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The Vampire Diaries Season 2
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Writer Lizzy100
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The Vampire Diaries Season 2
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A Life Hanging In the Balance (Damon and Kat's POV; Datherine)
Jan 26, 2018
2 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!LQU1qnn5Y4YWbFznZ0dvposted on PENANA

Summary: What if Katherine had been attacked by a werewolf as well as Damon? Set in S3 "As I Lay Dying", but different. What if Katherine and Damon truly both loved each other? What will happen? Will someone get bitten? Will someone die? Will they survive?copyright protection16PENANAHzP9HKZ6Gh

Katherine Piercecopyright protection16PENANAXs8SuyfREd

20Please respect copyright.PENANAM5mwDzOHTP
copyright protection16PENANAVD96iJuiKH

20Please respect copyright.PENANABcgGgihIX7
copyright protection16PENANANrhDAZoA55

        It's a dark night as I walk through the woods, when I stop to listen further to the noise only I can hear with my vampire hearing. It's a werewolf. It sounds like it's attacking someone or something. Ignoring my instincts to run off, I head towards the sound. Werewolves and vampires are natural born enemies, after all.copyright protection16PENANAR3xZV1yaSc

        When I see the scene, I freeze. It's after Damon Salvatore. The guy I love but he never knew I love or loved him. He always thought I chose Stefan over him, when I truly loved both of them. I watch as they fight.copyright protection16PENANAoOQyU8ior3

        When it throws him, I charge at it at vampire speed, but then it pins me to the ground and growls. It lowers its head and bites into my shoulder, tearing into it, which is deadly to vampires. As it does, I gasp in pain and try to get it off, but I can't.copyright protection16PENANA6euoR5ogGu

Damon Salvatorecopyright protection16PENANAlxxSxtT6EM

20Please respect copyright.PENANAQN8IZLD9Mn
copyright protection16PENANAj2A9BvhUUJ

20Please respect copyright.PENANAFys246BTNv
copyright protection16PENANAX0XrpPxN5d

        "Katherine!" I yell as I see it bite her.copyright protection16PENANAhqLPjiicpW

        I get to my feet and at vamp speed, throw it off her. I love her. I'll always love her. I'll always care for her. I wouldn't want her to die. A sire's bond is strong. So strong that it hurts the childe or childes when the sire is dead.copyright protection16PENANAZIZzRB49vY

        I gently pick her up and at vamp speed, carrying her to my mansion before the werewolf, whoever it is, can go after either or both of us again.copyright protection16PENANASsZQUpGscL

        I lay her down on my bed, knowing she's dying slowly. Kat is counting on me. Her life in hanging in the balance by a thread. It's my duty to save her life, I feel. She did for me a few times in the past. It's only fair. It's justice. Plus, I love her and she's my sire.copyright protection16PENANAFucqkvJDI9

        "Hang in there. You're going to be okay, Kat," I tell her.copyright protection16PENANAzHRzhJblTG

        I rush downstairs to the fridge where I keep blood, and take out the rest of the tube of what's left of Klaus' blood. I close the fridge.copyright protection16PENANAkL9kC4JiwW

        Once it's warm, I race back up the stairs.copyright protection16PENANA4brhCLNmov

Katherine Piercecopyright protection16PENANAvYdmxu6JQZ

20Please respect copyright.PENANAIoHZ5XhnFe
copyright protection16PENANAqbLzvnEeGa

20Please respect copyright.PENANAvv1De0pRab
copyright protection16PENANAbKmC2YnPlL

        I lay in his bed, eyes closed, too weak to hold my own. I guess this is somewhat how a slow death feels like. But it's worth it. I'll gladly die in Damon's place.copyright protection16PENANAlQKydi3j1U

        A moment later, I feel an arm under my head gently lifting my head. Then I feel the familiar liquid and hear him say, "Drink." And so I do.copyright protection16PENANAir541BrFP7

        Half an hour later, I feel much better.copyright protection16PENANAP0ScDUa0Kv

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