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Every Hundred Years
Writer JillJessie
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Every Hundred Years
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Sep 13, 2018
3 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!h52QuRVxDtDgctFOTzToposted on PENANA

Jacksonville, Floridacopyright protection5PENANATaTJRJARAa

The girl stomped through the leaves to the white country house, marching up the rickety stairs, slamming the doorbell hard. She shot a death glare to her parents walking up behind her, almost hissing at them as they moved closer to her on the porch.copyright protection5PENANAjRgmHKdDhR

"I cannot believe you brought me here," she growled. "You're sending me to live here with people I barely know." Her mother just kept quiet, fixated on the wall.copyright protection5PENANA6U8joN7im1

"You should have thought about this before you behaved like a jerk, Annabelle," her father retorted. "Bringing you here was a last resort. It will do you good to stay out of trouble." copyright protection5PENANAGgbz02jBUT

Before Annabelle could shoot a remark at her father, the door opened. They were greeted by a portly, balding man, his cheery wife, and behind them, their gaggle of teenage daughters, whom Annabelle had never met before now.copyright protection5PENANALdL1ztLM63

"Well howdy, Annabelle. Oh my, you got so big since the last time we saw you!" Leonora Cunningham, her aunt, goo'd over her. “These are your cousins Rita, Cassie and Lindsay. Welcome to our home!” She stepped forward to enclose Annabelle in a hug, momentarily taken aback when the girl took a large step southwards. copyright protection5PENANAEdYMwmzEFW

"No shit, you haven't seen me since I was a baby," Annabelle huffed, shocking Leonora into silence. Annabelle could feel the anger of her girls burning into her, appalled by her lack of courtesy towards their mother, but she did not care as she happily returned their look of disapproval.copyright protection5PENANAFlcRUcUeOO

"Annabelle!" her father scolded. "I apologize, Leonora. We did warn you she is quite the handful. Although we'd love to stay, Aubrey and I are pressed for time." copyright protection5PENANA8z1TBAmnnt

"It's quite alright, Darren," Jeffrey Cunningham spoke gruffly. "We'll take care of your girl. Have a safe trip back."copyright protection5PENANAq2GoOdLoRq

"Thank you, Jeffrey," Darren Swain said, taking his wife by the hand. "Behave yourself, Annabelle," he warned their daughter. copyright protection5PENANAkxLxpGJjUy

That was the last thing Annabelle heard as the car revved up, driving swiftly to the road, disappearing out of sight. It was almost like her parents were in a hurry to leave her. copyright protection5PENANA7278WJJj67

                                                                  ****copyright protection5PENANAMw9sVXFHlx

"Ooh, what a pretty kitty you are!" Annabelle gushed over the long-haired silver cat, lounging on the sofa in the living room. The cat peered up at her, almost looking into her soul (or lack of) with its piercing blue eyes. Annabelle caught her breath. She had loved cats since she was a little girl,  but this cat was not like any other feline she'd ever laid her eyes upon. "Oh goodness, your eyes are beautiful! What is your name, you gorgeous thing?"copyright protection5PENANA7F4TdtzWNu

"We haven't named him yet," Leonora offered. "I found him out by the road just last night and brought him in. I'm trying to find his owner, he appears to be a Siberian, too valuable of a cat to be dumped out in the wilderness like that."copyright protection5PENANAvUxC2umMNs

Annabelle tossed her aunt a weird look. "Uh, thanks for your input, I guess? Pretty sure I was talking to the cat, not you."copyright protection5PENANATAZ22VZICl

Leonora just shrugged her shoulders. "I was just trying to be helpful. My mistake," she replied, leaving the room as quickly as she came. copyright protection5PENANAgJ1lCePcbC

Annabelle rolled her eyes in annoyance, turning back to pet the cat, only to find the beautiful creature was gone. Eerie voices whispered around her in the room.copyright protection5PENANAHGwfjzJFlx

"What the hell?" copyright protection5PENANA8e77ha3gSF

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