," she said, trying to be nicer, knowing yelling wouldn't work and that she wouldn't be able to yell much longer.copyright protection13PENANAqrKcDtFmQu

        He stood there, not leaving. He just stood there and watched as it took effect, being in his own horror state. Klaus had now put Caroline into the mess and that just didn't fly with him. He didn't want to hurt anyone. Especially not Caroline. She was his love and he was hers. They were in love and he didn't want to lose her.copyright protection13PENANAgfE8kuKbhB

        She suddenly felt really weak and fell, but Tyler, at hybrid speed, was beside her and caught her from hitting the ground. Then he picked her up in his arms, heading for the Salvatore mansion. As he did, she rested her head on his shoulder, arms around his neck weakly.copyright protection13PENANAlEIi3zwcyD

        "Tyler…" she said weakly and softly.copyright protection13PENANAEY5oaJSQ5I

        "I'm so sorry, Caroline. Hang in there. Please just hang in there for me," he told her.copyright protection13PENANAkmYZviufuL

        She closed her eyes feeling sleepy.copyright protection13PENANARPqA8u9EGH

        A few minutes later, he came in and layed her down on the couch.copyright protection13PENANAikGnJQ6BHc

        "What happened?" Damon asked, standing by his drinking table.copyright protection13PENANAk2yj23Cwj6

        "I bit her. It was an accident. Klaus. He told me to and I told him no, but it happened anyway. Please. Damon, I need the rest of whatever you have of Klaus' blood from last time."copyright protection13PENANAibWJL4dUIT

        "It's in the freezer where the rest of the blood is. It's in a tube bottle," he replied.copyright protection13PENANAC1eipX9wzQ

        Tyler got it from the freezer and then gently lifted her head and uncapped the tube, putting it to her lips.copyright protection13PENANAIUShdVkPrE

        "Come on, Caroline. Drink."copyright protection13PENANAWKPStBWGwF

        And she did.copyright protection13PENANAA8HPr6NACm

        An hour later, she was fine.copyright protection13PENANArlgkCufXkH

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