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Every Hundred Years
Writer JillJessie
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Every Hundred Years
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Word of Advice
Sep 14, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!neBgLnH0nxRvTPAlvracposted on PENANA

Annabelle stepped outside of the cover of the forest into the clearing, walking swiftly to a destination that was unknown. She gazed at the blue sky as she walked, a soft breeze caressed her hair, swirling leaves on the ground at her feet. The voices had started to speak to her a while back, but she ignored them. If their language had been halfway understandable, she might have considered what they had to say.copyright protection5PENANA8lYiTt5muV

She left the land inside her mind just in time to see the livestock building coming into view. Its age showed clearly, the red sliding peeling off the interior, the windows partially broken in, cobwebs dangling from the roof. Better than nothing, though. Instead of monkeying around out here, I think I'll just go inside the barn for a while. copyright protection5PENANAWR9x8VVPVj

Loose hens and roosters scurried past her, squawking as they did so. Annabelle just murmured sarcastic words as she rounded the corner of the barn, running smack into Cassie at full force, nearly knocking the girl over as she regained her balance.copyright protection5PENANAmNOfDoB8PM

“Excuse you!”copyright protection5PENANAlY7kg1Nloh

“I could say the same for you.”copyright protection5PENANAhk9rShmN7i

“Yeah, yeah, whatever. Where's my dad?”copyright protection5PENANA7t5VJJjkR9

“I wasn't aware I was assigned to be his keeper,” Annabelle snickered.copyright protection5PENANA7d7exoglKE

“You're a rotten little brat, you know that? No wonder your parents sent you away. Can't even be a decent person and answer a simple question, huh?”copyright protection5PENANAD1ZNsR4PFc

“How am I suppose to know where your dad went? I don't even care about you people, why would I be keeping tabs on you all?”copyright protection5PENANA7MGdHpW1KO

Hearing that, even from Annabelle, stunned Cassie. “He's not just my dad, you know. He's your uncle. You should care about his whereabouts, and the rest of us, too. My mom still cares about you even after not seeing you since you were an infant, never mind the fact you were so goddamned awful to her.”copyright protection5PENANAbR1i6zHnUr

As she spoke, Annabelle happened to glance over Cassie's shoulder, and spotted the figure she sighted earlier that morning, stepping out of from the opposite corner of the barn, fixated on...them? She focused her attention back on Cassie.copyright protection5PENANA1yt1lWSqLy

“Yeah, keep telling me that, as though I give a rat's ass, like I am ever going to give a fuck. My parents warned you guys about my....problems,” Annabelle said in a rush. “I got better things to do than to listen to you. See ya!”copyright protection5PENANACTkj62I24t

“Hey, where are you going?” Cassie called out.copyright protection5PENANAQflRysrfPm

“Somewhere far away from here,” Annabelle yelled. “You might want to watch your back.”copyright protection5PENANAHRUaTf7MGS

“Whatever that's suppose to mean,” Cassie thought, pulling an Annabelle and rolling her eyes. “'Watch your back',” she mocked. “What a little cunt.”copyright protection5PENANAkiMFBSIkUM

“Sweetheart, somehow, I think that 'little cunt' had the right idea this time,” a chilling voice spoke, rushing up behind Cassie, cupping a hand tight to her mouth before she could react. The hand gripping her mouth twisted around to grab her chest, spinning her around to face him. “Word of advice: trust the cunt sometimes. They might know what they are talking about.”copyright protection5PENANAOK2aCAD4Qt

Cassie's pupils widened in fear, knowing she was at complete mercy of the man, unable to scream for help. He drug her over to the door, flinging it open. Light streamed into the mostly empty barn, revealing the razor sharp spikes that protruded from the wall. He spun her around to look at him one last time, his face contorted with enjoyment.copyright protection5PENANAqxllIeBP0h

“See what I whipped up for you, Cassie Cunningham?” the man asked. Cassie shook her head frantically, crying into his palm. “Yeah, I don't think that's going to work for you. Enjoy.” Shove.copyright protection5PENANAIlAv0cnJxh

The spikes ripped into her flesh in a clean stroke, their tips sticking out from the other side of her. Scarlet blood and entrails decorated the skinny surfaces. Cassie mustered a moan, looking up just in time to watch her assailant vanish. Then, as though her world was a candle being snuffed out, there was nothing.copyright protection5PENANAwl2ywE89IZ

Blood trickled from her many wounds to pool together on the dirt beneath.copyright protection5PENANAC9wXufc55c

                                                             ****copyright protection5PENANAmOxXjy9GhG

The sun was high and shining in the late morning sky as Leonora Cunningham pulled in the driveway, two brown bags piled in the passenger seat. She grunted as she lifted the bags that were stocked up with a variety of food and drink, the weight of them sending a deep ache up her arms.copyright protection5PENANAYN20mzFvIo

But despite that, Leonora was a happy person, and pure bliss was what she felt as she opened the door to her house, a grin plastered on her face. Hell, despite her niece's aggravating behavior, she was a happy woman.copyright protection5PENANAulx1i1gv7m

“I'm home!” she announced, not concerned with the silence that greeted her as she walked down the hall, still struggling with the weight of her groceries, entering the kitchen. Then she froze. The bags hit the floor with a crash as Leonora screamed, stumbling backwards into the hall.copyright protection5PENANAHuafrtOAa6

Inside the oven lay a body in a pile of her melted skin, staring at her mother with blackened holes that were once her emerald green eyes. The pendant worn around the neck was the only she could identify the body as her youngest daughter. Leonora retreated swiftly into the outdoors.copyright protection5PENANAh8Tk9gTOLC

She had to find her family.copyright protection5PENANAcfXJggLxLS

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