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Every Hundred Years
Writer JillJessie
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Every Hundred Years
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Sep 14, 2018
6 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!tDDZlNKv3C15gCEB5jiaposted on PENANA

She remembered the red tint in his eyes and the visions she had seen. Scary visions of blood, screaming, fighting off the unknown. Even that was enough to make Annabelle shiver. But then she remembered the good-looking man in one of them, a slight smile tingling at her lips. Suddenly he appeared before her. He was obviously trying to communicate to her, something dire. Silence.copyright protection6PENANAHMjKzcVwqm

Annabelle's eyes shot open as she sat up tall in bed, blind just for a moment in the pitch blackness of the room. The clock sitting on her bedside table read 4:50. Moonlight streamed through the blinds of the window her bed was set against. She peered out the window at the looming trees overlooking the house, the miles of acreage stretching out beyond. She patted beside her on the bed, feeling for Dragon, whom was not there. Well, that's typical for him. After last night, I am pretty sure he's got some feline disorder or something. copyright protection6PENANAhU0UTlIERL

She glanced back at the window just in time to see a dark figure standing out by the front porch steps, staring straight at her for a brief second. Then the figure stepped behind a tree.copyright protection6PENANAhSRyvv9APr

Oh what the fuck, what the fuck, what the fuck??!!copyright protection6PENANALwe5hNhckI

Spooked yet curious at the same time, Annabelle could not resist. There was no way that she was going to sit in bed for a couple hours, wondering who the figure is. Gliding out of bed, she threw on a pair of jeans and black tee shirt, hurrying out of her room. The lights in the kitchen and dining room were on. Smell of coffee permeated throughout the residence.copyright protection6PENANAzCCzxwUfbM

Leonora sat at the table, enjoying a cup of the beverage, thumbing through pages of the county newspaper. She noticed her niece just in time to say a quick Hi, letting her know that her uncle and cousin Cassie were outside tending to the livestock. Annabelle just rolled her eyes, opening the door and stepping outside, sprinting to the spot where she had seen the figure.copyright protection6PENANA1sES09n9Kd

                                                                *****copyright protection6PENANABwJPB1DTdX

A mixture of pink and purple highlights brightened the sky, indicating that she had been out there for a good hour or so, searching for the figure. It was like the person had vanished into thin air. There was no way she could have imagined somebody standing there, could there? She stood statue-like where the woods began, fuming at the fact she had just walked every square inch of the property, only to come up with squat.copyright protection6PENANABNzem7LhmW

Annabelle spooked from a flock of birds suddenly swooping out of the trees. She crinkled her nose, setting her mouth in a tight line, holding back the urge to shout out of frustration. Maybe she should walk the property again just to double check. Maybe triple check.copyright protection6PENANA3noIfpRDyC

“I can't believe this,” she mumbled, as she set out to the starting point just to repeat the same mundane walk around the property. What a joy. Yet she could believe it when only a short while and another boring walk later, she came up with the same results.copyright protection6PENANAR98BZKCCDQ

“There appears to be no one out there. Why are you wasting your time, Anna?” she murmured to herself. “Maybe if we take a stroll around here one more time, something will come up? Why don't we try it? After all, the definition of insanity is repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome.” Nope, I'd rather go to the pond. Maybe Dragon will appear like he always does. My fucked up cat. copyright protection6PENANAAeDatZhehD

Annabelle took the long way around to the pond, a soft dirt path sprinkled with the falling leaves of autumn, shadowed by the oaks that stretched above her. A calmness filled her as it always does out in the medicine that is mother nature. A hint of a smirk teased her lips. This is so much better than pretending to try to interact with other people.copyright protection6PENANAbl1z3hYVUx

As she rounded the final bend in the path, still cloaked by the giant trees, her movement came to an abrupt halt. Swaying softly in the gentle breeze was her uncle, dangling from the thicker limbs of a tree, a braided rope around the neck keeping him anchored to it.copyright protection6PENANAxMHFnGpZj3

Well, shit. This day just got interesting. copyright protection6PENANAPTis3Lsk0K

She was a blank canvas in the emotions department, surprising even for her. Annabelle just found her dead uncle, but nothing is what she felt. What it did confirm to her was there was somebody out there, and judging by the looks of it, that somebody was not a pleasant person to be around. Annabelle dashed into the woods, taking cover behind a patch of bushes, making sure to allow visibility of the house. The slamming action of a vehicle caught her interest and she peered to the front of the building, watching her aunt climb into her car.copyright protection6PENANAYb5ZL8gK3b

Oh, right, it's Sunday. Her weekly shopping routine. She watched her aunt just long enough to rev the car and disappear as though a cannonball had been shot up her bumper down the long country driveway. Interest, gone. She turned, heading into the deeper cover of the woods. No way in hell am I going that direction any time soon. I just hope I'm alone in this forest. copyright protection6PENANAhBXYhlFGkY

As she furthered deeper into the safety of the forest, a figure rounded their way to the house, eyes sat on the youngest girl that had just awoken.copyright protection6PENANAK9S2CVN5gO

                                                               ****copyright protection6PENANAPeZUdK2uu6

Lindsay Cunningham loitered around the kitchen, gingerly raiding through the cupboards in a mission for something to eat. Oatmeal was overdone to the point she tired of it, eggs just sounded unappetizing, pancakes were a hell-to-the-no. Breakfast food did not sound appealing this morning.copyright protection6PENANAGMHELYZqFj

Then she found it: an unopened box of cupcake mix that she enthusiastically grabbed out of the cupboard, smiling from ear to ear. As she stirred the appropriate ingredients in with the mixture, a flash in her peripheral vision caught her attention.copyright protection6PENANAoptgr6cfbs

She had turned only halfway around when somebody grabbed her. Before her stood a man with the most terrifying expression she'd ever seen on a human being's face; a sinister smile tainted his lips. He lifted her off her feet with no effort, ignoring her flailing body and cries of mercy. In a flash he padlocked her in, chanting “375 degrees, Lindsay,”, the space above her ablaze in bright orange.copyright protection6PENANA30G3UUOXpi

Smoldering heat replaced the coolness of the air conditioned house. Lindsay screamed in agony as she felt herself light up from the inside, her skin burning up in sweat as the heat intensified to unbearable levels. She watched in horror as the bones under her flesh poked through, the skin melting away from her body and dropping to the bottom of the oven in endless piles of goop. The smell of cooking flesh invaded her nostrils.copyright protection6PENANA455LKQKJgp

“Let me out, please!” she screamed. All the man did was smile broader, making it clear he had no intentions of letting her out. Lindsay banged against the oven door in a final act of desperation, but to no avail; he had secured the entrance tight.copyright protection6PENANA2FPwWhC8wO

Maniacal laughter bounced off the kitchen walls, guttural screeching coming out of the poor girl as he watched his victim bake.copyright protection6PENANABAOiEJdsHC

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