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The Vampire Diaries Season 2
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 2
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Come Back
Jan 26, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!ZtkK8xrjBuxV4H1auVupposted on PENANA

Summary: Just a one-shot. Katherine gets bitten by a werewolf. Will someone come and rescue her in time?23Please respect copyright.PENANAcp4wO9bI9I
copyright protection19PENANA6ygHKaKdl1

   It was a dark night, as Katherine ran at top speed through the Mystic Falls forest. The creature after her was gaining on her, as she ran into a warehouse.copyright protection19PENANAqluL6DixWU

        Just as she arrived inside the warehouse, the four-legged black creature lunged at her and pinned her to the floor. It growled and snarled, baring its teeth at her. She kicked it off of her and it slammed against a shelf that had some lit candles and can of gasoline on it. When it slammed against it, the candles and can fell to the ground, the gasoline pouring onto the ground and the candles igniting with it. Within minutes, the warehouse was a disaster with fire.copyright protection19PENANA2uP7bRhGML

        The black werewolf lunged at and tore into her, snarling as it bit into her and clawed at her. She screamed in pain and tried to get it off of her, but it had bitten, and was still biting her. She was dying slowly.copyright protection19PENANA5SklA4wliS

        Damon was taking a walk through the forest, when he heard Katherine's screams of excruciating pain and agony, and knew it wasn't a trick, considering the Sire bond. He ran at vamp speed, following her scent.copyright protection19PENANAmJdRujuMRr

        The black werewolf continued to tear into her, as she quit fighting all together, just as Damon entered the ablazed warehouse and her head rolled to the right, eyes closed.copyright protection19PENANAHUVw17oiNa

        Damon through the wolf at vamp speed off of her, making it slam hard into a wall. Before it could recover, he picked her up and gently carried her out at vamp speed.copyright protection19PENANA4S3peEtLZL

        Once safely in the heart of the woods, he layed her gently down.copyright protection19PENANADlvRdZbIM2

        He knelt beside her, as her head rolled to the left.copyright protection19PENANA9tW50YcogZ

        "Katherine, can you hear me?" he called to her.copyright protection19PENANAzlSDK6heRg

        Kat. He thought to her.copyright protection19PENANA0uCvmQuxyh

        She lay there as still and pale as a corpse. There wasn't any sign of life left in her.copyright protection19PENANAAIKxOLv09M

        He gently pulled her into his arms, crook of arm holding up her head. With his free hand, he pulled out a tube of Niklaus' blood and took off the cap. He put it to her lips and made it go down her throat, as her skin began to look cracked, which meant she was just seconds from death. Being dead as a door nail.copyright protection19PENANA0J7SnSYE6Q

        Once it was finished, he tossed it to the ground and gently picked her up in his arms, at vamp speed, carrying her to the safety of the Salvatore boarding house.copyright protection19PENANAV6lyCHp6eY

        A few minutes later, he layed her gently down in his bed and sat on her bedside. He lifted her upper body, arm under her shoulder blades, hand under her neck. He bit his free wrist and put it to her lips, making his own blood go down her throat, hoping he wasn't too late.copyright protection19PENANAnOG8lvTQv3

        After twenty minutes, he took his wrist away and layed her gently back down.copyright protection19PENANACvNKnaCmPJ

        He trailed a gentle hand down the side of her face.copyright protection19PENANAdLQyksgJyu

        "Come back, Katherine. Please, Kat," he begged her.copyright protection19PENANAIWjo5FUZwp

        He looked down at her, waiting. He needed her. He had waited centuries for her. Now she was back home. But she was nearly dead. He loved her and didn't want her to ever die on him. They were connected with the Sire bond. If she died, he would feel it as if it were his own pain.copyright protection19PENANA39VRTj2wGR

        Half an hour later, she gasped, now awake and okay.copyright protection19PENANAgTD6rXyHH7

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