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Every Hundred Years
Writer JillJessie
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Every Hundred Years
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Sep 15, 2018
4 Mins Read
No Plagiarism!yZSkS8AIBLjV85KwhTG2posted on PENANA

Knowing that the pond was Annabelle's favorite spot on the property, Leonora took off in that direction. Hopefully, Annabelle and the rest of the family would be there. But when she made it to the pond, that hope was dashed immediately. There was not a single trace that anybody had been there recently, not a soft spot in the ground; usually she could find her niece sunbathing in the dandelion patch, but she was not there either.copyright protection2PENANA5JOkI3eAE8

Leonora had remembered the pathway in the back that was used as a getaway of sorts for them; the trees that cloaked the trail was great for when they needed alone time and the chance to wander around in their thoughts. That was another worthwhile place for her to check out.copyright protection2PENANANc7GxZO7Iq

She headed for the path, her heart racing so fast, she swore it would beat out of her chest. She turned at the bend where it began to meet the path, freezing in place. In the trees, her husband hung from a rope, his head bowed as though reciting a prayer.copyright protection2PENANAT1m176yp0e

The clothes he had worn that day remain in one piece and there were no signs of struggle. The set up reeked of suicide, but Leonora knew her husband better than that. No way would he had killed himself.copyright protection2PENANAr5YfqHjEhX

Hot wetness slid down her cheeks, but she knew she could not lose sight of what was her important: finding her daughters and niece. Quickly, she said her goodbyes to her husband, rushing down the path. The hair on her skin raised as she pondered the wrongness going on here.copyright protection2PENANAM5aULHUzPC

Cassie. She remembered that Cassie had gone to help her father with the livestock earlier in the day. That meant she would still be out at the barn, tending to the critters, most likely wondering where her father went. Leonora sprinted in that direction, slowing her pace when her shoulder grazed the paneling. She let out a sigh of relief when she saw the barn door was ajar.copyright protection2PENANA0IEnKLuibu

“Cassie! Oh, thank goodness I found you. Look, something is wrong, we gotta--” her words hung in the air as she stepped into the barn. She lifted a hand to her mouth, fighting against the urge to upchuck into the dirt, tears burning in her vision.copyright protection2PENANAxCzvS0cbEu

Guts hung loosely out of her abdomen, twirling around the thin, blood-painted surfaces. Flies buzzed around her corpse and maggots were already feasting upon her insides. A generously sized pool of dried black liquid colored the dirt around the spikes that Cassie's body was impaled on. The scent was enough to make even the most strong-stomached person vomit.copyright protection2PENANA8rzjlk0fUP

Face soaked with tears, Leonora bent over and retched until she no longer could. A searing pain in her shoulder caught her attention, swooping her up onto the loft of the barn.copyright protection2PENANARVyvjihNBs

Darkness filled her vision as she swatted fiercely at the unseen hands now ripping at her clothes. Coppery liquid stained her face as a swipe opened the skin of her cheek in a wide cut. She kicked wildly at the figure, refusing to give up the fight.copyright protection2PENANAh85REYRR9v

The unseen assailant grabbed her arms tight, hard enough a blood vessel burst, and with all of their strength, the attacker bent her arms beyond comfort level. Pop. Two broken arms. He had rendered Leonora defenseless and all she could do was scream to the top of her lungs as he rammed inside her. He felt like a knife carving her from the inside out as he railed away at her.copyright protection2PENANAmiWVBigCxb

Her head slammed onto the wood floor continuously with each thrust, the feeling akin to that of being thrown into a brick wall; her vision faded slightly as the slams carried on. The assailant touched his fingers to her eyes, tracing them from the corner and over the lids. The same pain that had pierced her shoulder and tore open her cheek clawed at her eyes, his thumbs penetrating deep.copyright protection2PENANAsp70VqiddU

With a quick flick of each thumb, her eyes were ripped out of their sockets in one sweep, red sloshing out of them to cover her face with blood. Hooking over an arm around her neck, he used his free arm to plunge it into her chest, tearing her heart clean out of the rib cage. Her struggling body went limp and he blasted, groaning like an animal as he did so.copyright protection2PENANAGv2MmHKeyU

He tossed the remnants of her eyes over the railing of the loft before stepping back to admire his handiwork; afterwards, he leaped from the loft, taking a second to study Cassie's corpse as well. The mother and her daughter were dead, both under the same roof; he grinned, satisfied with what he had accomplished, walking out.copyright protection2PENANAKUdHQPZ7rx

The barn door flung shut.copyright protection2PENANAiTWqTSQc54

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