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The Vampire Diaries Season 2
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 2
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Trouble (Rebekah and Damon's POV)
Jan 26, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!X9YeQsKw1hylrEXwjfuBposted on PENANA

Summary: Rebekah gets into a life and death situation. Will she live? Will she die? Will someone find her in time to rescue her before it's too late?copyright protection12PENANArxUQUBlgGe

Rebekahcopyright protection12PENANAODoMSefDLg

16Please respect copyright.PENANAlG9Z5XEtZk
copyright protection12PENANAVkCmYzThPo

16Please respect copyright.PENANAPxth7G4my9
copyright protection12PENANATgVO6Qqr77

  It's a dark night, as I walk through the forest of Mystic Falls, VA. My name is Rebekah Mikaelson and I am a vampire hybrid. I'm half vampire and half werewolf, but there's a family curse. We won't be able to break it until Klaus, my older brother, drinks and kills Elena Gilbert. She's the present doppelganger. In fact, I hate her with all of my existence. I want her dead. I want revenge. She literally stabbed me in the back with a dagger. Yet, my brother I can forgive. He's the one that killed mother.copyright protection12PENANAGVK5IDjYg4

        I stop in the heart of the woods. I thought I heard something move.copyright protection12PENANAfcoRznrsFg

        Suddenly, a werewolf attacks me. It's massive and black. It pins me to the ground and growls, showing its teeth as it snarls at me. I throw it off me. It hits a tree and I run for my life. I may be a hybrid vampire, but I still have to run. If a werewolf bites a vampire, the vampire slowly dies from just one bite. But I don't know what would happen if a vampire was bitten by a werewolf more than once. I only know that I don't want to die. I can't. I have family and Damon that care about and love me. And I care about and love them too. I can't let myself die. I just can't. So I run at vampire speed for my life.copyright protection12PENANARywMnDDO5K

        Before I can get very far, the black werewolf attacks me. Literally. Now I have to fight back. It attacks me, biting into me and clawing. We both growl at each other, as I try to flee. But it's a werewolf. And a big one. And I'm alone. Nobody knows where I am. And it's biting me. I won't be able to fight it for long. I know this. But I keep on. Then it pins me to the ground, tearing into me.copyright protection12PENANAVMGGRpjanA

        As my vision blurs and it continues to attack, I sense something very familiar. More like someone. Damon. Then everything goes black.copyright protection12PENANAfCMEul1VOG

Damoncopyright protection12PENANAbFfIsDl6rq

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copyright protection12PENANARmcx23Wmek

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copyright protection12PENANAWtXJ7r59mT

        It's a dark night, as I'm walking through the forest when I smell blood mixed with the scent of werewolf. Not just anyone's blood. Rebekah. I know she's the enemy, but I have slept with her and I do kind of care about her. It was just a moment of weakness. I was mentally hurt and quite drunk at the time and she was very convenient. Then we left the bar and went to my place and slept together. So yes. I care about her. Klaus though, I will never care about.copyright protection12PENANAQyz5g2JC8a

        I go to investigate when I smell her blood and werewolf scent. And that's when I hear her agonized pain.copyright protection12PENANA2ZxfxAjuWx

        At vamp speed, I follow the scent to go to her rescue. Even if it does mean I might almost die from a werewolf bite again. I don't really care. I just want to get Rebekah to safety.copyright protection12PENANAOT1MC8dHiA

        I stop in the heart of the woods, seeing the scene. It's chowing down on her like she's just nothing, tearing into her. Just one werewolf bite slowly kills a vampire, but Rebekah was bitten more than once, I can easily see.copyright protection12PENANAB88bepdX1m

        At vamp speed, I rush at it and throw it off of her, making it land with a whine and yelp against some trees.copyright protection12PENANA73lEjTfCnb

        I kneel down beside her, as I hear it get to its paws and run off yelping in pain. I gently pick her up in my arms and carry her, at vamp speed, towards my place. She's unconscious and pale about now. I hope she'll be okay. I wouldn't want her to die, even though she is Klaus' only sister. I'm not doing this for him. I'm doing this for her and myself.copyright protection12PENANA9c5aYIjbqC

        Half an hour later, I gently lay her down on my bed. Then, at vamp speed, I run down to my storage of blood and grab the leftover of Klaus' blood.copyright protection12PENANAL2KUdYjqVk

        A moment later, I return and give her the blood and then gently lay her back down.copyright protection12PENANAN3o9IH2Xkp

        I set the vial down on the end table and sit down on her bed side watching her, waiting for her to get better. I had only been bitten once a couple years ago, so I don't know how long it would take for her to get better, considering how much she has been through with that werewolf.copyright protection12PENANA9tBeEAXYLn

Rebekahcopyright protection12PENANAAxpksDjL4e

16Please respect copyright.PENANAFLg92oQ7Ko
copyright protection12PENANA6Rhv0Zd2Xx

16Please respect copyright.PENANAg1eaqjWx4g
copyright protection12PENANAs614lFEiEq

        I don't know how long I was out, but when I finally do awake, I feel much better and Damon's seated at my bed side looking down at me. I realize I'm at his place and conclude that he saved my life.copyright protection12PENANAFeX5zqISbM

        "Welcome back," he greets me.copyright protection12PENANA6iDoNEo1Gl

        "Thanks," I answer him.copyright protection12PENANAy8rzdMfR5T

        I slowly sit up and we smile at each other.copyright protection12PENANAhL8fQHFzzR

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